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7 Best Screen Capture Apps for MacBook Pro/Air, iMac and More

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There are many reasons why you need a screen recorder app on Mac. Video lessons, for example, are a good way to deliver knowledge and information while keeping attracting the attention of students. Small business and developers are able to present their products and apps with screen recorder software. Vloggers can make video tutorials and monetize on social media.

However, what is the best screen recorder for Mac? It is impossible to research each app and identify the most appropriate tool. The review is based on our lab research and hundreds of users’ reports. Therefore, this article will share the top list below.

Best Screen Recorder Mac
Part 1. Top Picks of Screen Recorder on Mac Part 2. Best 7 Mac Screen Recorder Review Part 3: Comparison of Top Screen Recorders on Mac

Part 1. Top Picks of Screen Recorder on Mac

Top Picks of Screen Recorder on Mac

Part 2. Best 7 Mac Screen Recorder Review

Top 1: Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder

System Requirement: macOS 10.9 or later

Price: Free version, $14.99 for Pro version

Include swift and simple recording engine.
Convert screen recordings to GIF.
Available to a wide range of apps, websites and contents.
The free version only exports recording in WebM format.
To remove the time limit, you need to upgrade to Pro version.

As a screen recorder app for Mac, Icecream Screen Recorder has been around for years. It allows you to record any region on your display. It is an easy way to create video tutorial, gameplays, app guide, live stream, and more. You just need to click the record button, select the desired area and the screen recording will begin. Plus, you can decide the output quality, format, and other options. While recording screen, you can add text, shapes, and arrows directly or add watermark logo for sharing on social media. The webcam overlay enables you to capture webcam while recording gameplay or video tutorial. However, you can only get full features and remove the limits in the Pro version.

Top 2: Loom Screen Recorder

Loom Screen Recorder

System Requirement: All macOS

Price: Free for personal use and $8 per user per month for business use

Include an intuitive interface and easy to use.
Support both screen and webcam capturing.
Take screenshots while recording screen.
The video editing feature is only available for business account.
The free version can only record screen up to 5 minutes.

Loom Screen Recorder is not an independent screen recorder for Mac, but the extension for web browsers, like Google Chrome. It offers two kinds of accounts, free and business. Once you install the screen recorder to your browser on Mac and sign up an account, you can use it immediately. It provides three modes, screen only, camera only, as well as screen and camera. Plus, you can also decide to record full screen, custom region or a specific window. Of course, the free account has several limits, like up to 100 videos and screenshots, and each screen recording is no more than 5 minutes. To create an account, you have to associate with your email and private information.

It is an online screen recorder for Mac for free with limits. If you want to capture screen on Mac for 100% free without limitations, you can refer to AnyRec Free Screen Recorder. It is a web screen capture software to record video, audio, and webcam.

Top 3: Capto


System Requirement: macOS 10.10.5 and later

Price: $30 for single user and $80 for family pack

Share screen recordings to social network or cloud services.
Include a new video editor with annotation features.
Support non-destructive video editing.
The audio editing functionalities are limited.
It has occasional performance issues when processing large media files.

Capto expands on the abilities with a more robust set of tools for capturing screen or websites and recording on Mac. Unlike other screen recorders for Mac, Capto is a one-stop solution. After screen recording, you can also edit it within the built-in video editor. The screen recordings can be easily shared with other applications and popular cloud services. With the intelligent file manager, this screen recorder app on Mac is perfect for teachers, vloggers and small business. Before purchasing a license, you can get the basic features during 7-day free trial. The advanced features, like video editing, can only be unlocked in the formal app. Moreover, the export functionality requires improvement.

Top 4: ScreenFlow


System Requirement: macOS 10.14.0 or later

Price: $129.99

Include a full-featured video editor.
Record screen along with internal or external audio on Mac.
Export screen recordings to YouTube or Vimeo directly.
This screen recorder for Mac is expensive.
The updates are frequent and need extra payment.

