Part 1. Can I use AirPlay on my Windows PC?
Part 2. 7 Apps Airplay Receiver for Windows 10
Part 3. Airplay Windows 10 to Apple TV
Part 4. FAQs

How-to for Easy Airplay on Windows PC and the Top 7 Apps Airplay Receiver

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Would you like to be able to stream, just like an Apple user, from your iPhone or iPad to your Windows 10 PC? Although AirPlay Windows isn't integrated, there are helpful apps that can fill the void! With the help of these apps, you may wirelessly stream music and films from your PC to your Apple device and even mirror its screen. There are a few of the top 7 Windows 10 AirPlay receiver apps. They are AirServer, AirDroid Cast, LonelyScreen, LetsView, X-Mirage, 5K Player, and MomoPlay. We'll go through each of these apps so you can quickly experience streaming on your Windows PC, which is similar to AirPlay!

Airplay to Windows
Part 1. Can I use AirPlay on my Windows PC? Part 2. 7 Apps Airplay Receiver for Windows 10 Part 3. Airplay Windows 10 to Apple TV Part 4. FAQs about Airplay to Windows

Part 1. Can I use AirPlay on my Windows PC?

There is no built-in Airplay Windows 10 computer. But there's positive news! For Windows 10 and 11, a number of third-party apps function as AirPlay receivers. By using these programs, you can stream media from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to your Windows computer in a manner akin to AirPlay. With these mirroring apps like AirPlay, you may anticipate the following features:

◆ Use your Windows PC speakers to play music, podcasts, and videos straight from your Apple device.

◆ Use your iPhone or iPad to project the full screen onto your PC for larger-format content viewing, presentations, or demos.

◆ To pause, play, adjust volume, and more, use the controls on your Apple device or within the PC app.

Troubleshooting Typical Problems on Apps Receiver

◆ Basic connectivity problems

◆ Firewall restrictions

◆ Problems with compatibility

Other Streaming Solution Options

◆ Media file sharing between suitable devices on your network is made possible by DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology.

◆ Cloud streaming services

◆ Direct File Transfer:

Part 2. 7 Apps to Airplay Receiver for Windows 10

Do you want to AirPlay to Windows 10 from your Apple devices? You can use some useful apps to make your PC an AirPlay receiver. With this, you can wirelessly mirror the screen of your iPhone or iPad and stream videos and music. We'll look at 7 of the best apps to enable AirPlay on your Windows PC: AirServer, AirDroid Cast, lonelyScreen, LetsView, X-Mirage, 5K Player, and MomoPlay.These apps make it simple to stream media from Apple devices to your Windows 10 computer. To find out how to use them, keep reading!

The following brief comparison table will assist you in selecting the top Airplay Receiver for Windows 10.

AirServer AirDroid Cast LonelyScreen LetsView X-Mirage 5K Player MomoPlay
Limited streaming time, basic screen mirroring Free screen mirroring (with watermark), limited audio/video streaming Free screen mirroring (with watermark), limited audio/video streaming Free screen mirroring, limited photo streaming Free screen mirroring (with watermark), limited audio/video streaming Free audio/video streaming (limited formats), limited screen mirroring Free screen mirroring (with watermark), limited audio/video streaming
Extended streaming time, HD quality, multi-device support Record screencast photos, customize watermark Record screen, cast photos, password protection Paid plans unlock higher resolutions, recording, and no ads Advanced recording features, multi-device support Advanced playback controls, AirPlay music mirroring Multi-room audio, cast files from PC
3/5 5/5 4/5 5/5 3/5 4/5 3/5
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, iOS Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, TV Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Windows, Mac Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Here are the leading Apps for the finest all-around Airplay Windows free receiver, taking into account both free and premium capabilities, based on the features listed:

No-cost Tier

LetsView is prominent for its incredibly simple setup. It has unrestricted free screen mirroring. This sets it apart from other free tiers (such as those with watermarks). It's a good option for simple screen mirroring. The free version may have limited audio and video streaming.

