Part 1: Review of the Best 7 HEIC to PDF Converters
Part 2: Overview of Best 7 HEIC to PDF Converters
Part 3: FAQs

Best 7 HEIC to PDF Converters: Open HEIC on Non-Apple Devices

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Most of the time. iPhone produces photos with HEIC file formats. Well, HEIC is excellent as an image format, especially in photography. However, some devices do not support HEIC files, such as Android and more. Therefore, you need to convert HEIC to PDF to share your photos much more efficiently. But how can you do that? By using these best 7 HEIC to PDF converters. This article review benefits you, and will surely learn much with these tools and software. Read now!

Best HEIC to PDF Converter
Part 1: Review of the Best 7 HEIC to PDF Converters Part 2: Overview of Best 7 HEIC to PDF Converters Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 HEIC to PDF Converters

Part 1: Review of the Best 7 HEIC to PDF Converters


Best HEIC to PDF Converters Zamzar

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
Its user interface is iconic.
It is easy to use and user-friendly.
It offers customer service via email.
It also offers batch conversion.
It is necessary to sign up for them.
It has limitations, and you can upload in no more than 50 MB.
Its conversion process is sometimes slow.

Zamzar is an all-around converter with images, documents, audio, video, e-book, and archives. In addition, it can convert popular file formats, for example, PDF to JPG, EPUB to PDF, etc. For that reason, Zamzar can convert HEIC to PDF.

What is more fantastic about Zamzar is it allows you to add files by choosing from your PC. Or you can also add from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. In addition, like what you have read above, Zamzar allows you to add images in no more than 50 MB. Therefore, that is its limitation.


Best HEIC to PDF Converters XnConvert

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac

Overall Rating:
It is multilingual.
It is convenient to use.
It supports more than 500 file formats.
It offers additional features, such as adjusting, editing, etc.
It isn't easy to download.
It is more advisable for professional users.

According to our research about XnConvert, it is one of the most powerful and professional software. It is also a cross-platform that offers a batch image converter. For that reason, converting HEIC to PDF is possible with XnConvert on Windows, Mac, or mobile phone.

What else? It lets you use its editing features and create an edited image collection. With this, you can rotate, compress, crop, adjust, add filters, and more. In addition, you can download XnConvert up to 64-bit with no Adware and Spyware. Overall, it is free software; if you want to donate, you can do so.


Best HEIC to PDF Converters DOCUPUB

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It is supported with numerous file formats.
It has a lot of options before converting a .heic to .pdf.
It also has additional features aside from converting files.
Its user interface is too basic.
It does not support batch conversion.

If you do not want to download and install software, you can use DOCUPUB. A HEIC to PDF converter lets you save space on your computer because it can be used online. When you open its main page, you will immediately see its interface to convert HEIC to JPG, PDF, and more. However, its user interface is too basic but it is not that important.

The excellent news about DOCUPUB is that you can select the Compatibility from Acrobat 3.0 (PDF 1.2) to Acrobat 9.0 (PDF 1.7). Not just that, you can adjust the Resolution. After that, you can change the Delivery Method to Wait for Conversion in Browser or Email Me a Link to the Document. Well, that is one of why DOCUPUB is unique.

Pixillion Image Converter

Best HEIC to PDF Converters Pixillion Image Converter

Price: Free

Platform: Windows

Overall Rating:
It has a convenient and professional-like user interface.
It offers an editing tool.
It also offers batch conversion.
It lets you share the output file on social media accounts.
After the demo version, you can add files but can’t download them.
Its official page is difficult to find; therefore, it is also difficult to download.

Download and install Pixillion Image Converter and change your HEIC to PDF. You can add many file formats as you like and convert them all at once. In addition, it has a feature that lets you add a folder with many files.

Also, all the options that you need are visible. For example, once you tap the specific file, you can see the Preview, including the File Name, Format, Dimension, etc. Moreover, you can also change the Output Format on the button part of the interface, as well as the Output Format.

BacthPhoto Espresso

Best HEIC to PDF Converters BatchPhoto Espresso

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It has a straightforward user interface.
It provides three steps to convert file formats.
It is free to use and offers batch conversion.
It does not recognize the HEIC file format properly.
It has not had many features to use aside from converting files.

