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Twitter Verified Logo: Mastering Twitter Verification

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 29, 2024Social Media

Twitter (now known as X) verification aims to prove that the user behind the account is who they claim to be. This makes it simpler to distinguish between legitimate and fake Twitter verified accounts with the same name and to gain access to specific features, functions, and other benefits of being verified on Twitter. Using Twitter, verified accounts could be entitled to perks and features unavailable to unverified accounts, such as taking part in certain campaigns or getting Twitter support. Your account must be legitimate, interesting, and active to qualify for the blue badge.

This article guides and shows you what it means to be verified on Twitter. Let us see the simplest steps and effective ways of doing the process.

Get Account Verified on Twitter
Part 1. What Does It Mean To Be Verified on Twitter? Part 2. Benefits of Being Verified on Twitter Part 3. How to Get Account Verified on Twitter? Part 4. FAQs about Get Account Verified on Twitter

Part 1. What Does It Mean To Be Verified on Twitter?

The verified badge displayed on Twitter is a mark of distinction that indicates a thorough assessment of a profile's authenticity. It serves as a clear indication that Twitter recognizes the account as genuine, credible, authentic, and of public interest.

In simpler terms, Twitter verification can signify a user's status, whether to demonstrate social standing within the Twitter community or convey a sense of importance. The verified badge has long been regarded as a marker of prestige and significance. It is important to note that only Twitter has the authority to verify accounts and add the verified check mark badge to profiles. Third parties cannot do so, as this privilege is reserved solely for Twitter.

Now that you know the answer to the question of what is a verified account on Twitter, let’s now learn the benefits of being verified on Twitter. Just keep reading.

Twitter Verified Logo

Part 2. Benefits of Being Verified on Twitter

Having a verified Twitter account with the blue checkmark symbol is highly valued in the world of social media and is more than just a status symbol. It provides numerous benefits to both individuals and businesses. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of being verified on Twitter.

Instant Credibility

When your Twitter account is verified, it signals your followers and potential followers that you are a legitimate and noteworthy presence on the platform. This instant credibility can help you stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Trust and Authenticity

Verification is an essential process that confirms your identity to your audience. It assures them to engage with the real you, not an imposter. Verifying your identity reduces the risk of impersonation and establishes authenticity, which is crucial for building trust with your followers.

Increased Visibility

Verified accounts receive greater visibility and higher search ranking on Twitter's recommendation lists, attracting a wider audience.

Access to New Features

Twitter has launched exclusive tools and features for verified accounts, allowing for better management and enhancing your Twitter presence.

Brand Recognition

In today's world, where online scams and fake identities are commonplace, a verified account is a powerful tool for businesses and brands to establish themselves as legitimate and trustworthy. By obtaining a verified account, you can showcase your authenticity and reinforce your brand's identity, instilling confidence and credibility among your audience.

While Twitter verification can provide numerous advantages, it's important to note that not everyone is eligible for the coveted Twitter verified check. The verification process requires meeting specific criteria related to account authenticity, completeness, notability, and adherence to the platform's rules. Therefore, the journey to becoming verified may take time and patience. If you're looking to boost your Twitter presence, consider pursuing the Twitter verified logo to take advantage of the benefits it can offer to your personal or professional brand.

Part 3. How to Get Account Verified on Twitter?

Knowing how to verify Twitter has never been easier. To get verified on Twitter, sign up for Twitter Blue. However, you must ensure an active and honest account that meets eligibility criteria. Here’s the easiest way to get verified on Twitter:


Navigate to your profile menu and select Twitter Blue. After that, click Subscribe.


Fill in your credit card information and tap Subscribe.


You have completed all that is required of you. Now, you must wait patiently while the app's team does whatever they do when verifying a Twitter account. You can check your status by going to the Twitter Blue settings.

How to Get Account Verified on Twitter

Note that Twitter will ask you to confirm your phone number if you have not already done so. You will need to have a phone number linked to your account to be verified.

Part 4. FAQs about Get Account Verified on Twitter

How many verified users are on Twitter?

Approximately 294,000 Twitter accounts are verified, or 17.14% of the total population of people who use Twitter. Usually, most of them include widely recognized firms, influencers, or celebrities. In contrast, about 82.86% of users are known to be unverified in this range.

Who was the first person verified on Twitter?

Shaq was the first person to receive the first blue tick mark in social media history when Twitter gave him the honor in June 2009 as a response to fake accounts trying to fool users by using the names of prominent people. Shaquille O'Neal, also known as Shaq, was named one of the 50 greatest players of all time by the National Basketball Association in 1996.

How long does it take to get verified on Twitter?

You need a verified phone number and an account that has been active for more than 90 days. Since Twitter now requires a time component, accounts must be older than 90 days to be verified. Twitter will manually review your account for eligibility when you submit a verification request. The approval process can take a few days to weeks, depending on how many applications are already in the queue.

How much does it cost to be verified on Twitter?

Twitter Blue (blue checkmark) costs $8 monthly and is intended for individuals, though brands can also sign up. Larger brands are being targeted by Verification for Organisations (gold checkmark), which ensures brand recognition and reputation in the app.

How do celebrities get verified on Twitter?

After Elon Musk bought the social network a year later, in late 2022, the company completely changed how it manages verification. It doesn't matter if you are a famous personality or not; anyone can get verified on Twitter by subscribing to Twitter Blue and verifying their phone number. However, your Instagram account must represent a well-known individual or brand to be verified. It should frequently appear in news sources or be highly searched to meet the verification criteria.


To make sure that users can quickly recognize genuine accounts on the site, Twitter validates accounts and puts the Twitter verified logo or the Twitter verified check. The verified symbol is next to a user's name, which Twitter has acknowledged as a ‘public figure, celebrity, or a global brand.’
A user must fulfill specific requirements established by Twitter to be eligible for verification. These standards could include a large following, public figure or celebrity recognition, or well-known company affiliation. Additionally, the user must not have engaged in any actions that would violate Twitter's rules or standards, and their account must be active, complete, and in good standing.
However, it's important to remember that not all applications will be accepted, and the verification process can be highly competitive. In conclusion, Twitter decides whether to verify an account based on the abovementioned factors.

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