Paid Features

AirServer offers subscription plans. They provide a full experience with support for many devices, HD resolution, and longer streaming. For consumers looking for a dependable and feature-rich experience, it's a good choice.

Other options

LonelyScreen is a worthy competitor. Its paid edition offers password protection, photo casting, and screen recording. If increasing security or capturing mirrored content is important, consider this.

X-Mirage: With its subscription plans, it provides multi-device support and sophisticated recording options. Power users need strong recording. They want to broadcast from many devices. They may find this option useful.

Selecting the Best Choice:

The best app will vary depending on what you require. Here's a quick summary to assist in your decision:

Basic screen mirroring: LetsView (Free)

Reliable streaming and multi-device: AirServer (Paid)

Recording and security: LonelyScreen (Adult)

Advanced recording and multi-device: X-Mirage (Paid)

Part 3. Airplay Windows 10 to Apple TV

Apple TVs are the main devices that support AirPlay. However, Windows 10 can also use AirPlay to connect to an Apple TV. It can do this by using the appropriate app and configurations, like AirServer. In the Apple ecosystem, AirPlay lets you wirelessly transmit audio and video. It also lets you mirror your screen from one device to another. Windows 10 can also take advantage of this feature via the app. It lets you have smooth multimedia across devices. You can use AirPlay on your PCs. Let's look at how to Airplay to PC to Apple TV using Airserver.


Install and download the AirServer application from the AirServer website on your Windows 10. Connect your Windows 10 and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network.


Double-clicking AirServer on your desktop or looking for it in the Start menu will launch the AirServer program on your Windows 10 computer. Go to the Home screen on your Apple TV and choose the Settings app. Make sure AirPlay is turned on by selecting AirPlay & HomeKit.

Toggle on Airplay

Click on your Apple TV to begin mirroring the screen of your Windows 10 PC. In the AirServer application, locate your Apple TV under AirPlay Devices or Available Devices.


You can now interact with your Windows 10 PC's screen on your TV's larger display by connecting it to it and having its screen mirrored on your Apple TV.

Part 4. FAQs about Airplay to Windows

How can my iPad or iPhone AirPlay with Windows 10?

There isn't official AirPlay from the iPhone to Windows 10, although there are workarounds:
◆ Turn your PC into a receiver with programs like AirServer, then mirror your iPhone or cast media to the PC to see on TV.
◆ Use casting apps to mirror your PC screen or cast media directly to your TV if it is compatible.
◆ Directly stream media from your PC to an Apple TV-connected DLNA-capable device.
◆ To view material from either device, use apps on Windows and Apple TV that are compatible with streaming providers.

Does AirPlay to Windows require a Wi-Fi network?

Yes, in order for AirPlay to function, the sending and receiving devices must be linked to the same wireless network. AirPlay needs both devices on the same Wi-Fi network. So, make sure your Windows computer and the AirPlaying device are linked to the same network.

Does Windows AirPlay require any extra hardware or adapters?

Usually, you need to have suitable software like AirServer installed on your computer in order to use AirPlay from Windows. Certain third-party apps might add features or support for some devices with adapters. But, software alone can do the basics of AirPlay.

Can I stream media to an Apple TV using Windows 10's AirPlay?

Yes, you may stream media content from your PC to an Apple TV by installing the appropriate third-party app on your Windows 10 PC. Apps like AirServer and X-Mirage offer AirPlay to Apple TV. It lets users mirror their PC screens or stream video from their PCs to the Apple TV.


Airplay to PC Windows enables you to stream video, mirror your screens, and exchange multimedia between devices with ease. You can make Windows 10 PCs into AirPlay receivers with many third-party apps. These include AirServer, AirDroid Cast, LonelyScreen, LetsView, X-Mirage, 5KPlayer, and MoMoPlay. These applications provide flexible ways to improve multimedia experiences. AirPlay on Windows 10 can help you use your digital content more. It does this by enabling wireless networking and improving device capabilities. It also helps with sharing content between platforms.

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