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Best 10 Dress-up Games: Play like You’re in a Sims Series

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jun 06, 2024Games

Are you fascinated with games that allow you to create your world and version of it? If so, you will love some Dress-up games. These games can be classified as a specific kind of role-playing game or as a subgenre of life simulation games, such as the well-known Sims series if you are familiar with it.

More than that, Dress-up games are, by their very nature, not meant to be taken too seriously. The majority of them lack a strong narrative and a great deal of conflict, and that is exactly the goal. They are made so that players can, well, dress up without worrying about the possibility of losing points or, god forbid, a life. For that, here are the top 5 Dress-up online and application games that you can enjoy! See the review below!

Best Dress-up Games
Part 1. How We Test the Best Dress-up Games Part 2. Top 5 Dress-up Games Online Part 3. Top 5 Dress-up Games App Part 4. FAQs about Best Dress-up Games
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See what can TopSevenReviews team offer you about the best review:

Part 1. How We Test the Best Dress-up Games

Game’s Objective and Storyline

A dress-up game's goal and plot can greatly impact its engagement and appeal. A captivating storyline or objective can give the game greater depth and meaning, increasing players' enjoyment.

Graphics and Technical of the Games

Superior technical features and graphics make dress-up games more engaging. Realistic wardrobe options, intricate character designs, and fluid movements enhance the game’s overall aesthetic appeal. Smooth gameplay mechanics, an easy-to-use user interface, and responsive controls are examples of technical elements essential to a seamless and entertaining gaming experience.

Compatibility in your Devices

Reaching a larger audience for dress-up games requires accessibility. Ensuring the game's interoperability across several devices, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones, enables gamers to enjoy it on their preferred platform.

Part 2. Top 5 Dress-up Games Online

Anime Kawaii

Anime Kawaii

Type: Anime

Release Year: 2013

Use Rate: 4.5

First on the list of an online Dress-up game is the incredible Anime Kawaii. It is a fun dress-up game where the main objective is to create cute anime characters. Here, gamers can personalize their avatars with an extensive selection of apparel, accouterments, and hairstyles influenced by Japanese popular culture. More than that, for lovers of fashion and anime alike, Anime Kawaii provides a lovely experience with its lively graphics and endearing aesthetics. That is the reason why it became the best anime Dress-up game on this list.

Glam Dress Up

Glam Dress-Up

Type: Red Carpet Theme Game.

Release Year: 2020

Use Rate: 4.0

The next game we have is an online stylish game called Glam Dress-Up that allows us to delve into the realm of glitz, sparkle, and elegance. In this game, we can build gorgeous and stylish outfits by experimenting with different outfit combinations and accessories with this game. Players have countless options to display their creative and design skills. Ensure that you have the best dress because we need to attend a red carpet event.

Barbie Fairy

Barbie Fairy

Type: Barbie Tales

Release Year: 2015

Use Rate: 3.5

Barbie Fairy is the third on the list of best online Dress-up games. This game allows users to enter a fantastical setting and fully experience the enchanted world of fairies with a high-quality graphic design. As part of the Barbie series, players can outfit Barbie and her companions as fanciful fairies, complete with wings, glittery clothes, and other magical accessories. No wonder why it is the most suitable game if you love Barbie or doll Dress-up games.

Luxury Brand Wedding Game

Luxury Brand Wedding Game

Type: Wedding Dress-up game.

Release Year: 2017

Use Rate: 4.0

The fourth game in this list, Luxury Brand Wedding Game, offers the chance to indulge in the opulence and elegance of luxury weddings. That is right, this game is the best wedding Dress-up game you are looking for. Moreover, this game focuses on planning and designing extravagant weddings using high-end brand items, from exquisite dresses to lavish decorations and venues.

Makeover Designer

Makeover Designer

Type: Make-up and fashion styles.

Release Year: 2023

Use Rate: 4.0

The last on the list is still great as an online Dress-up game. In the lively game Makeover Designer, we can let our imaginations run wild by giving ourselves virtual makeovers. Using this game, we can change personas in countless ways, from trying out different costumes and accessories to experimenting with alternative hairstyles and cosmetics looks.

More than that, if you enjoy expressing yourself via fashion and beauty, Makeover Designer provides a comprehensive experience with elements, including facial modification, cosmetic treatments, and picture sessions. You can now play while practicing your fashion capabilities here in this game.

Part 3. Top 5 Dress-up Games App

Everskies Visual Dress Up

Everskies: Visual Dress Up

Type: Creative Outlet Game.

