Part 1: Review of Best 7 JPG to SVG Converter
Part 2: Overview of Best 7 JPG to SVG Converter
Part 3: FAQs

Best 7 JPG to SVG Converters to Get Vector Image for Printing

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JPG file is a universal file format, and you desire to change it into a different format, especially converting it because of compatibility. Moreover, you also want to convert it into Scalable Vector Graphic or also known as SVG for printing. That is not a huge problem because this review article will serve as a solution for your needs. We have the best 7 JPG to SVG converters below, and you can use them individually. But before that, you need to read their details. Read now!

Part 1: Review of Best 7 JPG to SVG Converter Part 2: Overview of Best 7 JPG to SVG Converter Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 JPG to SVG Converter

Part 1: Review of Best 7 JPG to SVG Converter



Price: Free

Platform: Windows

Overall Rating: 4

It is free, fast, and compact
It is also freeware for non-commercial use.
It supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions upon downloading it.
It also supports multiple languages.
It is Unicode supported.
It isn't easy to download.
It is not advisable for beginner users.

Convert JPG to SVG using IrfanView. You can download, install, and use it for free. However, unlike other software, you need to be aware that IrfanView is difficult to download. But, it is manageable since it is perfect for converting JPG to SVG.

Moreover, aside from converting file formats, IrfanView can do more! For example, it can work as Batch Conversion, Batch Rename, and Batch Conversion - Rename Result Files. Also, you can use its editing tools and settings for all your images, such as Cropping, Resizing, Change Color Depth, and so on.



Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating: 4.5

Its user interface is aesthetic.
It can be used easily online.
It is convenient and perfect for beginner users.
It offers customer support.
You need to sign up so that you can use its other features.
You can upload up to 50 MB only.

Zamzar is included as one of the JPG to SVG converters. You can use it conveniently because you can use it online, and it is manageable to use. Therefore, it is perfect for beginner users. In addition, while using it, you will appreciate its aesthetic user interface.

More than that, Zamzar can convert in just three steps. After adding a JPG file, you can select an SVG file as an Output Format. Then, you can click the Convert button. But remember that you can only add files up to 50 MB. Moreover, the incredible thing about Zamzar is even free, it offers free customer support.



Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating: 4.5

It offers a lot of features
It lets you add files in many ways.
It is manageable and straightforward to use, as well as its interface.
It is slow to load the files.
Signing up is required.

Img2Go offers a JPG to SVG conversion for free. It has an excellent user interface and accepts almost every kind of file format. In addition, as we stated above, Img2Go lets you add files in many ways, like, adding files by dropping and choosing from the computer. Or, enter the image URL and add it from Dropbox and Google Drive.

Therefore, Img2Go will make your conversion process more straightforward. In addition, After adding your files, Img2Go lets you use its other features. You can change the Settings, but it is optional. That means it is up to you if you want to customize your image or not before the conversion process. In detail, you can change the Width, Height, DPI, Apply Color Filter, Enable Deskew, etc.

Pixillion Image Converter


Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating: 4.5

It is supported with numerous file formats.
It lets you use its editing tools before converting it to an SVG file format.
It has a professional user interface.
It is free to download and use.
It is hard to download because its main page is hard to find.
It has a demo version but never lets you convert file formats.
It crashes sometimes.

Convert from JPG to SVG using a professional-like user interface, the Pixillion Image Converter. It allows you to add files one at a time, or you can also add a folder to convert into an SVG file format. Therefore, Pixillion Image Converter has a batch conversion. Furthermore, it offers a lot of features.

But first, let us discuss its conversion process. After adding your files, you can change the Output Format on the left side or on the bottom of the panel when you want to convert JPG to PNG, BMP, etc.. Pixillion Image Converter has a lot of options to offer. In addition, you can also customize your JPG files before converting to SVG file format. Here are the things you can do; Resize, Crop, Flip, Rotate, Watermark, Filters, and more.



Price: Free

Platform: Online - Extensioon

Overall Rating: 4.5

It has a bulk conversion you can use anytime upon converting files.
It is unique because you can add it to your Browser Extension.
It has a fantastic user interface.
Its Ads take up too much space on the main interface. Therefore, its Ads are disturbing.
It has a limitation upon converting files for 10 files daily.
You can only add files with 50 MB.

