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If you are looking for a free online file converter, can be your good choice. You can convert many popular file formats with simple clicks. The user interface is clean and easy to understand. Compared with other online converters, does a good job in online conversion. Then here comes the question, is cloudconvert safe to use? What you can and cannot get from the cloudconvert video converter? You can check the latest cloudconvert review here.

CloudConvert Review
Part 1: Features of CloudConvert Part 2: Pros of CloudConvert Part 3: Cons of CloudConvert Part 4: Alternative to CloudConvert

Part 1: Features of CloudConvert

What is cloudconvert? Well, cloudconvert is an online file converter that can change file formats among video, audio, document, image, book, spreadsheet, presentation, and archive. By setting the target format, you can convert a video with cloudconvert to any format you want. Here is a brief introduction to

Support 200+ Formats

Cloudconvert supports most of the popular file formats. You can convert a file for free to fix the incompatibility issue.

Cloudconvert Price (Free & Upgrade)

You can convert up to 25 file conversions for free per day. But Cloudconvert is not always free to use. You can buy the one-time Cloudconvert package of 500 conversion minutes, which starts from $8. Moreover, you can purchase the Cloudconvert subscriptions freely, which starts from $8 per month. Those Cloudconvert plans offer unlimited file size and concurrent conversions. How long does cloudconvert take? Just like other online converters, it depends on your Wi-Fi/cellular data speed and file size.

Cloudconvert Safety

Is Cloudconvert a virus? No. There are no popups, redirects, malware, bundleware or virus during the Cloudconvert video conversion. Cloudconvert guarantees that your uploaded files will be deleted for a few hours automatically. You can also read the Cloudconvert privacy to get more detailed information.

Cloudconvert Interface

Part 2: Pros of CloudConvert

What are the cloudconvert advantages? Generally speaking, cloudconvert is a beginner-friendly file converter for all users. You can get high-quality conversions on multiplatform for free.

Wide File Importing Sources

You can import a file from your computer, URL, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Thus, if you want to convert a YouTube link to MP4, MP4, MOV, AVI, and other formats, you can copy and paste the YouTube URL directly. Of course, you can convert URLs from other Facebook, Tiktok and other platforms. If you visit on iPhone or Android, you can add a file from the internal or external storage space. It is also supported to upload a file you want to convert from your cloud storage space into cloudconvert.

Cloudconvert Import

Popular Input and Output formats

Cloudconvert is compatible with 200+ file formats. You can convert not only video and audio files but also documents, ebooks, archives, images, spreadsheets, and presentations for free online. In most cases, you can convert any file with cloudconvert for playback or further editing.

No download

There is no need to download cloudconvert. Cloudconvert is an online converter that is compatible with most browsers and devices. Therefore, you can change file formats for free by using cloudconvert on your computer or smartphone.

Cloudconvert Chrome Extension

You can install the cloudconvert extension on Google Chrome for online conversions. The cloudconvert Chrome extension works with Google Drive. You can convert Google Drive files with cloudconvert quickly. Moreover, you can extract ZIP/RAR, merge PDFs and make other changes within cloudconvert.

Cloudconvert Chrome Extension

Easy and Safe to Use

The entire cloudconvert video conversion process can be divided into 3 steps. The huge Select File displays on the main interface. Later, you can follow its on-screen instruction to convert any file online for free.

Furthermore, there are no cloudconvert popups and ads. You won’t be worried about the cloudconvert virus. The cloudconvert website doesn’t make money by displaying on-screen ads. There is no hidden malware in the downloaded file after the cloudconvert conversion.

Part 3: Cons of CloudConvert

Cloudconvert is not perfect. There are also some cloudconvert disadvantages you need to know.

No Batch Conversion Support

You cannot batch convert files with cloudconvert online for free. Cloudconvert restricts users to upload and convert a file per time. The cloudconvert batch conversion function is not available.

Lack Editing Tools

Cloudconvert doesn’t allow users to adjust the output video and audio formats. The cloudconvert online website only offers basic conversion support. So, you cannot edit or make changes on your converted file, not mention to cloudconvert video compressor and other advanced tools.

Require Cloud Account

Cloudconvert accounts that you can convert files uploaded from Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. To start with, you need to authenticate cloudconvert reads your account. Your cloud storage account is granted to cloudconvert. No one knows whether cloudconvert will reads other files stored in your account.

Limited Free Conversions Minutes

Under the cloudconvert free account, you can convert up to 5 concurrent conversions. The maximum free cloudconvert conversion limit reaches 25 minutes. If you want to convert a large file with cloudconvert, you need to buy cloudconvert services.

Part 4: Alternative to CloudConvert

1. 123apps – Edit and Convert Videos Online

Different from cloudconvert, you can get free video and audio tools from 123apps. Each editing tool has been displayed in order. You can quickly choose the online editor you need. Later, you can change the video and audio format for free within 123apps online.

2. Convertio – Batch Video Converter

Convertio offers batch video and audio conversion support. You can use Convertio to convert files in the cloud or local drive for free. With 300+ file formats support, you can make more than 25600 online conversions. The custom output settings is also powerful.

3. Kapwing Converter – Simple Video Converter

Kapwing is capable to convert a video to MP4, MP3, GIF, and JPG for free online. You can upload a video or paste a video link to start the video conversion online immediately. If you want to quickly turn a video clip into a GIF, Kapwing is your smart choice.

All in all, cloudconvert is safe and free for converting files with small file sizes. If you just need to convert a few files less than 25 conversions per day, you can use cloudconvert converter to solve the problem. Your computer or phone is free from viruses. As for large file conversions, you can turn to other cloudconvert alternatives to get better choices.

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