Part 1: How to Choose a Video Converter Ultimate
Part 2: TopSevenReviews Recommended Video Converter Review
Part 3: How to Use Video Converter Ultimate
Part 4: FAQs

TopSevenReviews Picked Video Converter Ultimate (Review and Guide)

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Dec 22, 2022Video Converter

If you have a video on your PC and you want to convert them to different video formats, audio formats, and your devices, it is your chance to learn it now. Yes, now. Below, you can read a comprehensive review and HowTo article about TopSevenReviews recommended Video Converter Ultimate. You can learn not only its details but you can also learn how to use it. Read now!

Video Converter Ultimate
Part 1: How to Choose a Video Converter Ultimate Part 2: TopSevenReviews Recommended Video Converter Review Part 3: How to Use Video Converter Ultimate Part 4: FAQs of Video Converter Ultimate

Part 1: How to Choose a Video Converter Ultimate

A Video Converter Ultimate software can easily convert your videos into multiple formats, audio formats, and devices. In this part, we will give you an idea of how to choose a video converter and what things you need to consider in choosing a video converter.


When choosing a video converter, you need to consider the price. Nonetheless, there are a lot of video converters that offer a free version. You are lucky to find an effective and free video converter, but most free video converters have limitations.

Moreover, you do not need to cost so much to have a video converter. There are also a lot of affordable video converters that can meet your needs. In addition, you need to also look for the advantages you can get after purchasing a product, such as free upgrades, tech support, and customer service. Overall, be smart enough to consider the price of a video converter.

Editing Features

Your video converter must offer additional features like editing features. Editing features will help you to make your videos more lively and unique. Purchasing software that provides an Editing Feature is worth buying.

Moreover, suppose you are an influencer sharing your videos on social media accounts. In that case, you can use this feature to enhance your video and make them unique by editing them using Video Converter Ultimate. Therefore, you can achieve more views.

Overall, the editing feature can help you achieve the desired result. Continue reading because below, we will teach you how to edit your video before converting using Video Converter Ultimate.


Good quality is a must in every output video. Therefore, you need high-quality video converter software. Another reminder, before choosing a video converter, consider its quality. Do not settle for free yet poor-quality performance.

We advise you to invest in a video converter that produces high-quality output. Moreover, you also need to remember that producing a high-quality output will result in a larger output size file. You need to make sure that your computer has wide storage.

Overall, there is many best video converter software over the internet with excellent quality. Just be persistent in looking for the right software.

Part 2: TopSevenReviews Recommended Video Converter Review


Video Converter Ultimate Interface

Video Converter Ultimate has an excellent user interface. It has a lovely color that makes the interface bright yet straightforward to manage. You will see the Purchase, Register, Feedback, Menu, Minimize, Maximize, and Close on the right side.

Then, in the upper middle of the interface, you will automatically see the Converter, MV, Collage, and Toolbox. These are the additional features of Video Converter Ultimate. You can use this without limitations.

The good thing about this Video Converter Ultimate is that it is manageable to use. You can see all the options without wasting your time. Moreover, you can also see the Add Files on the left side, Converting and Converted on the middle part, and Convert All To on the right side.

In addition, on the main middle part, there is a box with a Plus sign where you can add your videos to convert them. On the left below, you will see the Save To, Open Output Folder, Enable Ultrafast Conversion, Disable Hardware Acceleration, and Preference. Next to that is the Convert All button on the right corner.

Main Features

Video Converter Ultimate is an all-around video converter software. It could be a video to MP3, video to GIF, audio to video, video to an audio file, video file, video format, and 4K/5K/8K video converter.

In addition, here are the essential features you deserve to know from Video Converter Ultimate. This software offers numerous features you can use and is worth the price. Let us start by looking at them one by one.

◆ It can convert your videos into multiple types of formats.

◆ It offers hardware acceleration up to 30X faster.

◆ It lets you edit your videos before converting them.

◆ It can create a music video or MV.

◆ It can collage your pictures.

◆ It offers a Toolbox with countless features.

◆ It lets you save your output on your desired folder on your computer.

◆ It also enables you to add filters and effects.

◆ It can add a 3D effect to your video.

◆ It can enhance your video quality using AI.

◆ It can create a split-screen video.

◆ It can remove watermarks on your videos.

Part 3: How to Use Video Converter Ultimate

After showing you the interface, features, etc., it is time to show all of you how to use it easily. We provide detailed steps you can follow to use Video Converter Ultimate without a hassle. See them now below:

Convert your Video into Multiple Formats


After downloading the Video Converter Ultimate, launch it and find the Add Files on the left side of the panel or click the Plus sign inside the box in the middle.

Video Converter Ultimate Add Files

Next, the File Explorer on your computer will appear. Select the video from your computer that you want to convert into different formats. Remember, you can add many videos as you want and convert them all at once.

Video Converter Ultimate File Explorer

After that, you will see your video on the middle part of the interface. To convert it to another format, go to the right side, and you will see the Convert All To. Then, choose a format that you desire. You have three choices; convert your video to video format, output format, and your device.

