Part 1: Review The Best 7 PNG to ICO Converter
Part 2: Overview of Best 7 PNG to ICO Converter
Part 3: FAQs

Convert PNG to ICO: Best 7 Online and Software for Fast Conversion

Skylar ReidSkylar ReidUpdated on Nov 30, 2022Photo Converter

If you are a web designer, you are aware of how essential it is to convert PNG to ICO effortlessly. Converting to ICO file format can help you manage and save time wisely. That is why it also helps you be consistent in your design. Therefore, you are lucky to read this review article because we have prepared a collection of the best 7 PNG to ICO converters. Try and experiment with them one by one after reading this post.

Best PNG to ICO Converter
Part 1: Review The Best 7 PNG to ICO Converter Part 2: Overview of Best 7 PNG to ICO Converter Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 PNG to ICO Converters

Part 1: Review The Best 7 PNG to ICO Converter


Best PNG to ICO Converters Irfanview

Price: Free

Platform: Windows

Overall Rating:
It is fit for professional use.
It is non-commercial and freeware.
It supports many languages for all types of users.
It is suitable for Windows only.
It has a confusing downloading process.
It is not perfect for beginner users.
It can convert image files with a maximum of 5 MB only.

IrfanView allows you to convert .png to .ico quickly. It is a software suitable for Windows; you can convert images by downloading it. However, you will experience confusion in the downloading process because IrfanView is difficult to download even on the official page.

Furthermore, aside from converting images, you can also use IrfanView by viewing, optimizing, scanning, and printing images. In addition, it has batch conversion to save time in converting many images into ICO file format.


Best PNG to ICO Converter Zamzar

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It can be used online without software.
It is an easier-to-use image converter.
It can convert images to no more than 50 MB.
It can convert a maximum of one or two images per day.
It lets you download images individually.
It does not support bulk conversion.

Zamzar is a PNG to ICO converter online. You can use it to change image files into other file formats easily. As mentioned above, its disadvantage, it does not support bulk conversion. However, it can convert PNG to ICO in three easy ways.

In addition, it is easy to add files to Zamzar because you can add them from your computer, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Also, you can enter the URL on one image to convert it to PNG. Below the conversion panel, Zamzar provides you with the File Name and File Size of your image, and you can see the progress before and after converting your images.


Best PNG to ICO Converter img2go

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It is free for every user online.
It can convert PNG to ICO in multiple sizes.
It lets you add files effortlessly.
It is supported with a lot of file formats.
It has annoying Ads.
Sign up for them first before using other features.

You will never go wrong in using Img2Go, an online tool you can use for free. In addition, it can convert PNG to ICO with transparency. Furthermore, you need to know that Img2Go lets you add images in different ways, such as adding from the computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, and even entering URLs.

Moreover, at the bottom of the conversion panel, you can change the Target Format easily. What is more impressive is that Img2Go allows you to change the size of your images before tapping the Start button to convert images. Plus, it offers many features; you can check it out now!

Pixillion Image Converter

Best PNG to ICO Converters Pixillion Image Converter

Price: Free

Platform:Windows, Mac

Overall Rating:
It has an excellent professional-like interface.
It is supported with many file formats.
It has editing tools you can use.
It is easy to use.
It cannot recognize some file formats successfully.
It is hard to find its main page.

Pixillion Image Converter is a converter software. It can convert PNG to ICO and even convert PNG to ICO in a transparent background. It can make your conversion easier since it is supported with bulk conversion. Once you launch its interface and add your image, you can see its full details in its Preview, like File Name, Format, Dimension, Color Depth, File Size, etc.

In addition, you can choose the Output Folder and browse it on your computer. Plus, you can use its editing features before the conversion process. Overall, it is effective in converting and editing images.


Best PNG to ICO Converters Filezigzag

Price: Free

Platform:Online - Extension

Overall Rating:
It is easy to use and unique.
It lets you add FileZigZag to your browser extension.
It is suitable for any web browser and any operating system.
It supports bulk conversion, upload, and download.
It is slow in converting images.
It has limitations, and it converts 10 images per day.
Its site is occasionally down.

