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Best Ways How to Take Screenshots on Lenovo Easily

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Lenovo laptops are known for their great processor and graphics, which makes the brand one of the most convenient to use, whether you are a student or a professional who needs something in your business, Lenovo almost does it all. It is one of the best performers in terms of battery life and great graphics. This is the exact reason why most Lenovo users love to capture the screen. However, if you are a new user and wonder how to screenshot on a Lenovo laptop, this article will be your best friend in exploring the best ways to screenshot for just a snap.

Screenshot on Lenovo
Part 1. How to Take Screenshots on Lenovo Part 2. Keyboard Shortcuts to Take Screenshots on Lenovo Part 3. FAQs on Taking Screenshots on Lenovo

Part 1. How to Take Screenshots on Lenovo

Method 1. Snipping Tool

Lenovo laptops have built-in tools that you can utilize to capture your great screen. The first one is the Snipping Tool, designed for capturing and editing your image. You capture full-screen, square, or freeform just using the built-in tool. Below are the steps that you can follow to use the Snipping Tool.


Go to the Start Menu and launch the Snipping Tool


Once the tool is open, click NEW to begin the screenshot. Then, move and adjust the selected area.


Now, the screenshot will be automatically taken and opened in the Snipping Tool window. Then, choose the FILE from the interface.


Lastly, click Save As so you can choose which location. Then, click the Save button after renaming the file.

Method 2. Snip & Sketch

The second tool that you can use on how to screenshot on a Lenovo laptop is utilizing Snip & Sketch which was designed specifically for Windows 10. It is a new and improved tool that allows users to be creative and annotate screenshots on Lenovo laptops. Below are the steps that you can follow to use the Tool.


First, click the Windows + Shift keys on your keyboard. Then, to open the Snip & Sketch, click the S key.

Windows Snip and Sketch

Next, click the NEW button. Then, in the upper corner are the options for the sizes of your screenshots whether full screen or freeform.

Windows Option Sizes

Now, for a freeform, use your mouse to select the preferred area. Then, once you select a mode, it will automatically take the screenshots.


Lastly, you can edit your screenshots using the additional features available on the above. Then, once satisfied, click the Save button from the interface.

Windows Additional Features

These easy steps from above should help you on how to take a screenshot on your Lenovo laptop. Both of the tools are built-in and available on your computer, so no need to pay and download anything. However, some users may find the tools lacking in terms of advanced features that should make your image fun and engaging. Therefore, the third method is the best software that we’ve found, so you don’t have to.

Method 3. Utilizing the superb Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

The superb Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a great tool that you can use to take screenshots on your HP laptop. Its advanced features allow users to do much more in its highest resolution, such as video recording, video gaming, and simply capturing your screen with no ease. The software knows no limits whether you are a MacOS or Windows user, and of course, this software has your back if you need to save the image on JPG, PNG, or GIF. That is why we prepared the simplest steps to capture your screen in high quality using this software.


First install and download the superb Aiseesoft Screen Recorder


Next, click the Screen Capture button to take a screenshot of your screen. You can choose whether the entire screen or only the selected area by moving and adjusting the point.

Aiseesoft Snapshot

Lastly, you can now edit the image. Then, once satisfied, click Save to finalize the image.

Aiseesoft Edit and Save

There you have it! And as you noticed this superb Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a simpler yet useful way to take a screenshot on your Lenovo laptop by simply utilizing the superb Aiseesoft Screen Recorder with high resolution. That makes you both creative and efficient, whether for professional or personal needs. It also perfoms well as an easy game recorder for your Lenovo laptops.

Part 2. Keyboard Shortcuts to Take Screenshots on Lenovo

Method 1. Screenshot using Windows 10


On your keyboard, click the PrtScn button. This will then copy your entire screen.

Lenovo PrtScn and Paste

Next, once you select the program, click CTRL + V. This will paste the image that you screenshot. Easy, right?

There you go! Only a few steps for the first method which only requires a second to capture your screen using Windows 10.

Method 2. Utilizing Alt and PrtSc button


First, open a window anywhere. Then, click Alt and PrtSc keys together.

Lenovo Keyboard Shortcuts

Lastly, choose a tool then press CTRL+V to paste it. Then, click CTRL + S to save the screenshot.

These keyboard-shortcuts should help users of Lenovo to make everything easier in capturing your screen like a snap.

Method 3. Capture the entire screen


First, click Windows + PrtScn together to take a screenshot on the entire screen. Then, go to the Pictures folder on your computer.

Windows and Print Screen Keys

Now go to the Screenshot folder and choose the image. Then, you can edit your image using another program to make it fancy and click Save once delighted.

These few steps on these methods will allow users to capture the entire screen of Lenovo laptop for just like snaps. It will only take two steps and that will saves time for everyone.

Method 4. Capturing selected areas of your screen


Now if you plan to capture only selected areas just click Windows + Shift + S . Then, move the pointer to your desired area

Windows and Print Screen Keys

Next go to the platforms or editing tool that you are working on. Then, click CTRL+V to paste the image.

The last method is essential especially for selecting only a selected areas of your screen, may it be for privacy purposes or any other reasons.

Part 3. FAQs on Taking Screenshot on Lenovo

Where can I see the PrtSc key?

It is usually located on the top row of the Lenovo laptop near F12

Is the Lenovo Laptop safe to use for screen capture?

Yes, Lenovo laptops are one of the most trusted brands that are safe to use.

Does Lenovo allow me to take screenshots while playing games?

Yes, and this is considered as one of the great features of lenovo considering the great graphics that the brand has.

Is there a tool that I can use for free?

The built-in tools on your windows are free. However, looking for an advanced features tool, you can look online alternativers or check some of the best screen recorders for Windows.

Is the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder safe to use?

Yes, It is free and safe to use with no hidden bugs.


This article has provided the best ways on how to take a screenshot using the Lenovo brand. Utilizing the built-in tools and recommending the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder that will help you be productive and creative. I hope this guide helps you to save time in exploring your new Lenovo device.

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