Part 1: Best 7 JFIF to JPG Converter
Part 2: Comparison Table
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Best JFIF to JPG Converters: All-Inclusive Review You Should Not Miss

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JPEG File Interchange Format is known as JFIF format. This graphical data format allows the exchange of compressed JPEG files within PCs. On the contrary, the Joint Photographic Experts Group, also known as JPG, is an extension assigned to the image files. In today’s review article, we have the best 7 JFIF to JPG Converters and will tackle every tool and software.

Best JFIF to JPG Converter
Part 1: Best 7 JFIF to JPG Converter Part 2: Comparison Table Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 JFIF to JPG Converter

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Part 1: Best 7 JFIF to JPG Converter

AnyMP4 Free Image Converter Online

Best JFIF to JPG Converters AnyMP4 Free Image Converter Online

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It supports more than 30 image formats.
It is accessible online, and you do not need to download and install the software.
It has batch conversion.
After the conversion process, you can download the output files directly to your PC.
It provides flawless quality.
You can upload a maximum of 5MB only.

AnyMP4 Free Image Converter Online is a JFIF to JPEG converter you can use for free. You can choose the output format before converting your JFIF file into JPG. From JPG, PNG, and GIF. In addition, you can add files using two options; click the Upload Photo or Drop Image Files.

Furthermore, you will also notice in AnyMP4 Free Image Converter Online that it has batch conversion. What does it mean? You can upload JFIF files and any format and convert them into one output format. You can visit its official main page and look at its guide to learn more.

Pixillion Image Converter

Best JFIF to JPG Converters Pixillion Image Converter

Price: Free

Platform: Windows and Mac

Overall Rating:
Its interface is perfect for professionals.
It supports many file formats.
It offers editing tools.
It is manageable to use.
It cannot recognize the JFIF file format.
Its official page is difficult to find.

Make your conversion process easier using Pixillion Image Converter. It is straightforward software and is suitable for Windows and Mac. You can use it for free, and it offers numerous features. As you notice on its main interface, it has Effects and Tools you can use for your images.

In addition, you need to be aware that Pixillion Image Converter is not just about converting file formats. It can also edit images by resizing, cropping, flipping, rotating, etc. Moreover, you can add effects and watermarks too! The best part of this software is it has a Preview and lets you recognize your image once you click on the uploaded file.

CloudConvert Image Converter

Best JFIF to JPG Converters CloudConvert Image Converter

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It has an excellent color interface.
It can convert different files into batches.
It supports various file formats.
It converts files fastly.
To use other features, you must sign up using an email account.

Convert JFIF to JPG with the use of CloudConvert Image Converter. It is an online tool, and you can convert files for free! It lets you add your files. Then, find the output format you like and click the Convert button. What else? You can convert file formats in bulk!

Furthermore, when you click the Settings Icon, you will be able to change the Width and Height of your images depending on your choice. After you make changes to your image, you can start converting it. You only need to wait for a few minutes, and that’s it!


Best JFIF to JPG Converters IrfanView

Price: Free

Platform: Windows

Overall Rating:
It is for professional use.
It is compatible with Windows.
It is freeware for non-commercial use.
It has multi-language support.
Its downloading process is too confusing.
It is not advisable for amateur users.
It can accept files in a maximum of 5MB only.

IrfanView is a photo editor software that can be downloadable for 32-bit and 64-bit. The best part of this software is you can use it as a converter and convert .jfif to .jng in the batch, including other file formats.

Moreover, you can enjoy its other features such as View Images, Optimize Images, Scan and Print Images, Create Slideshows, Batch Processing, and Multimedia. You can use all these for free! However, it is more advisable for advanced users than amateur users.


Best JFIF to JPG Converters FileZigZag

Price: Free

Platform: Online - Extension

Overall Rating:
Its user interface is iconic.
It supports audio, video, image formats, and more.
It offers many features for free.
It cannot recognize JFIF formats.
It can only convert up to 10 files a day.
Its maximum file size is only 50 MB.

