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How to Send a Fake Location Effectively in 3 Easy Ways

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Understanding the importance of GPS location and its impact on personal privacy is essential in today's digital world. By sharing your location, you are opening up yourself to reveal personal information, which can be concerning. However, there may be times when you want to send a fake location to protect your privacy or have a bit of fun. In this full guide, we will share proven techniques and step-by-step methods on how to send a fake location on iPhone and Android devices discreetly and with ease. By learning these skills, you can safeguard your personal information while still enjoying the benefits of technology. Let's explore how to send a fake location with enthusiasm.

Send a Fake Location
Part 1. 3 Ways to Send a Fake Location on iPhone and Android Part 2. FAQs about How to Send a Fake Location

Part 1. 3 Ways to Send a Fake Location on iPhone and Android

To change the location on your iPhone or Android device, you can trick your phone into thinking you are in a different place than you actually are. This is called spoofing. When you spoof your GPS location, all location-based apps on your phone will be fooled. There are different reasons why someone might want to send a fake GPS location. For example, sharing your real location can make you vulnerable to criminals. Additionally, some players in games need to fake their locations to get virtual objects. This guide will show you how to send a fake location on your smartphone.

Method 1. Easy-Breezy Way to Send a Fake Location on iPhone

The best and easiest way to send a fake location on an iPhone is to download the great software AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer. This tool is user-friendly and can be used on your PC or Mac to modify your GPS location data to any location you choose. The best part is that it doesn’t require you to install any applications on your device. The well-designed interface makes it easy for beginners to learn how to use it quickly, even if they lack technical skills. Give it a try now.


Open the leading iPhone spoofing tool after you install it on your PC. Tap the Start button, and connect your device to the computer using a cable. Click the Trust button on your phone when a pop-up window appears after connecting.

Free Download Free Download

In order to send a fake location on your iPhone, tap Modify Location, and a map will be shown. From here, you can input an address into the box in the Modify Location dialog. Tap on the Confirm Modify button to change your iPhone location right away.


If you do not have an exact address, select an area on the map. Once done, hit the Move to button, and your iPhone GPS location is changed.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer

The process is quite simple. Now, go back to your iPhone and open your desired app. Then, you can send a fake location using this software, which is available for most services and apps, including iMessage and WhatsApp, without the need for jailbreak. Furthermore, you can also use this software to create fake routes and explore other features.

Method 2. How to Send Fake Locations on Android

One way to fake your GPS location on an Android phone is also by using a spoofing app, such as FakeGPS location. The app is free to download from the Play Store and available for Android 6.0 and later. Below are the steps on how to use it to fake a location on Android:


First, you need to activate developer mode on your device. To do this, open the Settings of your device. Locate down and tap on About Phone or Software Information. Then, find the Build Number option and tap on it seven times consecutively.

Enable Developer Option Android

After enabling Developer Options, you can turn on the Allow Mock Locations option from there. Note that to use GPS spoofing or location-changing apps on Android, you must enable mock locations in your device's settings. This feature is necessary for most apps that set virtual locations on Android, including VPNs.

Enable Mock Location Android

Now, download and run the Fake GPS location app from the Google Play Store. Select your desired location by moving the pin on the map or entering an exact address in the search bar.

Fake GPS Location App Android

Through this simple process, you can send a fake location on Android via any application, like WhatsApp, Google Maps, and other social media platforms.

Method 3. Send Someone a Fake Location via VPN

It's actually simple to fake your device's location using a VPN. You can establish a connection with a server of your preference and launch any application that you desire. This will allow you to browse the location as if you were physically present there. If you want to send someone a fake location using a VPN, follow these steps:


Install and run a VPN app on your device and select a new IP address to change your location.


To connect to the VPN, toggle the button or click Connect or Quick Connect.


Then, open your desired app and refresh the page. There it is - your IP address and location have been changed successfully.

Send Someone a Fake Location via VPN

There are several VPN services available that not only provide traditional IP address masking but also impressive location-changing capabilities. By swapping your actual IP address with the server's, VPNs can alter your location and hide your real location, displaying a fake one instead.

In today's world, where digital privacy is of utmost importance, the ability to send a fake location is an invaluable skill. Whether you want to protect yourself from potential threats or enhance your gaming experiences, spoofing your GPS location on your iPhone or Android device can open up a world of possibilities. The methods shared here will empower you to send fake locations with ease and seamlessly.

Part 2. FAQs about How to Send a Fake Location

How do you send fake locations on WhatsApp in iOS without jailbreak?

As mentioned above, you can use our top-notch software, AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer, which can fake your location on many apps, including WhatsApp, without the need for a jailbreak. With just a few clicks, this easy-to-use application allows you to change your location to anywhere in the world. This is the best solution for you to send fake locations on WhatsApp in iOS without jailbreak.

How do you send a fake location on iMessage?

If you want to send a fake location on iMessage, you have two options. The choice of whether to jailbreak your iOS device depends on your version of iOS and personal preferences. Jailbreaking means removing your device from the iOS default system, which can be risky, so many people choose not to do it. If you don’t want to jailbreak your device, you can use another excellent tool, Aiseesoft AnyCoord, which lets you change your GPS location with one click.

How do you send fake locations on WhatsApp in Android?

You can use apps like Fake GPS Location to send fake your location on WhatsApp for Android. Other suitable apps can also be used, as the process is similar.

Is it possible to fake your location on an iPhone without using a third-party app?

No, Apple strictly regulates location settings on iOS devices, and users cannot fake their locations. The only way to change your location or create virtual routes is by using an additional app.

Can I track the email sender’s location?

It is indeed possible to track the location of the person who sent an email. In Gmail, you can simply open the email and look for the three-dot icon in the top right corner. Once you find it, click on it and select the Show Original option from the context menu. This will track the email sender’s location.


The article discusses how to send fake locations on smartphones, both iPhone and Android. It covers different methods using software like AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer for iPhone users and FakeGPS location for Android users. Additionally, it explains how VPNs can alter IP addresses and locations effectively. These methods prioritize user privacy, safety, and gaming experiences by enabling easy manipulation of location-sharing on various apps and platforms. Thank you for reading!

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