Change PNG to ICO using FileZigZag. It is an online converter; you can add it to your browser extension, as stated above. Furthermore, it has an aesthetic interface, and you can convert not only an image but also documents, archives, e-books, audio, and video formats.


Best PNG to ICO Converters Photoshop

Price: $20.99

Platform:Windows, Mac

Overall Rating:
It is for professional use.
It offers numerous editing tools and features.
It produces high-quality.
It is not amateur friendly.
It does not focus on converting images.
It is expensive.
Its trial version is for seven days only.

Convert PNG to ICO with Photoshop. Everyone knows Photoshop is for professional use and contains numerous features, including editing and converting images. It is somehow impossible, but yes, you read it right, Photoshop can convert PNG to ICO instantly.

Nevertheless, it is expensive, especially for beginner users, but you can use it for free because it offers a free seven-day trial. What is impressive about Photoshop is it has a clean user interface. Therefore, you will enjoy using it.


Best PNG to ICO Converters Pixconverter

Price: $14.00


Overall Rating:
It walks you through the step-by-step wizard.
It lets you customize the quality of your images.
It also lets you resize and rename an image before converting it.
It can convert two or more images at once.
It only works on Windows.
It has options that might be unneeded for the average user.
It is outdated.

Using PixConverter, you can convert PNG to ICO on Windows 10/11 because this software is suitable only for Windows. In addition, it has plenty of helpful features for every user like PNG to SVG conversion, PNG to JPG conversion, etc., and it is manageable to use.

Moreover, it is supported by several file formats, especially image file formats. It also has the power to import numerous images from one folder at once. Plus, it can edit an image by rotating, resizing, and altering it before converting them. After that, you can convert images effortlessly.

Part 2: Overview of Best 7 PNG to ICO Converter

Platform Price Supported File Formats Bulk Conversion Easy-to-use Interface Sign up or not Conversion Speed Safety Best For
Windows Free JPG, ICO, PNG, GIF 8.5 8.6 8.6 8.6 Advanced users
Online Free BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG 8.7 8.8 8.7 8.6 New users
Online Free BMP, GIF, EPS, ICO 8.6 8.8 8.7 8.7 New users
Windows, Mac Free ICO, JPG, PNG, BMP 8.6 8.8 8.6 8.6 Professional Users
Online – Extension Free BMP, JPG, ICO, PNG 8.7 8.8 8.7 8.6 New Users
Windows, Mac Starts at $20.99 BMP, ICO, JPG, AI 8.5 8.6 8.6 8.7 Professonal Users
Windows Starts at $14.00 JPG, ICO, GIF, PNG 8.5 8.6 8.6 8.6 Professional Users

Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 PNG to ICO Converters

How to convert PNG to ICO using the software?

We recommend you use Pixillion Image Converter. Aside from IrfanView, which is mentioned above, Pixillion Image Converter is easier to use. After downloading and launching it, add your PNG image files by tapping the Add Files on the upper left part of the interface. Then, select the ICO as Output Format on the left side of the interface or the bottom part. Next, click the Convert button on the lower-right corner of the interface.

Can Photoshop launch ICO files?

As stated a while ago, Photoshop is a professional editing tool software. To answer the question, yes, Photoshop can launch ICO files. However, there are instances of Photoshop that hardly open ICO files, especially if it is outdated.

Does the converting process compress the quality after converting PNG to ICO?

Generally, most online tools and software do not compress the quality of a PNG file after it is converted. Actually, the software can work as an image compressor to customize the quality more into a higher one. Furthermore, it will also depend on the software you will use.


After knowing the price, platform, pros, cons, especially main features. Do you find the best 7 PNG to ICO converters effective, namely, IrfanView, Zamzar, Img2Go, Pixillion Image Converter, FileZigZag, Photoshop, and PixConverter? I hope you do because we will also prepare another review article for you to read again soon. We also prepare questions and answers that might help you. Overall, you can start experimenting with the aforementioned tools and software. To end, we will see you again in our next upload!