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How to Record Video and Audio Calls on Skype

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With Skype, you may have frequent audio or video calls on your computer or phone. It's an amazing chat tool. Skype calls may occasionally need to be recorded in order to preserve important moments with your family or to double-check information with your cooperating partner. For whatever reason, you must always start with a Skype recorder.

You may learn about some well-known Skype recorder apps here. Furthermore, we'll guide you through the process of recording a Skype call, meeting, or discussion in a few easy steps.

Record Skype Calls
Part 1. Record Skype Calls using the Best Tool Part 2. Record Skype Calls - Built-in Tools Part 3. FAQ about Record Skype Calls

Part 1. Record Skype Calls using the Best Tool

We have the best tool and process we need to record your call on Skype. The first method we want to teach you is the use of a great tool. For that, we want to introduce you to the incredible Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. This tool offers everything you need in order to have a great recording for your Skype. This tool can give you high-quality video and audio that will capture clearer resolution and audio of every detail you have talked about in the meeting. Kindly take a look at the steps we need to take in making the process.


For free, get Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on their official website. Then, you must install the tool on your computer.

Free Download Free Download

After that, we need to launch the meeting on your computer and attend to it. That means once you have attended the meeting, the recording must be started, too. Lunch the tool on your computer and then see its features. Click the Video Recorder. From there, you can choose between Full or Customize mode.

Aiseesoft Screen Record Video Recorder

After that, turn on the Microphone so that it will capture the audio of the call. Then, at this moment, you can now click the REC button to start the recording.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Full or Custom

Finally, after every step, it is now time to stop the recording by clicking the Stop button on the floating bar.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Record and Stop

That’s it. The incredible tool of AIseesoft Screen Recorder in capturing a call on Skype. See the saved output and utilize it for goods. With that, the tool really gives outstanding output. No wonder why it is the best tool you need.

Part 2. Record Skype Calls - Built-in Tools

Method 1: Built-in Recorder of Skype

So, as you know, the Skype recording tool allows you to keep recorded videos in the cloud for 30 days and download them to your device. You may even share them with others. That would be an advantage for users whenever they record straight within Skype. The fact that you do not need any additional equipment or downloads. It's fairly straightforward, right?

That is why it is evident that you can record calls on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. You may also record at any moment throughout the call session. In connection with that, this step-by-step instruction will show you how to record a Skype video call with a few clicks using its built-in feature.


Once the Skype program has been downloaded, you can make calls using Skype on your PC and mobile devices. Call back when you are ready.


Once you begin, the call can be recorded at any point during the conversation, or it can begin at the beginning. To initiate a Skype call from a desktop or laptop, select the More button located at the lower right corner of the screen. From there, please choose the option to Start Recording from the menu.

Skype Start Recording

After that, a notification will appear on the top of each participant's screen to let them know that your Skype conference is now being recorded.


Please let the recording run. Then, if you are finished with the meeting, that means stopping it is a must. To stop the recording before the call ends, click Stop Recording at the top of the screen. Alternatively, you can end the call.

Skype Stop Recording

That is the built-in recording feature of Skype whenever we call. However, this feature also comes with a notification on another part of the call. That means they will definitely know once you are receding. Therefore, you must have consent first before recording the call.

Method 2: Record Skype Call on Mobile Phone

Yes, Skype’s built-in call recorder is great for capturing the calls we need. However, we would also like to say that our mobile phone has a built-in screen recorder tool that can help us record a call on Skype. This process is applicable for both iOS and Android. Kindly see the steps below that we need to take in order to make the recording possible.

For iPhone Users

Aside from using the built-in recording feature of Skype on your computer. We can use the built-in screen recorder of our iOS. You can make it possible by following the simple procedure below.


Open your Skype and attend or create a call on it. From it, please access the Control Center by swiping from above the screen for iPhone X, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. You need to swipe from the lower part of the screen for iPhone 6, 7, and 8. For that, you can see the icons and click the Screen Recording buttons.


Now, since it is a call, it is also important to turn on the Microphone before you start the recording. If you are good to go, then you must now click the Start Recording and let the device capture your call.

iOS Screen Recording with Microphone

After everything, you can now end the recording by clicking the Stop button. This button is the same as the Screen Recorder button a while ago.

That is the process of recording the call on Skype using the built-in recorder of an iOS device. Once you have done it, you can now access the recordings on your Photos. Then see if it is good. For more call recorders on iPhone, you can check them here.

For Android Users

For Android users, the process is quite similar to the one we did above. Yet, as we all know, Android possesses different keys compared to the iPhone. Since Skype is also available with Android, and if you are one of the users of Skype in Android who needs to record your Call, then here are the steps you need to take.


We need to attend a call on Skype. Then, on the control center, swipe it down and see its Screen Recorder.

Android Screen Recording with Microphone

Then let the recording run and your call.


After every step and after the call has been finished then, the recording must be stopped. You can click the Stop button, and the recording will be automatically saved in your gallery.

See, the process is somewhat similar to the one we did on the iOS device. However, with the diverse systems of Android, some Android does not offer a microphone feature that captures the audio of your call and only the screen of it.

Part 3. FAQ about Record Skype Calls

Can Skype detect recordings?

That will depend on the recording tools that the participants used. If you start a recording with Skype's built-in screen recording capability, all participants will be notified. That is because the system itself manages the built-in recorder of Skype; therefore, it will surely know whenever someone uses it. However, you can discreetly record a Skype call using a third-party screen recorder like Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. This tool will not let Skype know that you are recording.

Where are Skype recordings stored?

Skype for Business records the location and resolution. Your Skype for Business meeting recordings are saved to the Videos and see the Lync Recordings folder. More than that, if you want to change the location, you can click Browse and select another folder that you prefer during the saving process of the recording. On the other hand, the recorded meetings from a third-party tool will be saved in your file folder on computer storage.

How can you tell if someone is recording your call?

Most likely, once someone records the call using the built-in feature, Skype will show you a notification containing information that says the call you are in is being recorded. However, that is not the case if the recorder is a third-party. Mostly like, if you hear a high-pitched hum, pulsating static, clicking, or beeping, this could indicate that your calls are being recorded. Someone may have set up call forwarding without your permission, or there may be call-recording spyware on the device.

Which calls cannot be recorded in Skype?

Some users of Skype do not know that only conventional calls can be recorded. That means wifi calls cannot be recorded. Thus, if your phone has the wifi call capability, please disable it so that you have an option if you do not want to be recorded while on the call. If you use Bluetooth headsets, the recording may be unavailable, too.

Are Skype recordings available for thirty days?

Skype saves files and photographs you've exchanged, calls you've recorded, and other items for convenient access from any of your devices. Videos greater than 100MB will be saved as files and will be available for 30 days.


Regardless of whether you choose to use the built-in Skype function or one of the third-party Skype recorders, this article offers comprehensive instructions. We heartily suggest EaseUS RecExperts as one of those Skype recorders. You may use it to record both the screen and audio and then edit the recordings without needing to download additional editing software.

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