Release Year: 2022

Use Rate: 4.0

Platform: iOS and Android

The first on our list is a genuine dress-up game with a strong focus on fashion, evoking memories of the early 2000s online titles. In Everskies: Virtual Dress-Up, players can even create and sell custom gowns. That means this game is ideal for those who wish to discover their inner fashion designer. As an overview, in 2022, the dress-up and life simulation game Everskies: Virtual Dress-Up was published on iOS and Android.

Furthermore, the dress-up portion of the game is really simple. We only need to remember that we are presented with a multitude of choices when choosing a character. Once students have the hang of the game, they can alter their character entirely, as well as choose the makeup and facial features. Once they’ve chosen one, players are essentially ready to dress and style it. That is how easy and fantastic it was.

Time Princess Dreamtopia

Time Princess: Dreamtopia

Type: Character from Disney Alike and Graphics Enthusiasts.

Release Year: 2020

Use Rate: 4.5

Platform: iOS and Android.

Another 3D dress-up game for our mobile phone is Time Princess: Dreamtopia. The game was launched in 2020 and can be played on iOS and Android devices. It’s similar to some of the games that we are going to tackle here in several ways, although the characters are more Disney-esque than anime-like. If you love Disney stories or movies, then this game is for you.

As we get to know more from it, a gateway located inside an antique storybook allows the player’s character in Time Princess: Dreamtopia to enter an ancient country. Your character must figure out how to get around this strange new environment, participate in various dress-up tasks, and make decisions in the game that will determine the future of her and her country. See, the game is a combination of creativity and critical thinking. We are all princesses here. Therefore, we must possess those virtues.

Shinning Nikki

Shinning Nikki

Type: Serene Vibes and Sound Track Enthusiasts.

Release Year: 2020

Use Rate: 4.5

Platform: iOS and Android.

One of the most well-known dress-up games available at the moment is Shining Nikki, which is why we included it on our list. One thing we should know about it is its appealing aspects, which are further enhanced by its well-crafted RPG components and respectable storyline.

In his game, the primary character, Nikki, wakes up in a hospital with all of her memories wiped. She heads off to discover solutions to her peculiar situation with her familiar. Indeed, this game not only entertains but also can serve your morals and story.

Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion

Type: Fashion and Barbie Enthusiasts.

Release Year: 2013

Use Rate: 4.0

Platform: iOS and Android.

The fourth on our list is a well-known dress-up game app called Covet Fashion. Here, we can style virtual models with an extensive assortment of clothes, accessories, haircuts, and cosmetics. It is also similar to a Barbie Dress-up game theme. More than that, players can compete with other players, take part in style challenges, and enter fashion events with an emphasis on real-world fashion companies and trends in order to win prizes and recognition for their inventiveness.

In addition, the game has social components that let users vote on each other’s designs, connect with friends, and borrow stuff from each other’s closets. What an amazing experience it would be if you played this fashion dress-up game with your friends, right? So, play it now.

Love Nikki Dress Up Queen

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

Type: Deep and Adult Dress-up game.

Release Year: 2016

Use Rate: 4.0

Platform: iOS and Android.

Lastly, an engaging dress-up game app called Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is another story of the board of Princess Nikki. Yet, it has an intriguing plot that takes place in the fantastical realm of Maryland. Fans of dress-up games and narrative should not miss Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen, which delivers a deep and captivating gameplay experience by fusing elements of fashion design, role-playing, and adventure. That is why this dress-up girls game is considered to be an adult Dress-up game and also an anime dress-up game.

Part 4. FAQs about Best Dress-up Games

Do dress-up games work well for kids of all ages?

Dress-up games frequently appeal to a wide range of players, including adults, teens, and kids. To assess whether a game is appropriate for a given age group, it is necessary to take into account both its complexity and substance. Therefore, Dress-up games for kids, teens, and adults exist.

Do different kinds of dress-up games exist?

Yes, the themes and gameplay elements of dress-up games can differ. While some emphasize fashion style, others could incorporate role-playing, simulation, or even puzzle-solving components.

Are males able to play dress-up games?

Absolutely! Guys can indeed play dress-up games. Even though dress-up games were originally promoted primarily for female audiences, their appeal transcends gender roles. Many men like playing dress-up games for various reasons, including creativity and self-expression, as well as an interest in fashion and styling.


To sum up, dress-up games provide players of all ages and genders with a great combination of creativity, customization, and amusement. Dress-up games are a great way to express your style, explore the newest trends in fashion, or just have some lighthearted fun. For that, we hope our team has given you enough information about the great dress-up games nowadays. Now, enjoy your gameplay and be the best fashion designer you can be in a virtual world!

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