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2. Delete a Pinterest Account
3. Recover Pinterest Account
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Full Guide to Delete Pinterest Account

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People use Pinterest to discover new recipes, home design ideas, and even entertaining places to visit. Pinterest has over 100 million regular users, with women accounting for 85% of all users. However, if you are no longer interested in sharing photographs on Pinterest, canceling your account may be a smart option. Deleting your Pinterest account is a permanent step, so make sure you want to remove your profile and boards before proceeding. As a result, continue reading this post to discover how to delete your Pinterest account step by step.

How to Delete Pinterest Account
Part 1. What Happens If I Delete My Pinterest Account Part 2. How to Delete a Pinterest Account Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Pinterest Account Part 4. FAQs about How to Delete a Pinterest Account

Part 1. What Happens If I Delete My Pinterest Account

You will have 14 days to reconsider your decision after clicking the confirmation link in your email. After 14 days, everything related to your Pinterest account, from your data to your public profile material, will be destroyed. Even the business accounts associated with the deleted profile will be erased. After that, you will be unable to retrieve your account or data.

Overall, you cannot remove your previous Pinterest account without checking in for security reasons. However, after you've signed in with your credentials, you may quickly deactivate the account. If you don't mind losing all of your stored data, profile pictures, public boards, and other stuff, don't be afraid to click the Delete button!

Part 2. How to Delete a Pinterest Account

Method 1: Delete Pinterest on the Computer

Here is the go-to procedure if the user wants to delete their Pinterest account; kindly follow the steps below and ensure that you follow them right to avoid any problems.


Please go to and sign in to your account.


Now, to open the menu, click the down-pointing arrow symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Settings.


After that, please select Account Management from the left-hand menu. Then, under Account changes, choose Delete account. Finally, please select Continue to finish the process.

Pinterest Delete Account

Remember that your account will not be deleted right away. The management will give you a 14-day chance whenever you change your mind about deleting it. That means in 14 days, you can recover your account. After that, your account will be deleted forever. So if you have uploaded some videos to Pinterest, then you can download Pinterest videos first.

Method 2: Delete Pinterest Without Logging In

As previously stated, you cannot remove a Pinterest account without first checking in. However, this is an excellent security measure. Otherwise, evil hackers would have had little trouble deleting accounts. The good news is that you can remove your account after you've logged in. And it's a lot easier than getting ready for a party! It takes only a few minutes on a desktop or a mobile device. Have you, on the other hand, completely forgotten your login credentials?

That is understandable, given the age of the account. Pinterest offers several viable alternatives for recovering your password or login. If you can't remember your password, follow these instructions.


Please click the Login button in the top right corner of the Pinterest site. From there, choose Forgot your password? link, where you enter your login information.


Enter your email address or username for the account and click the Search button. When your account appears, click This is me, and a password reset link will be emailed to your email address.


To reset your Pinterest password, open your email and click the link.

Pinterest Forgot Password

Note: After you recover your Pinterest account, you can now follow method 1 below and follow each step.

Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Pinterest Account

Recovering your Pinterest account can only be possible within the 14 days they gave us after we decided to delete our account. That means the steps below will be effective if you do it before permanently deleting your account. Kindly see the steps below.


Enter your original email address and password, then click the Log in button. Pinterest will now send you an email to reactivate your account.


Now, please click the Reactivate your account button in the reactivation email.


Access your account now. You should be able to access Pinterest again after doing these steps.

Pinterest Recover Account

Remember that recovering your account is easy, yet it will not be possible if the 14 days time is gone. If you run out of time, you better create a new account rather than recover it.

Pinterest can bring you more benefits, even make money, so you should think twice before deleting it.

Part 4. FAQs about How to Delete a Pinterest Account

Why is my Pinterest account private?

If you've adjusted your privacy settings in this manner, your Pinterest account may be set to private. Only approved followers can view your Pins and boards if you have a private Pinterest account. In the account settings area, you may change your account's privacy settings.

Why did Pinterest deactivate my account?

Pinterest reserves the right to terminate your account for various reasons, including breaches of their community rules or terms of service. Spamming, uploading unlawful information, or participating in questionable behaviors are all common causes. Contact Pinterest's support staff to revive your account or for further information.

Does Pinterest delete inactive accounts?

Pinterest does not normally deactivate dormant accounts, although its terms of service maintain the ability to do so. To keep your account active, log in regularly and interact with the platform to demonstrate your continuous interest.

How long does it take to delete a Pinterest account?

Deleting a Pinterest account normally involves only a few steps and may be completed quickly. When you request that your account be deleted, Pinterest usually gives you a grace period of about 14 days, during which you can change your mind and revive your account. Your account and all data will be permanently destroyed after this period. Because the exact time may differ, it is critical to follow Pinterest's recommendations during the deletion process.

When I remove my Pinterest account, what happens to my data?

When you deactivate your Pinterest account, all your data on the site, including your Pins, boards, and profile information, is permanently deleted. Before beginning the deletion procedure, back up any content or information you want to save. Pinterest may retain some of your data briefly to improve its services, but it will not be visible to other users.


If you follow the procedures outlined, removing a Pinterest account is simple, and this applies to both personal and corporate accounts. However, remember to download and preserve essential boards and pins from your account if you believe you'll need them in the future. Share this guide with someone who needs it, too!

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