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How to Find My Current Location and Near Place

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Are you not sure where you are right now? Or do you wonder what the eateries you can visit near your location are? That is perfect! The reason why you need to find or track your current location is to know the exact place or address and to find something interesting near you. For that reason, below, we will show you some solutions, steps, and tips in order to find your current location quickly using a mobile device. If you are excited to know the solutions, please proceed to read the article below!

1. How Can I Know My Current Location 2. How to Find the Places Near My Current Location 3. How to Change My Current Location 4. FAQs of My Current Location

1. How Can I Know My Current Location

There are moments when you know where you are but do not know exactly where you are. Also, do you ever find yourself missing and forgetting directions? It is quite funny, right? Or, sometimes, it gives you nerve-racking because you do not know how to go home safely. For that reason, many solutions are available to see and know where your current location is, and you will see them in the next part.

See My Current Location Using Mobile Device

These days, from youngest to oldest, they have mobile devices. Due to the new technology, a lot of people have their own phones. Well, that is a good advantage for our topic. Why?

Whenever you are in a place you are not familiar with, you can use a mobile device to know exactly where you are. In this part, we will use a mobile device, specifically an iPhone, to know the present location. Let us proceed to the steps below.


Open your device or iPhone and find the Maps from the Navigation Folder or where your Map app is.

My Current Location Maps

Click the Map, and it will automatically show your location. Google Maps will provide a Location Icon for you to recognize where you are. Then, you can Zoom In on the location where you are.

My Current Location Icon

You will see the My Location Tab, and you can swipe it up to see more options. Upon clicking the More button, you can choose from the options, such as Add to Guides, Add to Favorites, and Report an Issue.

My Current Location Tabs

That is how you find ‘My Current Location Address’ using a mobile device and Google Maps. It is very handy, right? Moreover, possibly, you can see the Directions button on the My Location Tab. However, you cannot get directions from the same location.

Furthermore, you can also see the Share button on the My Location tab. Yes, you can share your current location with your contacts. We have an article about How to Share Location on Android and iPhone, and maybe you are interested to read it also just in case you need it. We hope you learned a lot in this part!

2. How to Find the Places Near My Current Location

Since summer is finally approaching, you might plan a vacation trip. For that reason, you will find good places to spend your vacation and relax. Supposing you are in a place away from home, you are unfamiliar with it.

Therefore, you must find a place to eat because a vacation is incomplete without eating or a food trip. I bet you will agree! So, we have a solution for that! You can search using your mobile phone ‘fast food near my current location’ or ‘subway near my current location.’ To do that, let us proceed to the solution steps!

Find a Place Near My Current Location on iPhone


Open your iPhone and go to the Navigation Folder. In that, you will see the Maps, Weather, Stocks, Podcasts, Wallet, and Fitness. Now, click the Maps.

My Current Location Navigation Folder Maps

After that, you will see where your current location is. Now, you will notice the Tab at the bottom of the screen. Then, you will see the Search Maps Icon.

My Current Location Search Maps Icon

Type ‘fast food near me’ on the Searching Icon and click the Search button. After that, the maps will expand, and Google Maps will show you all the fast foods near you.

My Current Location Searching Icon

Then, you can tap the fast food you want to go to, and below, you will see the details, like the Minutes, Websites, and More buttons.

My Current Location Minutes Websites More

That is it! There is no doubt that by using the iPhone and Google Maps, searching for food will be easier. In addition, if you want to get the Direction to the fast food you select, click the Car Icon, and the Map will Zoom In on the place and show you the Directions.

Furthermore, you have the option to choose if you will Drive, Walk, Transit, Cycle, or Ride Share. Below that, you will see the exact minutes of the trip. Once you are decided, tap the GO button. It is very quick and convenient, right? Whenever you need a guide, do not hesitate to consider the steps below.

3. How to Change My Current Location

Changing location is easy if you use the correct tool to change your location. After knowing where your current location is and searching for other places, let us now proceed to change your location.

Again, you will change your location quickly if you will use the right tool. In other words, using some tools might take you so long to change location. So, the question is, how can you change your location effectively?

Well, you are in the right article! In this part, you will be familiar with Aiseesoft AnyCoord, the number one location and GPS changer. The good thing about this tool is it offers three modes: One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode.

Moreover, it also offers Customize Speeds. What does it mean? This feature will help you know if your iPhone changes location at different speeds. If that happens, you can customize your iPhone speed by dragging the speed bar and moving to various speeds up to 50m/s. So much with that, let us start with the step using Joystick Mode:

Free Download Free Download

In the main interface of Aiseesoft AnyCoord, you will see the Modify Location, One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode. Select the Joystick Mode.

My Current Location Joystick Mode

Use your mouse or keyboard to control the moving route of your iPhone to change your location. Tip: If you want to use the keyboard to control the route, select Free Mode. On the other contrary, if you want to use the mouse to control the route, select Mouse Mode.

My Current Location Free Mode Mouse Mode

Above is the information on how to easily change your GPS or location. Do you now agree that Aiseesoft AnyCoord can help you with your problems regarding location? Moreover, Aiseesoft AnyCoord offers a free download and trial version. So, try it now!

4. FAQs of My Current Location

What does My Current Location Mean?

Current Location simply describes your recent location. For example, there is one place you are unfamiliar with, and you are there, it means that is your current location. In addition, if you want to know your current location, you can use the above information and use them as a guideline to see your current location.

Can I track my current location to home?

Of course, you can. Provided that you have a mobile device or computer. In addition, make sure you have Google Maps or any type of navigation tool to track your location and get directions from your current location to your home. Also, if you want to get rid of the location track, you can refer to this post.

Can I see my current location without an internet connection?

It depends. Some maps or apps allow users to download and use the directions offline. However, for some maps or apps, it is impossible to track your current location without the use of an internet or data connection. Therefore, we highly suggest that everyone use an internet connection while using Maps, especially Google Maps, to avoid some problems.


At last! We are finished sharing the solution and steps to know your current location. With the help of this How-To article, we become aware that you can find your current location and fast food near you using a mobile device. Also, after using Aiseesoft AnyCoord, it is easier now to change your location. To end this article, we hope you learned a lot, and we will help you on our next upload!

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