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Top 7 Scrabble Alike Games: Be an Experienced Wordsmith!

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jun 06, 2024Games

We can all agree that despite having a lot of games out there we cannot still compare the classic appeal of word games. As we all know, games like Scrabble have long been favorites among enthusiasts of language skills and strategic thinking. But there are many fresh options available on the internet that provide an equally challenging and enjoyable experience with wordplay, and that is the reason why this post exists.

We will look at seven interesting gaming applications that have their distinct spins on Scrabble while still capturing its spirit. These games are guaranteed to enthrall and inspire, regardless of whether you're an experienced wordsmith searching for a fresh challenge or a casual player looking for pleasure on the fly. For that, we shall now start the review.

Best Games Apps Like Scrabble

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Part 1. What is Scrabble? Part 2. How We Test Games Like Scrabble Part 3. Best 7 Games like Scrabble Review Part 4. Best 7 Games like Scrabble Comparison Part 5. FAQs about Best Games Apps Like Scrabble
Professional Review

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Part 1. What is Scrabble

In the traditional word game Scrabble, players build words on a game board by placing lettered tiles. After taking turns selecting seven tiles from a pool of lettered tiles, each player forms words on the board. Words have to be formed with fresh words connecting to previously played words in a crossword-style pattern. Every letter tile has a certain point value, and the total point value of all the letters utilized determines the score for each word.

In addition, certain of the game board's squares multiply a word or letter's score. The game aims to place tiles strategically and build words to score as many points as possible. Played by two to four players, Scrabble is a global favorite.

Part 2. How We Test Games Like Scrabble

Word Diversity and Accessibility

Having a large vocabulary is essential when playing Scrabble. For that, our team ensures the game's word list below is inclusive and diverse by making sure it includes both common and less frequent words.

Balance of Luck and Skill

The game of Scrabble blends elements of skill-building words wisely and luck-drawing tiles For that, we asked questions such as, are there enough chances to play strategically? Is the importance of luck reduced so that proficient word creation serves as the main predictor of success, and more to see if the game is balanced to be with this list?

User Interface and Overall Experience

We evaluate the overall experience and user interface of the game by asking, is it simple to pick up and play the game? Are the regulations precise and short? More than that, we examine the game's usability on several platforms such as a desktop and smartphone.

Part 3. Best 7 Games like Scrabble Review



Best For: Analytical Gaming Experience.

Use Rate: 3.0

The first on the list of a great alternative to Scrabble is a computer-based application called Quackle. The game was created especially for use in Scrabble games, both for play and analysis. Similar to Scrabble, it simulates Scrabble gaming using artificial intelligence algorithms, and competitive Scrabble players frequently use it for practice and analysis. For that, this game is indeed a great tool for analytical ventures while helping you on your journey of becoming a professional wordsmith.

The game has analytical instruments to enhance playability.
It gives advice on the best word selections and tactics.
The game provides a range of customizing choices.
More of an analytical tool than a gaming instrument.
The interface might not be as user-friendly.
Words with Friends

Words with Friends

Best For: Playing with Friends.

Use Rate: 4.0

Until the second game, we can play like Scrabble. It is a popular multiplayer word game, called Words with Friends. This game is accessible on social media and mobile devices. Like in Scrabble, players take turns creating words on a virtual game board with friends. That is why if you are looking for a great educational game to play with your friends, then this game is what you are looking for.

Play against random opponents or with friends.
It has an accessible gameplay.
The game possesses easy-to-use interface.
It provides a range of features and power-ups.
The inclusion of advertisements is annoying.
Encountering glitches or connectivity problems.


Best For: Wide Match Gameplay.

Use Rate: 3.5

The mobile word game app Wordfeud is the third game similar to your Scrabble. This game allows for multiplayer play that can bring a fun and exciting gameplay experience. With participants creating words on a virtual game board in turn, it is quite similar to Scrabble. Yet, the developers of this game are proud to present such unique features, you can decide whether to play against random opponents or with friends here. More than that, participating in 30 games at once is possible.

The game is a cross-platform interoperability.
It provides foreign players with a variety of languages.
They give rankings and statistics for monitoring your progress.
When compared to other word game apps, the user interface could feel obsolete.


