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Full Guide to Change Twitter Handle/User Name

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Even though picking a Twitter Handle might appear easy, Twitter's user base constantly expands. This implies that it's harder now to find the perfect handle the first time around. There's a good probability that someone else already has your handle on Twitter because of the platform's huge user base. Alternatively, you can add a distinctive character or phrase to make your handle stand out. But how many times can you change your Twitter handle? Although there is no one-size-fits-all formula for the ideal Twitter username, this post will discuss best practices to adhere to.

Change Twitter Handle

Table of contents

Part 1. What is My Twitter Username? Part 2. How to Change Twitter Handle? Part 3. If I Change My Twitter Handle, What Happens? Part 4. Why Can’t I Change My Twitter Handle? Part 5. FAQs about Change Twitter Handle

Part 1. What is My Twitter Username?

A Twitter username, also known as a Twitter handle, is an identifier for your Twitter (now called X) account. It starts with the @ symbol and appears in your profile URL. You need to provide your Twitter handle while registering and logging in to Twitter. Twitter handle is used to send and receive direct messages, mention your account in tweets and comments, and distinguish you from other Twitter users. It is important to note that no two usernames can be the same, which makes it easier for other users to search for your account.

When creating a Twitter handle, you should only utilize letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9. It can't contain any periods, dashes, or spaces. The Twitter handles should not contain slurs or violate Twitter's policies. It can be any phrase, meme, or combination of words and numbers and does not have to be your real name

In summary, a Twitter username or handle makes it easier for other users to identify and mention your account in their tweets and comments. But there’s a question that popped into your mind, right? Is it possible to change your Twitter handle? The answer is yes; you can see how to do it in the next part. Just keep reading.

Twitter Username or Handle

Part 2. How to Change Twitter Handle?

How to Change Twitter Handle on Mobile

If you are using the Twitter app on Android or iPhone, we know how to change your desired Twitter handle or username directly from the Twitter mobile app.

Here’s how to change your Twitter handle on mobile; note that this process is the same whether you're using the Twitter app on an iOS or Android device:


Launch your Twitter (now X) app, and click on your profile icon. Then, navigate to Settings & Privacy. After that, click Account.


Tap Username. Then, continue to confirm that you want to change your username.


Type in your new handle or username, and lastly, tap Done.

How to Change Twitter Handle on Mobile

You can easily complete the steps by following them correctly. However, if you are not using the Twitter mobile app and instead using a desktop, then proceed to the next step.

How to Change Twitter Handle on Desktop

If you use Twitter on a desktop PC or a laptop, changing your username or handle is similar across all platforms. Since Twitter is not dependent on your computer's operating system, the instructions are the same regardless of the platform.

To change the Twitter handle on the desktop, do the following:


Navigate to Twitter’s website, log in first to your account, and select More from the menu on the left. Tap Settings and Privacy. Then, click Your Account and select Account Information.


Type in your Twitter password, and you must Confirm your action.


Choose Username, then under Change Username, enter a new handle or username and choose Save.

How to Change Twitter Handle on Desktop

That’s it! Remember that Twitter will alert you to unavailable handles and offer suggestions.

Part 3. If I Change My Twitter Handle, What Happens?

When you change your Twitter handle, your new tweets will appear under your new username. Your old tweets will still be visible on your profile but will be updated with your new Twitter handle.

However, any new tweet or retweet that mentions you will still use your old name. These tweets will no longer be linked to your account, making conversations one-sided. This happens because mentions are based on text and not unique ideas.

So, Twitter will not update a tweet because you changed your username. Instead, the link will direct to a 404 page until a user creates an account or changes their username with your old handle. So, these are the answers to what happens when you change your Twitter handle. You have now found the answer to your curiosity about this query.

Part 4. Why Can’t I Change My Twitter Handle?

Twitter handles are unique identifiers that are tied to each user account.

Once a username is claimed, it becomes unavailable for others to use, ensuring that it remains exclusive to that account. If you want to change your Twitter handle, you should note that if the handle you want to change to is already in use by another account, you cannot simply change to that handle.

This rule is in place to prevent impersonation and unauthorized access to accounts. The handle is reserved for the account that claimed it and cannot be immediately used by other users. In that case, this is why you can’t change your Twitter handle. However, users can still choose alternative handles to maintain their individuality while making a change.

Part 5. FAQs about Change Twitter Handle

Can I change my Twitter handle without losing followers?

You can change your Twitter handle without losing your followers. Your existing followers, Direct Messages, and replies will not be affected by changing your username. Your followers will see a new username beside your profile picture when you update it.

How many times can you change your Twitter handle?

Certainly! It's possible to change your Twitter handle at any time you desire. In contrast to Instagram, which restricts you to two modifications every 14 days, Twitter does not have any limitations on the frequency with which you can modify your handle. Your new username should be between 4 and 15 characters long and may only include letters, numbers, and underscores.

Can you change your Twitter handle and keep followers?

Changing your Twitter handle won't affect your followers, direct messages, or replies. However, you should inform your followers of the change so that they can add your new username to their direct messages and replies.

Can you change your Twitter handle if someone already has it?

Unfortunately, changing your Twitter handle isn't possible if someone else is already using it. Every Twitter handle is unique and cannot be reused. Attempting to change your handle to one that's already in use will result in an error message. If you want to use a handle that's already taken, you may try contacting the current owner to see if they're willing to give it up. Alternatively, you can try finding a similar handle that's available.

Is it possible to obtain a Twitter handle that is currently inactive or suspended?

It is important to note that Twitter does not release inactive or suspended Twitter handles to other users. If your desired handle is already taken, you must get creative to find a unique version. One way to do this is by adding numbers or underscores to the handle. This will help you create a new handle similar to your original choice.


On Twitter, you are not required to use your real name anywhere, in contrast to other social media platforms. Your handle can be a play on your real name, a pun or meme, a string of random numbers, or a combination of these things. It only needs to be original and cannot include any offensive language.
The best part is that you have complete control over changing your Twitter handle. To get started, simply access your account settings. However, it's crucial to be aware that altering your Twitter handle will remove your verification status if you have it. After that, you'll need to reapply for it. So, if you're still wondering about things like: Can I change my Twitter handle? What happens when you change your Twitter handle? How many times can you change your Twitter handle? this article is the one you've been looking for the answers to.

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