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Best Free Firefox Browser Screen Recorders for Screencasting

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Mozilla Foundation developed Firefox as a free-to-use web browser to provide users with a hassle-free internet surfing experience. Due to its security, speed, and add-ons, it became the most widely used browser. With Firefox, not only can you browse articles, but you can also watch movies and videos. However, have you ever thought about saving your favorite videos or important articles? Screen recording is the only solution in this case. To achieve this, you will need a Firefox browser-based screen recorder.

Best Firefox Recorder
Part 1. Best 7 Firefox Recorder Part 2. Comparison of Best Firefox Recorder Part 3. FAQs about Best Firefox Recorder

The following are highly-rated Firefox screen recorders. You can read about them and choose your favorite.

Part 1. Best 7 Firefox Recorder

AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online

1. Top-notch Free Firefox Screen Recorder: AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online

Platforms: Windows

Price: Free

AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online is an excellent tool that lets you record screen movements and actions with ease. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it easy to navigate and master quickly. The software includes scheduled recording, basic editing tools, mouse effects, and real-time previews, all of which allow you to maintain optimal control and efficiency with user-friendly features like hotkeys and a streamlined interface.

Overall, AnyMP4 Free Screen Recorder Online is a useful tool for Firefox users who want to record their screen activities with synchronized audio from their browser and microphone. The tool provides you with the option to store your recordings in either WMV or MP4 formats. It also has no time limit, so you can record for as long as you want.

DU Screen Recorder

2. Highly-Popular Screen Recording Tool: DU Screen Recorder

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Price: Free

DU Screen Recorder is a highly popular application that can be used to record your screen and edit the recording. You can record not only the video but also the internal audio of your device. The app comes with a full-featured video editor that enhances your recording experience. You can also convert your screen or browser recordings into GIF format with ease. One of the unique features of this app is the face-cam feature that allows you to record reaction videos without requiring root access or jailbreak. Furthermore, it is available in multiple languages, including French and English, making it accessible to a global audience. Nonetheless, advanced features need a premium subscription.

AceThinker Aqua Demo

3. Best Firefox Screen Recorder for Windows and Mac: AceThinker Aqua Demo

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Price: Free

AceThinker Aqua Demo is a versatile screen recording tool for Windows and Mac that can meet all your screen recording requirements. It can record your screen in full-screen or a specific area in high-definition quality. This Firefox screen recording tool also allows you to add annotations and take screenshots while recording. If you are recording a video for reviews, you can use the “Follow the Mouse” feature to capture the screen where the mouse is pointing. Additionally, you can save your recordings in various formats, such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and more. It also has a basic built-in video editor that enables you to trim unwanted details or clips.

Screen Recorder by Alexey Kuznetsov

4. Best Recording Extension for Everyone: Screen Recorder by Alexey Kuznetsov

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Price: Free

Screen Recorder by Alexey Kuznetsov is a free screen recording extension that can be used on Firefox, Chrome, and other platforms. Once added to your Firefox browser, you can easily record videos from your desktop or browser. Additionally, you can take snapshots using this application. You have the option to save your recordings on your local drive or Google Drive. However, one downside is that it does not offer any editing tools.

Nimbus Screen Capture

5. Best Free Firefox Add-On Screen Recorder: Nimbus Screen Capture

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Price: Free

Nimbus Screen Capture is a free Firefox add-on that lets users capture and record their screens and edit the screenshots in the Firefox browser. With the incorporation of annotation and editing tools, users have the freedom to customize the screenshots before exporting them. The add-on seamlessly integrates with Google Drive, making it easier to share the screenshots directly from the recorder. However, it’s worth noting that users relying on the free version may face restrictions when trying to upload Firefox screenshots to Dropbox. Moreover, occasional issues with the screen selecting and scrolling features may affect the overall functionality. Nevertheless, the add-on still provides a convenient and feature-rich solution for Firefox users who want to capture and enhance their on-screen content.


6. Best On-Screen Activities Recorder: Screencast-O-Matic

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Price: Free

Screencast-O-Matic is an online free screen recorder that makes screen recording easy and convenient. It is compatible with Firefox, Chromebook, Windows, and Mac computers. Using this online tool, you can record various kinds of screen capture videos, including YouTube and Instagram videos. The tool offers useful functions like effects that allow you to edit the screen video you recorded. It also gives you the option to add captions and stock music to your recording. However, please note that some features, such as cropping, are only available to VIP account holders.

Reco - Screen Recorder

7. Best Fully-Featured Firefox Screen Recorder: Reco – Screen Recorder

Platforms: Windows

Price: Free

Reco – Screen Recorder is a fully-featured screen recorder for the Firefox browser that is widely used to capture screen activities on a PC. This tool can record activities on a Firefox tab or any window of the browser. It can capture desktop screens and webcam video inputs. Additionally, it can capture system sounds and microphone sources. When recording webcam videos, the Reco-Screen Recorder can also capture its background audio. The camera resolution it provides for webcam videos is at 1280x720p resolution. Moreover, you can set a timer to record your screen and enable auto-download for the recorded file.

After researching, you looked into the top-rated free screen recording software and extensions that can function as a Firefox screen recorder. Choose based on your needs.

Part 2. Comparison of Best Firefox Recorder

Platforms Price Money Back Guarantee Interface Easy-to-Use Webcam Recording Watermark Output Format
Windows, macOS, Online Free 9.5 Very Easy MP4, WMV
Windows, macOS, Android, iOS Free 9.2 Easy MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA, MOV, GIF, MP4
Windows, macOS Free 9.3 Easy MP4, AVI, MOV
Windows, macOS Free 9.1 Easy WEBM
Windows, macOS Free 9.3 Very Easy MP4, GIF, JPG, PNG
Windows, macOS, Android, iOS Free 9.2 Easy MP4, MOV, FLV
Windows Free 9.1 Very Easy MP4, WEBM, MOV

Part 3. FAQs about Best Firefox Recorder

What is a browser recorder?

With the use of software, you can record and capture your browser's screen activities with a browser recorder. A browser recorder can be very useful for creating video tutorials, recording webinars, or documenting bugs and issues.

Is there a screen recorder available in Firefox?

No, Firefox currently does not offer a built-in screen recorder. However, you can install add-ons for screen recording in Firefox to start your recordings.

Can I record my screen on Firefox?

Yes, there are various tools available to record your Firefox screen, including extensions, third-party screen recorders, or the built-in screen recording feature on your computer.

Are Firefox extensions safe or not?

Extensions are convenient tools that save us from having to install large amounts of data, but they are not always the safest option. Over the years, there have been many security issues and fraud reports related to these extensions. Therefore, it is safe to say that add-ons can put your browsing experience at risk.

What is the Firefox screenshot shortcut?

You can take a screenshot on the Firefox browser without downloading any software. Windows users can use Ctrl+Shift+S, and Mac users can press Cmd+Shift+S.


There are various methods to discover the most suitable browser activity recorder. The choice of tools will rely on your budget, accessibility, the platform of your computer and other devices, and your technical skills. This article discusses some recommended software that may be useful for your needs. The level of precision and accuracy you require in your recorded Firefox videos, as well as the amount of editing needed, can also be critical factors when selecting an app to invest in. We hope this helps you a lot with your needs. Thank you for reading!

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