As a robust screen recorder and video editor, ScreenFlow is popular among creative professionals, small business and studios. It allows users to capture everything taking place on their screen along with computer audio, microphone and camera. When screen recording is done, you will be taken to the video editor window. Then you can add annotations, shapes and do other editing to the recording on the timeline. It enables users to create demos, high-quality tutorials, app review and guide, and presentations. In addition to screen, it is also able to record extra devices, like iPhone, online videos, gameplay and more. Besides MP4, you can also export the recording as animated GIF or other popular video formats. However, the cost is very high and not affordable for average people.

Top 5: Screenflick


System Requirement: macOS Catalina or later

Price: $29

Record screen and clicks on Mac with shortcuts.
Capture gameplay in up to 60 FPS.
Remotely control screen recording with your handset.
It lacks some important features, like video editing.
It cannot record extra devices, like smartphone.

If you just need a screen recorder on Mac, Screenflick is a good choice. It features high performance screen capturing for smooth. You can capture fluid motion up to 30 FPS in screen recording mode. It also provides a game recording mode to produce higher quality with up to 60 FPS . Screenflick supports full screen or custom region recording with audio from internal or external microphone and the system audio. You can decide to highlight mouse clicks and cursor track or hide them during screen recording. Another important functionality is to compress your recordings multiple times by changing resolution, quality and more. It supports the built-in FaceTime camera and external webcam or connected camera too. However, you still need an extra video editor to retouch your recordings.

Top 6: Screenium


System Requirement: macOS 10.10 or later

Price: $26.99

Create perfect screen recordings and screencasts on Mac.
Embed FaceTime camera footage as picture-in-picture.
Record key strokes and mouse points as separate tracks.
The video editor is too simple to use.
The transitions may not be inserted correctly.

As screen recorder apps become better and easier to use, there are more and more live videos produced by Mac users on YouTube, Twitch, and more. Screenium has long been one of the best screen recorders for Mac users who hope to record video and audio from their display. It lets you capture full screen, a single window or prescribed area. According to research, it is available to streaming videos and microphone audio. You can also create the picture-in-picture effect with iSight or other camera. This screen recorder has built in a video and audio editor too, although it is very simple and almost useless. After recording, you can upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Flickr directly. Therefore, it is an easy way to share your screen recordings on Mac.

Top 7: AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

System Requirement: macOS 10.10 and later

Price: $29.25 per license per year, $44.25 for lifetime

Record screen on Mac in 4K videos with one click.
Support multiple recording sources related to video and audio.
Take schedules and record screen automatically.
You need to purchase the license after free trial.

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is one of the best high quality screen recorder for Mac users. It lets you choose the recording sources for different purposes, like screen, online video, app, system audio, microphone audio, webcam. Moreover, you can enable multiple sources at the same time. Another important functionality is to take schedule. You can set the start time, duration and recording based on your event. Then the app will start working automatically. That makes AnyMP4 Screen Recorder a perfect tool to save live stream and gameplay on Mac computers. Unlike other screen recorders, this app enables you to edit the recording while capturing screen, such as add text, annotations, shapes or arrows at specific frames. At important moment, you can take screenshots with the toolbar too. According to our research, it is the most cost-effective screen recorder for Mac users.

Free Download Free Download

Part 3: Comparison of Top Screen Recorders on Mac

Record screen and webcam Record screen with system audio Record screen with microphone Highlight mouse Record multiple screens Hide cursor Add annotations Real time preview On screen markup Video resolution Schedule recording Output formats
1080p WebM and GIF
1080p MP4, AVI, or FLV.
1080p H.264
Up to 4K MP4, MOV, M4V
1080p MP4, MOV, FLV, GIF
Up to 4K and 5K MP4, MOV, FLV
Yes, add annotations while recording Up to 4K MOV, M4V, GIF, WMV and MP4, etc.


This article has reviewed and shared the top 7 best screen recorder apps for MacBook Pro and other Mac computers. It is well-known that QuickTime Player is the built-in screen recorder on Mac. However, it has several downsides, like cannot record screen and webcam at the same time, limited output format, only support audio recording through microphone and more. Obviously, it is not the best way to record screen on Mac. The apps shared above all have unique benefits and advantages, such as built-in video editor, excellent output quality, etc. They help you to convert your idea, presentation and more into visual content in order to attract audiences’ attention.

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