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Catch Ditto the Pokemon: Gonna Catch Them All with Ease

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As someone fond of Pokemon Go, Pokemon Series, or Pokemon Mangga, it is for sure that we are all familiar with the cute Pokemon Ditto! This cute little creature has a unique ability to copy. imitate, mimic other Pokemon. That means if you use it, the tendency is you can copy the enemy's Pokemon and conquer the battle easily.

No wonder many Pokemon Go users wanted to know the location of Ditto Pokemon to catch it easily. In that case, we heard your cry because this article proposes to show you how we can do it! Please continue reading until the end!

Catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go
Part 1. Ways to Catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go Part 2. FAQs about How to Catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go

Part 1. Ways to Catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go

Method 1: AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer

We shall start with the best way to catch Ditto Pokemon! We all understand that you want to secure it with ease! That is why AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer is here to help! As a Pokemon Go fan, we know that the game is biased regarding giving Pokemon. As we become more specific, certain great Pokemon are only found within certain cities, mostly the legendary Pokemon and other creatures with special abilities like Ditto.

That is why AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer helps us to change the locations of our mobile devices and go to the places where we can catch Ditto even though we are now physically going to the venue. Are you excited to know how? Then, come on, let us do it now.


Get the incredible AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer now for free and install it with your computer.

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From there, we shall explore the tool's interface and find the Start button. Then, we need to allow our iOS to be connected to your computer using the USB Cable to proceed. You will now be notified that a window will appear on your iOS device. Please hit the Trust button as we continue the process.

AnyMP4 iPhone GSP Spoofer Start

We are now proceeding with the next step. Please click the Modify Location. This button will allow you to change the location of your device. From there, you need to Pin the specific location you want to be in. Alternatively, we can now search for the location you want and select it immediately.

AnyMP4 iPhone GSP Spoofer Modify my Location

Note: It is e recommended to choose locations where Ditto Pokemon are located. You can choose New York, Australia, and Osaka, Japan.


At this moment, we are now about to verify the location we want. We only need to click the Confirm Modify button as we proceed. Then, we go to the Pokemon Go app on our mobile device and see the updated location to catch Ditto, the Mimic Pokemon.

AnyMP4 iPhone GSP Spoofer Map

There you have it! You will surely catch Ditto easily and have a great battle. See, changing the location on your iPhone is very easy and effective. It is also the best way to fake our location on Pokemon Go to catch Pokemon found in a specific location. Try it now, and be amazed at the result. Find the best locations on Pokemon Go to catch more ditto quickly.

Method 2: Go to Wild and Manually look for Ditto

In Pokemon Go, Ditto can be spotted in the wild, masquerading as other species. Players will not realize they have captured a Ditto until they successfully capture a Pokemon and watch it change. Manually speaking, Ditto will be caught in the wild. To do this, let us follow the steps below.


Please open the Pokemon App and go around the nearest wild location in your home.


From there, continue venturing until you find one.


Once you find Ditto, click Catch or Battle to win it immediately.

Catch Ditto Manually

While there is no definite way to obtain a Ditto immediately, players can use consumables such as Incense and Lures to boost their chances. Finally, knowing all of Ditto's disguises is the best approach to catching one. Players may use this information to check the Pokemon Radar in the lower right corner to see whether they're close to any of those Pokemon. However, changing the location of your iOS will be an effective way to catch Pokemon effectively.

Method 3: Go to the Ditto’s Locations

The most proper way to do this is to go to the locations where Ditto can be found. Since Ditto is a mimic Pokemon, we can also find some that can be Ditto. Some of the Pokemon we can also find and hope that it is Ditto are:

◆ Starly

◆ Roggenrola

◆ Diggle

◆ Grimer

◆ Tympole

◆ Litleo

◆ Snubbull

◆ Corphish

Part 2. FAQs about How to Catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go

Which lure draws Ditto in?

The easiest method is using Pokemon GO Incense or a Lure Module on a PokeStop or Gym. These goods enhance the number of Pokemon on the world map, which means more encounters and chances to find a Ditto. In addition, the in-game item Incense and the Weather Boost feature can be used.

What Pokemon Go tasks offer you a Ditto?

Ditto can be obtained by completing specific tasks, such as the September 2021 Research Breakthrough and the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research mission.

How can you determine whether a Pokemon is a Ditto before catching it?

There is nothing physically differentiating a Ditto from other Pokémon. However, if a Pokémon that is normally simple to capture is causing you trouble, it may be a Ditto. This is due to Ditto's decreased catch rate, although it will conceal its catch ring colors with the Pokémon Species it is impersonating.

Where does Ditto procreate the most?

We have found that the tower near Porto Marinada is the ideal site to find Ditto on a regular basis. This location is shown on the map below: Go to this tower and begin battling Pokémon. Murkrow and Grimer can absolutely pass for Ditto, so start there.

Where does Ditto procreate the most?

The challenge of identifying Ditto in the game arises from its unique ability to mimic and disguise itself as other Pokémon. This enigmatic creature possesses a remarkable talent for shape-shifting, making it incredibly elusive and intriguing for Pokémon trainers. Ditto's chameleon-like capabilities allow it to seamlessly blend into its surroundings, transforming into the appearance of various Pokémon species. As a result, when players encounter Pokémon in the game, they can never be entirely certain if they have stumbled upon a genuine Pokémon or if it's, in fact, a cleverly concealed Ditto.


That’s everything we need to know about the incredible Ditto Pokemon. We can see some ways to catch the great Ditto Pokemon. We can see that the two manual methods above might take us time and effort before we achieve the goal. Yet, with AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer, we can make it for an instant even though you are lying on your bed. That is why you can make it now and catch Ditto easily!

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