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How to convert DVD to AVI


DVD to AVI Converter

With this DVD to AVI Converter software, you can convert DVD to AVI with only a few click. And also this DVD to AVI Converter support powerful video editings. DVD to AVI Converter will make your entertainment life easier and more colorful.

Preparation: Free download DVD to AVI Converter.

You will see the following interface.

DVD to AVI converter

Step 1: Click “Load DVD” button to load your DVD.

Step 2: Editing

Part 1: output settings

DVD to AVI settings

You can set Audio Track, Subtitle and Profile(Select AVI) with this DVD to AVI Converter. After setting check "Apply to all" to apply the current profile to all the files.

Click "Settings" button to open the Settings window:

Output settings

Video Settings: Set video encoding settings by selecting a encoder, a resolution, a frame rate and video bitrate.
Audio Settings: Set audio encoding settings by selecting a encoder, a sample rate, channels and audio bitrate.

Tip 1: For Resolution setting, you can choose the pre-set Resolution from the right drop-down list. You can also directly input your own resolution as the form of "XXX*XXX".

Tip 2: You can customize the video and audio encoding settings and save them as your own profile. After you have chosen the encoding options, just click the Save as... button and name your profile, and then the profile will be saved in the User Defined list. You can use the customized profile next time by selecting it from the list.

Step 3: Convert DVD to AVI

After finishing all the necessary settings and editing, you can click "Start" button to begin the conversion.

Show Preview: Check to preview the converted video effect during the conversion.
Shut down computer when conversion completed: If you check this option, this program will automatically shut down your computer after the conversion is finished, so you do not need to wait around your computer.
Open output folder when conversion completed: If you check this option, when the conversion is finished, the output folder will be opened automatically.

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