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How to Take a Screenshot on Dell: Best Tool and Hotkey

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Most Dell laptops have a Print Screen key on the keyboard, which allows you to capture anything on your screen and save it to your clipboard. However, the process of obtaining a screenshot differs greatly amongst Dell models. The Windows operating system you're using can also influence how you take a screen capture. For that, in this post, we will go over the keyboard shortcuts that work on most Dell desktop and laptop computers, as well as how to utilize the best screen capture tool to take a screenshot on your computer. For that, we shall now give you the best ways to screenshot on a Dell laptop easily.

Screenshot on Dell
Part 1. Best Way How to Screenshot on Dell Part 2. Ways Screenshot on Dell Part 3. FAQ about Screenshot on Dell

Part 1. Best Way How to Screenshot on Dell

We will now discuss the best approach to take a screenshot on your Dell laptop for utilizing the best tool. Good thing that Aiseesoft Screen Recorder has a superb capability for capturing our screen, and this tool is freely available for Dell laptops. This tool provides the highest quality outputs. Furthermore, it includes excellent built-in editing capabilities that can be used to improve the photographs we shoot. This allows us to add annotations, text, symbols, and more. Let us now see the capabilities of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder in making screenshots on our Dell devices. Please see these simple steps to follow.


In the first step, please ensure to get the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your Dell laptop.

Free Download Free Download

Now, install the software on your device. Then open it quickly. From there, see its main interface with its key features. That means, on the interface, allow yourself to click the button with Screen Capture. This feature will allow us to take screenshots on our Dell screen.


At this moment, the tool will give you tools to choose certain parts of the screen that you want to capture. We only need to set the portion of the screen using the tool. Once you are done, release it.


After that, doing all of these steps will now lead you to a small tab that includes all the options and features that we can use in enhancing or saving the screenshots we create. That is right, you can edit your image or click Save if you are good to go.

That is the leading tool in capturing our screen whenever devices we are using. That is why this tool is suitable for Dell users since it can really provide enormous features for Windows users.

Part 2. Ways Screenshot on Dell

Method 1: Hotkeys of Dell

Like any laptop out there, Dell also possesses hotkeys that can allow us to do a certain process with ease. This is applicable for taking a screenshot since Dell offers you a quick way to capture your entire screen. See below how we can do it.


On a Dell, different keyboard shortcuts produce different types of screenshots, and the combination you need to employ may vary from model to model. To capture everything on your screen in one shot, press Win + PrtScr.

Dell Control and V

After that, the image is usually copied to your clipboard rather than being saved as an image file. To access the screenshot, open an image editing tool, such as Microsoft Paint, and paste it into a new image window using the Ctrl and V keys.

Dell Win and Prnt

Additionally, in some Windows versions, the process saves screenshots as image files rather than a clipboard. To find them, open File Explorer, browse to Pictures, and then Screenshots.

See, Dell is no different from other Windows OS laptops that we are using. That is why capturing using its hotkey is also similar to it. However, some features are lacking, like annotations, adding text, and more. If it happens that you need those features, then for sure you will need another tool to make it possible.

Method 2: Clipping Tool of Windows

In the next process, the clipping tool is a must if we want to capture a certain portion of our screen. This process is also an infamous way of making a screenshot for any Windows OS, and Dell is included there. See below the details that we are talking about.


To launch it, click Windows Start and type Snipping Tool into the search box, then select Snipping Tool from the search results.

Snipping Tool Search

Now, we need to select a mode. Click the Mode menu in the Snipping Tool toolbar. Then, from there, we can choose: Free-form Snip allows you to design a selection in any shape and then create a screenshot from it. Rectangular Snip allows you to take a screenshot of a rectangular selection. Window Snip captures a particular window, and Full-screen Snip catches the whole screen.

Snipping Tool Mode

After you have taken your screenshot, select the Save Snip button. Use the Save As box to name your snip, select your favorite file type, and specify a location for the saved snapshot.

Snipping Tool Save Snip

See, the snipping tool is a built-in tool on our Windows laptop that can help us capture our screen easily. It is also available on your Dell, which is why you can freely use it anytime you want.

In this way, you can also easily screenshot Firefox, Chrome, and more, apart from the desktop screen.

Part 3. FAQ about Screenshot on Dell

How to create a custom screenshot on Dell?

Press the Windows key, the Shift key, and the S key at the same time. Your screen will shrink, and your cursor will convert to a crosshair. Select the area of your screen that needs to be captured. A thumbnail will appear on your PC screen where the Cut saved to the clipboard is composed.

Why can't I snap a screenshot from my Dell laptop?

Your screenshot feature might not be enabled. If that is the case, we need to Check your settings. To make it, please go to Windows Settings and make sure the Screenshots option is enabled. After that, to accomplish this, we need to navigate to Settings and then see the Ease of Access. From there, click Keyboard and access Use the PrtScn button to open screen snipping. Lastly, we need to make sure the Clipboard is chosen.

Where do screenshots go in Windows?

Your screen will briefly dim to signify that you have taken a screenshot, which will be saved in the computer’s folder of Pictures. From there, we only need to access the Screenshots folder and then freely locate the screenshot you took a while ago. On the other hand, once recorded, a screenshot is automatically copied to your computer's clipboard. You can then paste the screenshot into a document, email, file, or image editor such as Paint.

Is there an integrated tool for modifying screenshots on Dell computers?

Yes, Dell PCs frequently include pre-installed software such as Paint or Snip & Sketch for basic editing. You can also utilize third-party applications such as Snagit or Adobe Photoshop to perform more advanced editing. Yet if you are looking for an all-in-one tool to use in making a screenshot on Dell with editing features, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is all you need because it offers high-quality screenshot features. It also comes with a built-in image editor that you can use right after you take the image.

Can I screenshot particular open windows on my Dell laptop?

Absolutely. As we make it possible, please press Alt + PrtScn to capture only the current window. The snapshot will be copied to the clipboard, where you can paste it into another application or document for later use.


Those are the three incredible ways of making a screenshot using our Dell laptop. We can see that the process is incredibly done and possible. From that, it is also evident that Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is all we need because it possesses all the features we need, from taking a screenshot up to editing it. Although Dell and Windows computers possess hotkeys for taking screenshots, the editing feature is missing, and it made Aiseesoft Screen Recorder the best choice for us.

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