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App to Record Phone Calls Samsung: The 7 Bests of the Best

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on May 21, 2024Audio Recorder

Call recording can be beneficial and even necessary for recording an interview, preserving records of your communications, or simply keeping logs of your phone calls for corporate needs. Well, we cannot deny that our Samsung phone will be useful for those matters.

While the basic idea behind a call recorder is simple, many of these apps differ in terms of usability, replay, and other features. Furthermore, you will have to determine whether you are willing to pay for a call recorder or whether you prefer a free application with potentially fewer capabilities. This post will give you the seven best Samsung call recorders with their functions and descriptions. Please choose wisely!

Best Samsung Call Recorder
Part 1. Best Samsung Call Recorder Part 2. Comparison of Best Samsung Call Recorder Part 3. FAQs about Best Samsung Call Recorder

Part 1. Best Samsung Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder is one of the easiest call recorders for Samsung on this list. You may even get 99% accurate transcripts from Rev human transcribers for $1.50 per minute. Furthermore, Rev Call Recorder allows you to record without limitations of incoming and outgoing calls on your Samsung device. This comes with all without any hidden expenses. In addition, we can also organize and share. All call recordings can be categorized into folders and simply shared across many channels, such as Evernote or Dropbox.

Rev Call Recorder
There are no advertisements.
You can freely save, share, and export recordings.
It's an excellent resource for journalists and more.
It only accepts registrations with a +1 country code.
You will need to pay an international fee to record Canada numbers.
Outgoing phone calls are internationally compatible.

Samsung Screen Recorder

Like the iPhone has the default iOS screen recorder, Samsung does have. The most intriguing and practical feature set of the Samsung Call Recorder is intended to make call recording easier for you. You can, for instance, share the tape with others, listen to it again, and annotate the chat as it happens. That means, with this tool, you will not need to install third-party tools anymore just to record a call on your Samsung. However, this tool’s features might not be enough for you.

Samsung Screen Recorder
You can automatically preserve the calls that you record.
When you record a new call, the previous recordings are automatically removed from the inbox folder.
The auto-on speaker option enhances the recording's voice quality.
Only Samsung cell phones are compatible with the call recorder application.
With this Samsung call recorder that is free, you cannot expect sophisticated features.
Occasionally, the app may generate recordings that are of poor quality.


TapeACall is an excellent Samsung call recorder with a number of outstanding features. With this application, you can easily record both incoming and outgoing calls, ensuring you never miss an essential conversation. What distinguishes it is its infinite call recording capacity, which allows you to preserve as many calls as you need without limitation.

TapeACall also makes it easier to transfer recordings to your computer or other devices, making it a dependable option for those looking for a complete call recording solution.

Cutting-edge Wi-Fi analysis.
Flexible installation options.
It ensures a smooth setup process based on your choices.
It has iCloud Sync Delays:

Automatic Call Recorder (ACR Call Recorder)

SMSROBOT's Automatic Call Recorder, formerly known as CallU provides a simple solution for recording Samsung phone calls. It exploits Accessibility permissions to record phone calls. We're not sure how it got around Google Play's new ban, yet it still works as of the time of writing. This one's setup is rather basic. You open the app, approve the permissions, grant it overlay and accessibility permissions, and it will automatically record your phone calls. The user interface is a touch awkward, but it works well and is simple to master.

Automatic Call Recorder
Eliminate undesired recorded chats quickly.
It logs all incoming and outgoing calls automatically.
Superior Sound Recording.
Privacy and legal issues.

Google Voice

An excellent place for new users to start is with Google Voice CallRecorder. The announcement that plays at the beginning and finish of the recording is something we can value. This implies that the app will function even if you forget to tell the participants that it is recording. That means, this tool will easily be used for recording your call on your Samsung device.

Google Voice
You may record on-demand and automatically using Google Voice.
This automatic call recorder is user-friendly and suitable for beginners.
To record calls, all you need is the relevant Google Voice license.
Only a few nations, including the USA and Canada, have access to the app.
To access the majority of the features, you must subscribe to the pricey-paid plan.

Cube Call Recorder

Cube ACR is an infamous call recorder that appears to work despite the Google Play prohibition. It accomplishes this via an App Connector plugin, which still offers accessibility permission but is not part of the core app. That means the entire thing is still available on Google Play and requires no further downloads. It's relatively simple to use. The software automatically records Samsung calls by default thus, the majority of the remaining settings are minor modifications.

Cube Call Recorder
It is called prioritization.
The app provides a user-friendly interface.
This software provides several recording settings.
Compatibility limitations with devices.

Blackbox Call Recorder

Cr's Blackbox Call Recorder is another useful Samsung call-recording app that is designed to record calls automatically. It has several features, like password protection, data backup to Google Drive, simple sorting, and the ability to exclude specific contacts from recordings. You may also set up an automated cleanup of old recordings and manually start recordings.

Blackbox Call Recorder
Google Drive and Blackbox Call Recorder work nicely together.
Its interface is rather simple and up-to-date.
It is ideal for recording both incoming and outgoing calls to use this simple call recorder.
Have issues with proximity sensors.

Part 2. Comparison of Best Samsung Call Recorder

Platform Price Money Back Guarantee Customer support Ease-to-use Interface Features Supported Output Formats Mode of Recording Audio Capture Hotkey/Shortcuts
Android and iOS $1.99 Not Applicable 8.0 9.0 8.0 1. Record voice and sound.
2. Transcribe recording.
3. Organize and share recordings.
MP3 Audio Recorder Internal and External Not Available
Android Free Not Applicable 9.0 9.0 9.5 Audio and Screen Recorder. MP3 and MP4. Audio Recorder Internal and External Not Available
Windows and macOS $9.99 7-day Money Back. 8.0 9.0 9.0 1. Transcript call.
2. Library storage.
MP3 and FLAC. Audio Recorder Internal and External Available
Android $14.99 30-day Money Back. 9.0 9.5 9.0 1. Transcription.
2. Record Library.
3. Editing Feature.
MP3 Audio Recorder. Internal and External Available
Android and iOS $10 Not Applicable 8.5 8.5 8.5 1. Call blockers.
2. Navigation of Recording.
3. Automatic call record.
MP3, WMA, M4A, ACC, and more. Audio recorder Internal and External. Not Available.
Windows $17.99 Not Applicable 8.5 8.5 8.5 1. Pure Audio.
2. Cloud backup.
3. Shake-to-mark.
MP3 and WAV. Audio Recorder Internal and External Not Available
Android Free Not Applicable 8.0 8.5 8.0 1. Whitelist Call.
2. Modern UI.
MP3 Audio Recorder. Internal. Not Available.

Part 3. FAQs about Best Samsung Call Recorder

Is it legal to record phone calls?

The majority of US states require at least one party's consent to record calls. Please also take note that the party making the call, in this case, can also offer consent. However, in other places, all-party consent is required before you click the recording button. Remember to check your local regulations before recording a phone call.

Does Samsung feature automatic call recording?

You may set your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to record all calls automatically. Depending on your preferences, you can record calls from all contacts in your phone book, specific contacts, or only unknown numbers. Launch the Phone app on your Samsung Galaxy handset.

Is the Samsung Voice Recorder safe?

In terms of children's safety, the Samsung Voice Recorder is widely regarded as safe for use. The app contains no explicit or improper content, and it does not request personal information or access to sensitive data such as contacts or location data.


The seven incredible recording apps for Samsung calls are really the best in terms of making the process possible. With this post, we learned their basic functions, pros, and cons. So by this moment, we are expecting you to choose what is best for you.

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