BatchPhoto Espresso is a straightforward online converter. If you have a HEIC file, you can convert it into a PDF using this online converter tool. Apart from the converting process, it also allows you to resize, crop, touch-up, rotate, and even apply effects on your images, especially before converting them. You can do that after converting it and saving it to your computer.

Returning to the conversion process, BatchPhoto Espresso provides steps to convert your files. In Step 1, you can upload your file; in Step 2, that is where you can add filters to images. That is why BatchPhoto Espresso provides a Preview; in Step 3, you can finally change the Format, Quality, and Size and even rename it easily.


Best HEIC to PDF Converters FileZigZag

Price: Free

Platform: Online - Extension

Overall Rating:
It can easily be added to a browser extension.
It is manageable to use.
Its user interface is unique and aesthetic.
It obliges you to sign in.
It can convert ten HEICs to PDF files a day only.
It does not recognize PDFs as you expected.
It has Ads, maybe because it is free.

One of the unique features you can see about FileZigZag is you can add it to your browser. In short, you can convert effortlessly using this online converter tool. You can also add your files by dropping and browsing files from your PC.

Furthermore, since you have read the disadvantages of FileZigZag, you know that you can only convert ten files daily, and the size must not exceed 50 MB. You will also need to know that FileZigZag is not just an image converter but a document, audio, video, e-book, archive, and webpage converter.

CloudConvert Image Converter

Best HEIC to PDF Converters CloudConvert Image Converter

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
Its user interface is aesthetic.
It is convenient and manageable to use.
Its options are visible.
It offers editing tools.
Signing up for them is required.
Its file formats are not a lot.

As mentioned, CloudConvert Image Converter is manageable, and its options are visible. For example, clicking the input tab can effortlessly add HEIC files, and clicking the output format changes the output format.

Furthermore, you will notice the Add More Files under the main page. That means CloudConvert Image Converter can convert HEIC to PDF and many more. In addition, it has additional features such as optimizing files, creating and extracting archives, capturing websites, and merging files.

Part 2: Overview of Best 7 HEIC to PDF Converters

Platform Price Supported File Formats Bulk Conversion Easy-to-use Interface Sign up or not Conversion Speed Safety Best For
Online Free PDF, JPG, BMP, PNG 8.7 8.7 Sign up 8.6 8.6 Beginner users
Windows, Linux, Mac Free PDF, TIFF, PNG, GIF, WebP 8.5 8.6 8.6 8.6 Professional users
Online Free PDF, EPS, BMP, JPEG 8.7 8.5 8.6 8.6 Beginner users
Windows Free PDF, BMP, DOCX, ICO 8.6 8.7 8.7 8.7 Professional users
Online Free PDF, BMP, GIF, PNG 8.7 8.8 8.6 8.6 Beginner users
Online – Extension Free PDF, JPG, PNF, TIFF 8.8 8.8 Sign up 8.6 8.6 Beginner users
Online Free PDF, BMP, ICO, JPG 8.7 8.7 Sign up 8.7 8.6 Beginner users

Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 HEIC to PDF Converters

How to convert HEIC to PDF?

If you want to use an online tool to convert HEIC to PDF, we suggest you use Zamzar. You can see its details above. Now, here are the simple steps to use it. First, you need to open the official page. Then, choose files from your computer and add the HEIC file. After that, select the PDF file as an output format. Once it is done, hit the Convert button. Please wait until it is finished and save it to your PC.

What is the HEIC file format, and why do you need to convert it to PDF?

HEIC stands for High-Efficiency Image Container, a recent image file format. HEIC was developed in the year 2017, and all Mac devices support this file format. It is commonly used with professional photographers for better image quality. One of the reasons why HEIC is converted to PDF is because of compatibility.

What is the best alternative program to open HEIC file formats?

The advisable program to open HEIC file formats is XnView MP. It is known as a well-known software and works across all platforms. Furthermore, you can see above the details of XnConvert.


Do you agree that all the above-mentioned online converter tools and software, namely, Zamzar, XnConvert, DOCUPUB, Pixillion Image Converter, BatchPhoto Espresso, FileZigZag, and CloudConvert Image Converter, are the best? We hope that you do. After all the details above, we look forward to your positive feedback. In addition, you can try them one by one, and you can do it now! Overall, we will see you again on our next upload!

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