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How to Screenshot in Microsoft Surface: Best Tool and Method

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Apr 25, 2024Screenshot

We are all aware that Microsoft's Surface Pro range is the most popular 2-in-1 tablet or laptop, offering exceptional performance, a detachable keyboard, an adjustable kickstand, a best-in-class digital pen, and more. The tablet is ideal for digital artists, students, and professionals seeking a powerful machine in a portable form factor. That is why no one wonders why its uses become tremendous.

In line with that, if you have recently switched from another laptop, you could have some trouble taking screenshots on the Surface Pro, particularly in tablet mode. Microsoft Surface, powered by Windows 11 or 10, provides a variety of techniques and tools for taking screenshots. You can just read on to discover the finest option for you. For that, kindly see these methods below and learn how to screenshot on Microsoft Surface with ease.

Screenshot on Microsoft Surface
Part 1. How to Screenshot on Microsoft Surface - Best Way Part 2. Screenshot on Microsoft Surface Part 3. FAQ about Screenshots on Microsoft Surface

Part 1. How to Screenshot on Microsoft Surface - Best Way

We now go to the best way to make a screenshot on your Microsoft Surface using the best tool. For that, we need to know that Aiseesoft Screen Recorder offers a great feature for capturing our screen. This tool has the best quality for producing outputs. Furthermore, it offers tremendous built-in editing tools that we can use to enhance the images we take. Through this, we can add annotation, text, symbols, and more. For that, allow us to express how we can use it to take screenshots.


The first thing we need to do is install Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your Microsoft Surface for free. We can make it by accessing their official website and getting the tool for free.

Free Download Free Download

After doing that installation, we need to launch the tool on your computer. Then, on its main interface, we need to click the Screen Capture button.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Screen Capture

Then, the tool will allow you to choose the portion of the screen that you need to take. We only need to drag and set it. After releasing it, the tool will now show you an option.


Please click the Save icon as we finish the process. For additional options, you can use the editing features of the tool that we can see on the bar.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Save

That is the simplest and most high-quality process of making a screenshot on Microsoft Surface. We can see here that the easy way can produce the great image that you need. All of these things are made possible with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. You can use it now and see the performance it can offer by yourself.

Part 2. Screenshot on Microsoft Surface

Method 1: Windows Keyboard- Hotkeys

As we all know, Microsoft Surface is like a normal laptop now, with only a detachable setup. For that, let us take a screenshot of the way we are doing it on a laptop. Here is the process we need in order to take a screenshot.


As we begin the process, open your Microsoft Surface device and open the website or software you need to take capture. For that, we need to press and hold the Windows and Shift keys, then press and release the S key. That will be possible if we connect our detachable keyboard to your device.

Hotkeys Windows Shift

Now, it will activate the Snip & Sketch tool with screen clipping mode, allowing you to select and grab any area you want right away.


You may now annotate, draw, or highlight screenshots within the tool. Then, click the Save icon to save the screenshot as a file.

Hotkeys Save Screenshot

There you go, the keys we need to take in order to get an image of the screen on Microsoft Surface. You can now use it for different purposes you need.

Method 2: Tablet Buttons

More than the process of making a screenshot like in your laptop, we can also do it by utilizing the buttons on your tablet. This process is similar to when you are taking a screenshot on your cell phone. For that, let us now apply it to your Microsoft Surface.


As we begin to capture a complete screen on a Surface Pro tablet without a keyboard attached, we need to hold the Power button.


Now, hold down the Power button and then press and release the Volume Up button on the device's side.


Finally, your image will be saved automatically in your gallery.

Tablet Buttons Screenshot

That is the process of making a screenshot on your Microsoft Surface. We can see that the process is similar to the way we take screenshots on our cell phones. Easy and quick.

Part 3. FAQ about Screenshots on Microsoft Surface

Can I annotate and modify screenshots straight on my Surface device?

Yes, the Surface Pen and built-in programs such as Snip & Sketch support annotation. Snip & Sketch also includes basic editing features like cropping and highlighting. That means we can use these editing features to enhance the images we take on our devices.

Where do screenshots get saved on a Microsoft Surface device, and how can I manage them?

We all know that Screenshots are stored in the Screenshots folder in the Pictures of the library of our Microsoft Surface. For that, to organize and utilize subfolders or file naming standards, we only need to go to the folder and see the files you need.

Is it possible to capture a scrolling screenshot on Microsoft Surface devices?

Unfortunately, the built-in Windows features do not support scrolling screenshots. Currently, the device only captures the single screen we have in our device. For that, we can consider using third-party programs such as Aiseesoft Screen Recorder for this purpose. This tool will give us the features we all need for the process.

Can I change the format or quality of screenshots on my Microsoft Surface?

Yes. Changing the format of the screenshot we took on Microsoft Surface is possible. Snip & Sketch allows you to choose only between JPEG and PNG formats. More than that, the quality is mostly determined by display resolution. If you want more enormous and wide formats of images, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can give all the common image file formats.

What troubleshooting actions should I take if I am having problems capturing screenshots on my Microsoft Surface?

The only common solutions we need to do is to restart the Microsoft Surface device, update the drivers, or check for third-party software conflicts. If the problem persists, contact Microsoft support.


Taking screenshots on Microsoft Surface is possible, and it is easy to make. However, if we are looking for a much better and high-quality tool, then Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a must to use. We can make a high-quality image when you start using it.

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