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How to choose the right iPhone Transfer software

iPhone Transfer Reviews

iPhone Transfer, is one of the popular software on the market, people use iPhone Transfer software to backup iPhone (music, movie, pictures, TV shows, Podcast, iTunes U, eBooks, Camera Roll, ringtone, SMS, Contacts, voice memos, camera shot) files to PC/Mac. And also users can transfer PC videos, music, ringtones and E-books to iPhone.

How to Choose the Right iPhone Transfer Software

There are millions of iPhone transfer software in the market, exporting files from iPhone to Mac/PC or transferring files between iPhone and Mac/PC. How to find the right transfer software for iPhone and what's the best choice for you? We will provide some suggestions as follows. When looking for any iPhone transfer software, you should keep in mind that what you want it to do.


It is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of iPhone transfer software's features, requirements and specifications. Is it possessed of transferring function between iPhone and Mac/PC, or just from Mac/PC to iPhone, or from iPhone to Mac/PC? The iPhone transfer software can convert video/audio/DVD to iPhone compatible video/audio formats and transfer it to iPhone directly. How many and what kinds of input and output video/audio formats the software supports and if it meets your needs? Whether it has editing functions to rich the effect of the converted files? Support transferring files between different iOS devices? If you have two iOS devices or more, it is necessary. It is for Mac or PC? Whether your computer meets the system requirements for the software?

Transferring Speed & Quality of Converting

You can download the software you want and have a try. Compare the quality of converted files between different iPhone transfer software with function of converting DVD/video files. Test the transferring speed, which one is fast? And finally find a balance between transferring and converting.

Ease of Use

Another thing worth mentioning is the ease of use of the iPhone transfer software. It's a painful thing to use an application without intuitive interface. When you looking at the Mac iPhone transfer or iPhone transfer for PC, see how intuitive the interface is as well as all of the required steps to actually convert video/music/DVD to iPhone and transfer files from iPhone to Mac/PC/other iOS devices.


You can find the iPhone suite or software pack that includes multiple software possessing of different functions with a lower price than purchasing the software separately.

Help and Support

The Software often will provide help and support option on official website and within the program to answer any questions you might have in the using process. Also, you can send an email to technical support staff, when you can't get the answers from product help.
Apple brings a different perspective and set of skills to the mobile phone market. Now, our digital life becomes more beautiful with iPhone and millions of application for iPhone.

Hope the above suggestions are helpful for you.

According to the above standards, I tried majority of transfer products on the market, and find the best company: Aiseesoft, which is better than the competitors.

For windows users, you can use iPhone Transfer. Get more details from here:

As a powerful software, it supports you to transfer music, video, ePub, PDF, image files from PC to iPhone, also you can convert DVD and video to iPhone compatible files and then transfer it to iPhone. As a iPhone backup software, you can backup (music, movie, pictures, TV shows, Podcast, iTunes U, eBooks, Camera Roll, ringtone, SMS, Contacts, voice memos, camera shot) files from iPhone to local disk without any loss.

As popular software, it supports the latest iOS 5.1 and iTunes 10.7. It means that this software always keep sync with Apple's updating.

The perfect acceleration technology of AMD APP and NVIDIA® CUDA™ helps users speed less time when converting and transferring. When converting, you can choose all the compatible video and audio formats, also including the HD formats. The friendly interface and 1-click transfer button will help the new users.

For Mac user, you can user iPhone Transfer for Mac. Get more details from here: http://www.topsevenreviews.com/aiseesoft-iphone-transfer-for-mac.html

This popular software is a good Mac helper. You can use this Mac iPhone Transfer tools to backup your iPhone SMS and contacts to your local computer. You can transfer music, movie, pictures, TV shows, Podcast, iTunes U, eBooks, Camera Roll, ringtone, voice memos, camera shot files to PC for backup. Also, the PC to Mac transfer functions will help you to enjoy DVD movies, videos, music, E-books, and ringtones on iPhone.

What's more, this software supports all the apple devices such as the latest software: The New iPad. It support iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod, iPod, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod touch, iPod touch 4, iPad, iPad 2, etc.

About the purchase and after-sales service, I have something to say. Once I got an iPhone Transfer software, but it can not read some of the DVDs. And I email the supporter, but to my disappointment, I did not receive any reply. Now I use Aiseesoft iPhone Transfer for Mac, I also use these DVDs, all of them can be read. Aiseesoft provides you to purchase single iPhone Transfer software and the pack software which costs less.

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