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How to Spoof Pokemon Go Location and Best Locations

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Pokémon GO is a game released in 2016 that blends Virtual Reality or VR and Artificial Intelligence or AI to provide the greatest user experience possible. It quickly became popular, and millions worldwide are still playing it today. However, you may become tired with the place you are now in, so here's an updated list of the greatest Pokemon Go locations and coordinates with numerous Pokestops and Pokemon. We also provide the finest method for Doing Pokémon Go Spoofing with Coordinates. Please proceed to explore this review now.

Spoof Pokemon Go Location
Part 1. Best Pokemon Go Locations Part 2. How to Spoof Pokemon Go Location Part 3. FAQs about Spoof Pokemon Go Location

Part 1. Best Pokemon Go Locations

Pokémon abound and are scarce in different parts of the world. For example, the ideal locations for Pokémon Go faking are those where players can discover the most and best Pokémon. You may locate high-ranking Pokémon by selecting the optimal area to catch them. For that, here are the top seven locations for Pokemon Go.

Pier 39, San Francisco

San Francisco is the finest site to parody Pokémon GO, with the historic Pier 39 in San Francisco being an ideal location for capturing Pokémon. Because this place is on the water, players have a good chance of obtaining rare water Pokémon.

Pier 39, San Francisco

Zaragoza, Spain

On PokemonGoSpoofing Reddit posts, Zaragoza is the most suggested Pokemon GO location to spoof; users report it's baited, raids fill quickly, and the shiny rate appears greater. Someone caught 60 shiny ones there in a month, including a shiny Articuno and a shining Mewtwo.

Zaragoza, Spain

Central Park, New York

There are usually plenty of Pokémon to capture in New York's famed Central Park. The most prevalent Pokémon in this region is the well-known Pikachu. Every day, hundreds of people visit Central Park to unwind and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, so it's no surprise that it would be an ideal location for spoofing Pokémon GO.

Central Park, New York

Big Ben, London, UK

Big Ben or the Savoy Hotel in London, UK, are the top Pokémon GO spoofing locations. Rare Pokémon like Axew, Dieno, Unown, Chimecho, Tirtouga, Archen, and Goomy may be found here.

Big Ben, London, UK

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is another excellent location for spoofing Pokémon GO in the United States. Pokémon can be found flying and moving over historical sculptures and relics.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Circular Quay, Sydney

Circular Quay is Sydney's top Pokemon GO location for spoofing Pokemon, and every visitor spends a significant amount of time wandering around the area.

Circular Quay, Sydney

The State Library of Victoria Melbourne in, Australia

This place is also a great Pokemon place to mimic Pokémon GO, with many Pokémon roaming about. While exploring the State Liberty of Victoria, you can locate many uncommon Pokémon.

The State Library of Victoria Melbourne in, Australia

Part 2. How to Spoof Pokemon Go Location

Method 1: Best Spoofing Tool- AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer

We can start with the most recommendable tool for spoofing the location of our Pokemon Go. AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer brings us the most comprehensive and safest features we need. This program is both strong and user-friendly. This program may be used to impersonate your location for security and privacy purposes, to meet new people on social media, to match with varied individuals on dating apps, and to deceive your phone while playing location-based games such as Pokémon GO. TailorGo can be used on iOS devices to meet your location needs.

Free Download Free Download

Install the great AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer on your computer. This will help us change the location of our Pokemon Go.


To spoof your Pokemon Go’s location, click the Start button. Then, you must use your USB to connect your iOS to the computer. On your iPhone, see the pop-up tab; please hit the Trust button.

AnyMP4 iPhone GSP Spoofer Start

After that, pick the Modify Location option. This button will show up together with a map.

AnyMP4 iPhone GSP Spoofer Modify My Location

Now. you will notice a map when accessing the location-changing interface. Then, you may choose a location that can benefit you from catching a Pokemon. You can consider the seven locations we put above. After that, please click on it with your mouse and click Move to.

AnyMP4 iPhone GSP Spoofer Map

You may also type the name of the place in the box in the top-left corner of the UI. To modify the location of your Pokemon Go, please click Confirm Modify after selecting the location.

With those simple steps, we can say these tools offer everything we need. From the simplicity of the process to the effectiveness of features. Indeed, there is no reason to doubt this program.

Method 2: Using the ExpressVPN App for Android

For Android users. ExpressVPN is a useful tool for this situation.


Choose a trustworthy VPN service. We need to Install a GPS spoofing application.


Connect to your preferred VPN server location. Then, from there, Pokemon Go may be downloaded and played.


Investigate your new surroundings and hunts. Best wishes for capturing Pokemon in new virtual locales! Choose the location you want.

Express VPN Android

That may seem easy to use, yet some users say that this tool fails to give the expected performance. There are also times when you will need to repeat the process.

Method 3: Via BluStacks

BlueStacks, a popular Android emulator, is frequently the primary choice for playing Pokemon Go on a PC. However, spoofing your location is a bit more difficult. To modify your location, install Pokemon Go on BlueStacks and launch another specialized location spoofer.


You must first install a location spoofer app. Search for and install Fake GPS from BlueStacks' Play Store.


Start the spoofer and finish the setup process. To use the app, activate Developer Mode in your phone's settings and then pick Fake GPS from the pick Mock Location option.

Bluestacks Fake GPS Location

Launch the app and go to any location on the map. This will be implemented automatically in Pokemon Go.

Bluestacks Developer Options

The tool is somehow effective, yet BlueStacks has several stability concerns. Look at some typical difficulties you may encounter: Safety and Crashing. You can risk it and know if it is worth it.

Part 3. FAQs about Spoof Pokemon Go Location

Is it possible to spoof in Pokemon Go 2023?

Tenorshare iAnyGo: Tenorshare iAnyGo, available for both iOS and Android, is an excellent spoofing tool if you're tired of playing Pokemon Go in your city. You may change your GPS location to anywhere you like, including another nation.

How can you locate Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

The Nearby screen, which displays what Pokémon you may find nearby, either in the wild or at Gyms, is one of the most dependable ways to discover certain Pokémon. Tap the bar in the bottom right corner of the Map View to discover which Pokémon are nearby.

Is it possible to spoof in Pokemon Go without being banned?

There is no failsafe, risk-free method of spoofing in Pokemon Go. Niantic strives to identify and prevent spoofing, and its anti-cheat techniques are routinely updated. Any method to fake your location may result in penalties, including account suspension.

What is spoofing in Pokemon Go, and why do players use it?

Spoofing in Pokemon Go is the technique of faking or changing your device's GPS position to seem to be at a different physical area than you actually are. Spoofing is used by players for a variety of purposes, including accessing Rare Pokemon, Gym Battles and Raids, and avoiding travel stress.

Are there real spoofing alternatives for Pokemon Go players?

Yes, there are acceptable ways to improve your Pokemon experience that do not include spoofing: Travel to different locales to capture Pokemon, explore new regions, and engage in local activities to get into the spirit of the game. Join local Pokemon Go groups to interact with other players, discuss advice, and plan raids and events.


Those are the details we need to learn to spoof the location of Pokemon Go. We can also see some incredible places where we can catch great Pokemon. However, we also discovered that spoofing Pokemon Go might lead us into something negative. That is why we can also use AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer. This tool helps you to spoof without danger.

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