Best For: Hybrid Scrabble gameplay experience.

Use Rate: 4.5

In the next game we can be fascinated by the unique gameplay it can offer. SmartFeud is another similar game to Scrabble, yet it is a Hybrid and improved game due to its additional gameplay experience. That is possible because trivia and scrabble are combined in the word game app called SmartFeud. In this game, players answer trivia questions and compete to build words on a game board.

Word formation tasks are uniquely combined with trivia.
Fun gameplay that will appeal to fans of trivia and word games alike.
Provides a range of challenges and game types for extra variation.
The game is not static and can offer a roller coaster ride.
Smaller user base than that of word game apps.
Some features or content may require in-app purchases.
Word Colors

Word Colors

Best For: Challenging game of finding words.

Use Rate: 4.0

Now, the next game is like a Scrabble word finder like with a little touch of Scrabble. As we get to know more about it, it is great to know that in this word puzzle game called Word Colors, players must locate and join words on a grid that have the same color. The gameplay can be easy because the game provides a visually pleasing and soothing game experience. That made this game applicable to everyone.

Aesthetically pleasing gaming concept.
It offers a pleasant and soothing gaming experience.
The game provides a range of difficulty levels.
There is no replay when every level is finished.
This does not apply to users who like more conventional word games.
Rex Verbi

Rex Verbi

Best For: Easy wordplay game.

Use Rate: 3.0

In the next word game app called Rex Verbi, users have to create words out of a predetermined set of letters in a certain amount of time. Furthermore, this game provides brisk gameplay that is ideal for brief gaming sessions. For that, we can see that this game is a much more challenging version of Scrabble that we need to play and conquer.

Playing quickly yet exciting.
It enhances one's vocabulary.
The game allows for multiplayer gaming.
It has less depth to the gameplay.
The game may eventually seem trite.


Best For: Simple and straightforward gameplay.

Use Rate: 3.5

In the last word game like Scrabble, we have Wurdian. Here, users have a time constraint to locate and construct words from a grid of letters similar to other games we reviewed in this post. But one best thing about it is the fact that it provides a straightforward and captivating gaming experience. You can try it and experience that first hand.

Casual gamers will find the gameplay simple and addictive.
provides a range of challenges and game types for extra variation.
gives the chance to increase one's vocabulary and word recognition abilities.
The time limit could be burdensome or restricting for certain players.
fewer social elements than in other word game applications.

Part 4. Best 7 Games like Scrabble Comparison

Platforms Developer Release Date Gameplay Players Graphics and Animations Gameplay Features
iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. The ReadMe Project 2014 Single Player Moderate ◆ AI-powered.
◆ QT Based Game.
iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Zingya 2009 Multi-players Profesional ◆ Multiple Languages Available.
iOS and Android. Bertheussen IT 2011 Multi-players Moderate ◆ Integrated Chats.
iOS and Android. Not Found 2021 Multi-players Moderate ◆ Strategic-planning.
◆ Integrated Chats.
iOS ASIN 2020 Multi-players Profesional ◆ Integrated Chats.
iOS Otocolobus AB 2017 Single Player and Local Multiplayer. Moderate ◆ Built-in Level Editor.
iOS and Android. Ronald Berg 2024 Multi-players Profesional ◆ Integrated Chats.

Part 5. FAQs about Best Games Apps Like Scrabble

Is it possible to change the game's parameters, such as the board's layout or the timers?

Yes. Certain games have configurable settings that let you change gameplay features like time limitations and board layout to suit your tastes. Word Colors and Word with Friends are a few examples.

Do these games offer any competitive events or tournaments?

Yes, certain games often hold competitions or tournaments where players can take part for points, prizes, or just the excitement of competing. This kind of game can actually bring a tremendous gameplay experience for you.

Do these games have word clues or dictionaries included?

In order to validate terms or offer meanings, many games come with built-in dictionaries. Some also provide tips or recommendations to help players locate words while playing.


These are the great seven games like Scrabble that we can play. Indeed, these games are helpful especially if you want to widen and improve your vocabulary. These games, whatever you choose, can really help you become a master of all wordsmiths.

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