Image Capture on Mac

Guide to Transfer Images Using Image Capture on Mac

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Apple brands are the standard and trendsetters in terms of photos. This made almost everyone feel the need to have an Apple device. Whether owning the latest iPhone 15 or other models, it always produces superb photos that are Instagram-worthy and favorite memories. However, what if the photos were accidentally deleted permanently or, worse, stolen by someone since it is an iPhone? This is where transferring your images becomes essential, and the macOS has a built-in app that you can use. This post will guide you comprehensively in transferring your favorite photos using the Image Capture on Mac.

Image Capture on Mac
Part 1. What is Image Capture on Mac Part 2. How to Use Image Capture on Mac Part 3. Tip: Best Alternative to Screenshot on Mac Part 4. FAQs on Using Image Capture

Part 1. What is Image Capture on Mac

The Image Capture is a built-in app available to macOS, which is designed for scanning and transferring images from external resources such as iPhones, iPads, and other compatible devices. One of its best features is its simplicity in how you can share, organize, and adjust everything without feeling intimidated by complex interfaces like the other software out there.

Apart from this, Apple lovers were always amazed at how the app works fast and smoothly because everything can be detected just by connecting a USB cable to your Mac, which is a time saver, indeed. Therefore, below are the step-by-step procedures on how you can transfer iPhone images and other data utilizing Image Capture on Mac.

Part 2. How to Use Image Capture on Mac

There are two methods provided below on how you can utilize the Image Capture in your macOs. These include transferring and scanning images. Keep on reading to follow the full guide in each method.

Method 1. Utilizing Image Capture to Transfer Images


Start by launching and connecting your device to your Mac. Then, allow the Macbook to recognize your device and go to Image Capture.


Now look for the name of your smartphone from the Devices or Shared list. Then, choose the desired image that needs to be transferred.

Image Capture Selecting Devices

Next, click Import from the menu located at the bottom of the interface. Then, you have the option to choose where to store the image.


Lastly, click Other to store the images in a different location. Then, once selected the Folder, click Download if it only selected images or Download All for the entire images of the folder.

There you have it! as you can notice. The few steps are straightforward to follow. These steps were formulated for someone who needs to transfer and delete images from a smartphone to a Macbook. To ensure that favorite memories are saved to other devices.

Method 2. Utilizing Image Capture to Scan Images


Just like the first method, you have to connect the scanner to your Mac. Then, launch the Image Capture.


Next, select the Devices or Shared List button from the interface on the left. Then, click Scan below to start scanning images from your device.

Image Capture Scanning Images

There you go! Two steps are what you need in this method to scan your images and other files from your Macbook to ensure electronic backups. The app also allows users to adjust the settings and resolution of the image and can be organized to other locations from your Macbook.

Although using Image Capture on a Macbook is really convenient for you to transfer files and data to your Mac, it can’t do what its name suggest, capturing images on a Macbook . Therefore, we have looked at the best alternative Mac screen recorder for you to take a snap ! Just keep on reading to discover the tool and think of this as a bonus from us.

Part 3. Tip: Best Alternative to Screenshot on Mac

We can all agree on how frustrating it can be once the images on your Macbook suddenly go missing or the image that you took a screenshot of can not be located. These are the common issues of Macbook users every time they take a screenshot on their device. But worry no more! You can take advantage of the amazing features of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to take a screenshot on Mac. It has a straightforward interface that works smoothly, and of course, the resolution is superb, which is very suitable for the great graphics of the Macbook. Below are step-by-step instructions to use the tool efficiently.


First, install and download the superb Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to your Mac.


Next, click the Screen Capture button to take a screenshot of your screen. You can choose whether the entire screen or only the selected area by moving and adjusting the point.

Aiseesoft Snapshot

Lastly, you can now edit the image. Then, once satisfied, click Save to finalize the image and save it to your Mac.

Aiseesoft Edit and Save

That’s it, using the amazing Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to screenshot on your Mac without using Image Capture. These steps ensure that images are high-resolution and easy to find on your Mac.

Part 4. FAQs on Using Image Capture

Where can I find the Image Capture on my Mac?

Usually, the Image Capture is not available on the dock. It is always located on the Launchpad. Look for the Other folder.

Is Image Capture safe to use?

Yes, it is! Especially since it is an Apple product. In terms of privacy protection, Apple is the number one.

Is Image Capture free to use?

Of course it is! Image Capture is a built-in app that is available on your macOS and does not require subscriptions or any fee.

Why does Image Capture not recognize my device?

When encountering this kind of situation, all you need is to trust your Macbook from your iTunes, and that should fix the problem.

Is there a limit to the number of images that I can import using the app?

Image Capture does not have any limit restrictions towards the number of images or files that users import. However, it varies depending on the performance of your Macbook or the storage capabilities.


This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to use Image Capture on Mac. The two methods and alternatives were formulated to ensure that no problems arise. We hope you find the article helpful.

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