FileZigZag is a unique online tool converter because you can add it to your browser extension. Therefore, you can quickly launch it when you convert the file format. One disadvantage of FileZigZag is that it does not recognize the HFIF file format. For that reason, it cannot convert JFIF to JPG effectively.

Additionally, when you sign up for them, you can use other features such as image, document, audio, video, e-book, archive, and web-page converter. Sound fantastic, right? It also supports almost every popular file format.


Best JFIF to JPG Converters Img2Go

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It is accessible online with numerous features.
It is easy to add files.
It supports a lot of file formats.
It has Ads and can be disturbing.
It requires signing up.

Img2Go is another online tool converter. It is free, and you can use it anytime and everywhere! You can add files to Img2Go by choosing files from the computer, entering the URL, or from your Dropbox and Google Drive.

In addition, like other online converters, simply change the output format, and you have a chance to make changes to the image’s Width, Height, and even DPI. Overall, Img2Go is indeed an excellent image converter and has more features you will enjoy using!


Best JFIF to JPG Converters Convertio

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It supports up to 300 file formats.
It is fast and easy to convert JFIF to JPG.
It supports all devices.
Its user interface is simple.
Singing up is required.

JFIF to JPG conversion is possible when you use Convertio. It gives you the satisfaction of having the output format you desire. You only need to add files from your computer and select the output format. Moreover, Convertio has batch conversion, which means you can save time converting file formats into one output format.

In addition, Convertio allows you to add and convert files in several ways. For example, you will add files directly from the computer. Or you can also add files from Dropbox and Google Drive. You can add files from the mentioned earlier and convert them at once.

Part 2: Comparison Table

Platform Price Supported File Formats Bulk Conversion Easy-to-use Interface Sign up or not Conversion Speed Safety Best For
Online Free JPG, PNG, GIF 9.5 9.6 9.8 9.8 New users
Windows, Mac Free JPG, IFF, ICO, PNG, etc. 8.5 8.6 8.7 8.6 Advanced users
Online Free JPG, HEIC, GIF, EPS, etc. 8.7 8.6 8.6 8.7 New users
Windows Free JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO, etc. 8.5 8.5 8.6 8.5 Advanced users
Online – Extension Free JPG, ICO, PNG, EPS, etc. 8.6 8.5 8.6 8.6 New users
Online Free JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, etc. 8.7 8.6 8.6 8.7 New users
Online Free JPG, PNG, TGA, BMP, etc. 8.7 8.6 8.6 8.6 New users

Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 JFIF to JPG Converter

How to convert JFIF to JPG?

Use AnyMP4 Free Image Converter Online. To convert, launch the online tool, and you will see the rectangular panel in the middle of the page. After that, tick the JPG file format after the Convert To options. Under that, select Upload Photo and add a JFIF file from your computer. After adding the files, they will be converted automatically. You will next click the Download All button and Save it to your File Folder on your computer. Remember, you can add files in a maximum of 5MB each file.

What are the dissimilarities between the JFIF file and to JPG file format?

JFIF is considered a standard format for JPG files on the Web. Supposing you save a JPEG file in one editing software, it will be a JFIF file format. On the other hand, JPEGs or JPGs are usually saved in the camera with a JPG file extension are EXIF file format.

Where do you use JPEG or EXIF files?

Mainly, EXIF files are commonly used by Photographers. Then often upload EXIF jpegs to the Web. Also, other users or browsers will hold EXIF files.


Did you find these review articles interesting? Upon discovering the best 7 JFIF to JPG converters, namely, AnyMP4 Free Image Converter Online, Pixillion Image Converter, CloudConvert Image Converter, IrfanView, FileZigZag, Image2Go, and Convertio. We also discover their extra features. This review article also contains questions and answers that might help you convert JFIF to JPG. Overall, we will have another review about the converter, and we are expecting you to be there again; see you!

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