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Software for Transferring Messages from Android to iPhone: Choosing the Best for You

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Being connected to different persons that are kilometers away from you or even across the world can be done instantly nowadays. This is because of sending Short Message (or Messaging) Service (SMS) using your devices. Sometimes, messages are data that can be very important for us, but what if you're about to change your iPhone and you want to transfer those messages to your new iPhone? Do not worry this is possible with the help of different SMS transferring software. Other than that, did you know that transferring text messages to a new iPhone without iCloud? Buckle up, because this article will tell you the top 5 best iPhone SMS transfer tools where you can transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone and Android to iPhone.

Top 5 iPhone SMS
Part 1: The Best Software for Transferring iPhone SMS Part 2: Comparison Chart of SMS Transferring Software Part 3: The Verdict of which One is The Best

Part 1: The Best Software for Transferring iPhone SMS

I. Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer

Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer is the best choice for the iPhone in transferring SMS messages and to back up your messages from your iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. Other than transfer and backup, this software will also allow you to transfer data such as a file, photo, music, and video. However, we will be focused on transferring SMS text messages from iPhone to a computer or your new iPhone. This app is more convenient than iCloud and iTunes. Overall, this is the best way to sync text messages from your iPhone to any device. To help you understand the step on how to use this enchanting software, the instructions about transferring iPhone SMS messages to your computer are listed below:

Free Download Free Download

Plug your iPhone device into your computer using a USB cable.


In your iPhone, a tab will appear indicating Trust and Don't Trust. Just click Trust to allow the computer and software to read the data.


Open the Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer, to see the full interface and function of the software.

Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer Interface

At the left side of the interface, you will see different kinds of icons. Locate Messages and wait for the software to analyze your device.

Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer Analyzing

After analyzing, you will now see your messages presented at the right corner of the interface.

Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer Messages

Select your Messages by filling the tiny Box on the left side of the messages. From that action, the specific messages will now appear at the right-most part of the interface.

Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer Messages

Next, find the Export to PC button at the top corner, from there you can choose the formats you want including CSV File, HTML, or Text File. This move will now allow you to save your messages to your PC.

Apeaksoft Export Format To Pc

II. TouchCopy

Touchcopy SMS

TouchCopy is an easy way to save and print your messages from your iPhone. In simple words, if you're looking for software to help you transfer and backup your messages this can be included in your list. This software supported SMS, MMS, iMessages, and WhatsApp chat. In addition, if you are not a user of an iPhone, good thing this software is also applicable to android phones. Besides, this is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, all models of iPhone and iPod.

Clear instructions.
Has some important features.
Not free.
Confusing Interface.
Bugs and Crash occurred often.

III. Backuptrans

Backuptrans interface

Since we are talking about the best software for transferring iPhone SMS, Backuptrans will give you professionalism in its features. This software will allow you to transfer SMS from iPhone to Android without a computer. It means you can transfer your WhatsApp data to an Android directly. Aside from that, this software can give you a smooth interface and organized function buttons, however, you may find it hard to navigate.

Can transfer files individually and has previews before.
Export specific chats.
No free trial version.
Not updated.
Concerns with security.

IV. EaseUS MobiMover

Easeus Movimover

This is one of the drag-and-drop software in transferring iPhone SMS to a computer or any iPhone model. Unlike other software mentioned above, EaseUS MobiMover will make the process of transferring SMS easier and faster between iPhone and computer. Besides, that is the reason why it is called handy and simple. In terms of its features, MobiMover enables you to manage your data between an iPhone, iPad, and Mac. WhatsApp chat backup too. Overall, it is simple yet fascinating software that can be the best among the rest.

Adaptable, supports nine kinds of data.
Not complicated.
Not free.
Need iTunes to make it work.

V. iExplorer


There is no software other than iExplorer that will let you manage everything at once. It is an iPhone manager where it allows you to manage and backup your files with ease. Other than that, transferring your SMS from your iPhone to any device is possible here. Furthermore, exploring your SMS and accessing your device application can be done easily and hassle-free.

Perfect definition of user-friendly.
75x faster compared to others.
Try it for free.
There are times that it will freeze and crash.
Expensive full version.

Part 2: Comparison Chart

For iPhone For Android For Mac For Windows Pricing Supported Data TransferFree to Try
$49.95 CSV, HTML, TXT, PDF
$29.99 HTML, TXT, PDF
$29.95 basic plan PDF, DOC, TXT

● $23.95 for Windows

● $29.35 for macOS

$39.99 CSV, HTML, TXT, PDF

Part 3: The Verdict of the Review

Let us run down all the information given above and let us talk about the very essence of this article: to know the best software for transferring iPhone SMS into different devices such as the iPhone model, Windows, and Mac.

As an acknowledgment for every software, they indeed deserve to be called the best software. However, in this game of being objective when it comes to choosing the best, we need to consider a few standards for that. Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer is highly suggested for you, its feature, interface, price, and flexibility made it to be at the top among the rest. Besides, you can try it for free so that you will know what we are saying.


We have seen some of the best iPhone SMS transfer software, we get to know their features, functions, prices, and even their compatibility in different devices. Their Pros and Cons served as an element to see the listed software in perfect balance. Besides, we stated that Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer is the best among the rest, however, it may change depending on your standards. Furthermore, we cannot set aside and underestimate what other software can do and offer. So, what are you waiting for? Pick what is best for you and tell your neighbor about this information!

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