Edit Limewire Videos

How to Edit Limewire Videos by Using Windows Movie Maker(WMM)

This guide aims to tell the people who would like to make their own videos how to edit videos from Limewire in Windows Movie Maker.

This guide is made up of THREE parts.

Part One: how to download videos with Limewire

Part Two: how to convert limewrie videos into WMM supported format

Part Three: how to use WMM to edit your videos.


Part One: How to download video with Limewire.

Step 1: Download and run Limewire.

Step 2: Just type in some words that you maybe interested in to search the videos and then download it.(Multifiles dwnload is supported)


Limewire iPod PSP 3


When you finished download the video, export and located it on your computer. Because WMM accepts WMV. format, you have to convert your video into WMV. format. I prefer using iskysoft Video Converter.


Part Two:Convert the video from Limewire into WMV. format.

Step 1: Download and run iskysoft Video Converter

Step 2: Click “Add Files” button to load your video


Iskysoft Video Converter


Step 3: Click “Profile” and choose “wmv-windows media video (*. wmv)”


2 Image


Step 2: Adding a Video Clip to Timeline.

Look at the side bar at the left and click “Import video”.




A window will pop up asking you to select what video clip you want to add.

Once you have done that, the video clip you imported will now be in the collections which you will need to click and drag down to the timeline.

Step 3: Blending

Once you have your clips on you can blend two clips into each other so one clip will fade into another.

By clicking and holding down on the clip you want it to blend onto and move your mouse cursor left a little.




Once you choose how long you want it to take to blend in with it should look like this.




Step 4: Transition

Transitions Is an effect which creates a cool way of getting the movie to show anther clip. As an example, “Slide” creates the effect of the first clip moving upwards out of the screen to reveal the second clip.

First of all, click on the (+) on next to the word “Video” next to the timeline so you can see the audio and transition timeline now.




Click on “View video transitions” on the left sidebar and you will see a load of video transitions. Choose the one you would like by clicking it and dragging it down and putting it in between the two clips.

Step 5: Making Your Clip Shorter.

They may come a time were you have started recording a bit early or stoped it late and you need to cut some of the clip off so it wont show in the movie.

First thing you do is click on the clip your editing and put your cursor on the black line on the right and your cursor will turn into two red arrows. Click on the line and move it left a little. It should look like this.




Step 6: Adding Special Effect

Right clicking a video clip then you like and clicking “Video effects”. A window should pop up which looks like this.




Step 7: Adding Tittle

On the left side of the screen look for a link that says “Make titles or credits”. Click on that. Now select what you want (subtitles, intro title, credits and other titles).

Also you can choose click on “Make titles or credits”, then click on “Add title at the beginning of the movie” to add a tittle at the beginning.

After doing what I mentioned above, you can do a very nice video yourself.


Enjoy your own video!


Tips: Many users may wonder how they can convert Windows Movie Maker file (*.MSWMM) to other video format. Actually, A *.MSWMM file is not a video file. It is a project file of Movie Maker (more like a record file). You have to open this file in Windows Movie Maker and save the movie to your computer: Go to Movie Tasks bar > Finish Movie > Save to my computer. After that you will have a WMV file which can be converted to another video format or burned to DVD.

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