Drop or Browse JPEG to SVG using FileZigZag. If you have not yet known, FileZigZag can be added to your Browser Extension. With that, you can use it much more manageably. Again, you can add files by dropping and browsing files from your computer. Nevertheless, you can only convert 10 files daily with not exceeding 50 MB.

After adding files, FileZigZag shows you the File Name, File Size, and Target Format of your input files. It is more unique because FileZigZag lets you email the links of your converted files. Aside from the converting feature, it also offers document, audio, video, e-book, archive, and web-page converters, so that you can convert JPG to PDF, JPG to Word, etc.



Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating: 4

Its user interface is straightforward.
It offers additional tools.
It supports various formats.
It has Ads, and they can disturb your conversion process.
You need to go through its signing-up process.

Online-converter is almost similar to Img2Go. For that reason, you can convert JPEG to SVG using Online-converter also. In addition, Online-converter is very specific. What does it mean? For example, it has specific features like Convert Image to SVG, Convert Image to PDF, etc. Therefore, you do not have to select a Target Format.

Not just that, Online-converter can also change the Settings optionally. Let us give you an example; you can change the Size and, to be specific, the Width and Height, as well as the DPI. You can also tick the following based on your preferences; Enhance, Sharpen, Antialias, Despeckle, Equalize, Normalize, and Deskew.

FreeConvert Image Converter


Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating: 4

It has a clean and simple user interface.
It offers an optional setting.
It provides many file formats.
It lets you add files and convert them all at once.
Its Ads take up too much space.
It is necessary to sign up upon using it.

The last online tool we are reviewing is the FreeConvert Image Converter. It is a JPG to SVG Converter that is free to use. You will notice that it has a straightforward user interface. In addition, FreeConvert Image Converter lets you add many images and convert them into SVG file format all at once.

Another thing, FreeConvert Image Converter has a feature not only converting images but many more, like, Video Converter, Audio Converter, Document Converter, E-book Converter, Archive Converter, Unit Converter and Vector Converter. Also, one more unique thing about FreeConvert Image Converter is it allows you to suggest an Output File Format for your JPG files.

Part 2: Overview of Best 7 JPG to SVG Converter

Platform Price Supported File Formats Bulk Conversion Easy-to-use Interface Sign up or not Conversion Speed Safety Best For
Windows Free SVG, PDF, JPG, BMP 8.5 8.6 8.6 8.6 Professional users
Online Free SVG, PNG, ICO, JPG 8.7 8.7 Sign up 8.6 8.6 Beginner users
Online Free SVG, EPS, GIF, JPG 8.7 8.7 Sign up 8.6 8.6 Beginner users
Windows Free SVG, BMP, DOCX, ICO 8.6 8.7 8.7 8.7 Professional users
Online – Extension Free SVG, JPG, PNF, TIFF 8.8 8.8 Sign up 8.6 8.6 Beginner users
Online Free SVG, JPG, PNG, BMP 8.6 8.6 Sign up 8.7 8.6 Beginner users
Online Free SVG, EPS, WEBP, PNG 8.7 8.8 Sign up 8.7 8.6 Beginner users

Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 JPG to SVG Converter

How to convert JPG to SVG?

From the converter tools mentioned above, we will use FreeConvert Image Converter to show you how to change a JPG file to SVG format. Again, FreeConvert Image Converter is an online tool. Therefore, we will not download or install the software. After opening its main page, you will see the rectangular panel in the middle. That is the main conversion panel. Then, click the Choose Files button to proceed to the Files from your computer and add your JPG file. After that, on the right side of the conversion panel, choose the SVG Output Format. Then, below that, you will see the Convert button and tap it to start the conversion process.

Why do you need to convert JPG files?

We are aware that a JPG file is the typical format, and it is used by every user frequently. You are converting JPG files because you need to change them into different file formats. Like, JPG files can’t contain transparency and animation. Or, sometimes, JPG is not supported in browsers. Therefore, you need to convert it to another file format.

What is the use of the SVG file format?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics; of course, it is included as an image format. Moreover, SVG is not a typical file like other file formats. What does it mean? SVG does not depend on a unique pixel in order to create an image. But SVG uses Vector Data to scale images into your desired resolution. Also, it is commonly used by a web designer.


To our end, these best 7 JPG to SVG converters may have disadvantages, but we know that they convert JPG to SVG in less than a minute. Furthermore, before trying them one by one, you can leave us positive feedback, and we will see you again in our next upload!

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