Video Converter Ultimate Convert All to

After choosing your desired format, you can find the Convert All in the bottom right corner. Click it, and it will start converting your video into another format.

Video Converter Ultimate Convert All

Following that, Video Converter Ultimate will show you the converted video in the File Folder on your computer, and you can watch it immediately. You can also see your converter video on the Converted, which you will see in the upper middle of the interface.

Video Converter Ultimate File Folder

Edit your Video before Converting It

It is one of the great features of Video Converter Ultimate, the features. You can make your videos more alive using this feature by adding filters and effects. Luckily, in this part, we have detailed steps on how you can edit your videos before converting them using Video Converter Ultimate. Below, you will see all of them:


Launch the Video Converter Ultimate. In the upper left part, you will see the Add Files and tap the Plus sign on the box in the middle part to add a video from your computer.

Video Converter Ultimate Tap Plus Sign

When your video appears in the middle, you will see the Star Wand icon on the added video. You have three options; Edit, Cut, and Enhance Video. Double-tap the Edit icon.

Video Converter Ultimate Edit

After double-tapping the Edit icon, another panel will show. It contains Rotate and Crop, Effect and Filter, Watermark, Audio, and Subtitle.

Video Converter Ultimate Another Panel

To add an effect and filter to your video, click the Effect and Filter in the upper middle of the interface. Then, you will proceed to the adjusting process.

Video Converter Ultimate Effect and Filter

Start adding Effects like Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, and Hue from -100 to 100. In addition, select Filters like Warm, Gray, Sketch, Orange Dots, Purple, Plain, Coordinates, and more.

Video Converter Ultimate Start Adding Effects

After all the adjustment process, you will see the OK button on the bottom right side and click it. However, if you do not want to discontinue, click the Cancel button right after the OK button.

Video Converter Ultimate OK Button

Next, you can start converting your edited video into a different format. On the bottom right side, click the Convert All button. And your converter video will automatically save to your computer.

Video Converter Ultimate Convert Edited Video

How to Use Toolbox

Video Converter Ultimate offers a Toolbox that anyone can enjoy and appreciate. You will immediately see the Toolbox after you launch the software. Click the Toolbox and you will see all the Popular Tools.

Such as Media Metadata Editor, Video Compressor, Audio Compressor, Video Watermark Remover, GIF Maker, 3D Maker, and even further. Below, we will show you how to Add Video Watermark to your video. Please see the steps below:


On the main interface of Video Converter Ultimate, click the Toolbox on the upper right side, and you will see all the available features such as Video Watermark Remover, Video Watermark, GIF Maker, and even more.

Video Converter Ultimate Toolbox

On all the Popular Tools, find the Video Watermark and click it. After that, you will proceed to another panel.

Video Converter Ultimate Video Watermark

After that, you will notice a Plus sign in the middle of the new panel, and below that, you will see the Add a video to Video Watermark. Click the Plus sign and add a video from your PC.

Video Converter Ultimate Click Plus Sign

Then, your video will appear on the panel. Under the Preview, you will see the Player Controls such as Play, Stop, Play Segment, and Stop Playing Segment. After that, you will also see the Add Text Watermark and Add Image Watermark.

Video Converter Ultimate Add Text Watermark Add Image Watermark

If you choose to add a Text Watermark, click it and add text content. You will see that in the left side corner.

Video Converter Ultimate Add Text Content

You can also change the Font, Size, Style, and Color. After all the adjusting process. Tap the Export button on the right side. After that, a small dialog box will appear and says adding a watermark to the video is completed. Then, click the OK button.

Video Converter Ultimate Export Button

Part 4: FAQs of Video Converter Ultimate

Why is the editing feature essential for a video converter?

The editing feature is essential for a video converter because it can add more effects to your video. You can also use the editing feature if you have a video presentation at your school or work. You can do so much with the editing feature, and you are lucky if you bought a video converter with an editing feature.

Is it safe to convert a video to Video Converter Ultimate?

Of course, it is safe to convert your video and audio using Video Converter Ultimate. This software respects your privacy. In addition to this, they are dedicated to protecting your data and information. They only collect data to improve every user interface and do not intend to sell your data with any third-party software.

What features are included in the Toolbox of Video Converter Ultimate?

Here are the features that are included in the Toolbox; Media Metadata Editor, Video Compressor, Audio Compressor, Video Watermark Remover, GIF Maker, 3D Maker, Video Enhancer, Video Trimmer, Video Merger, Video Cropper, Video Watermark, Color Correction, Video Speed Controller and even further.

Free Download Free Download


Did you find this review and HowTo article interesting? Sounds great! We hope that you appreciate this article because we make time to give you complete detail about Video Converter Ultimate. Please apply all the tips and steps mentioned above, and we promise you that you will have a smooth process. Moreover, do not forget to hit us like and leave us positive feedback! Till our next article, see you again soon!

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