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Screenshot on Minecraft Experience: 3 Easy Ways

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Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, with a global following. If you are a Minecraft player, you may stumble across some gorgeous scenes or want to save some memorable moments to share with other players or friends while playing. One of the simplest methods is to screenshot Minecraft. But do you know how to snap screenshots in Minecraft?

It is rather simple because the game includes a built-in function. To assist you in capturing a high-quality screenshot in Minecraft, we will walk you through different techniques to snapshot Minecraft here. More than that, there’s a great tool that we can use that can offer every feature we need for capturing our gameplay. Let us now explore these details.

Take a Screenshots on Minecraft
Part 1. How to Take a Screenshot In Minecraft Part 2. Take a Screenshot In Minecraft Part 3. FAQ about How to Take Screenshots in Minecraft

Part 1. How to Take a Screenshot In Minecraft

The best tool for making a screenshot on Minecraft is the amazing Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. This tool is everything that we need from capturing our gameplay up to the editing process of our output. In terms of the quality, the tool can provide the highest quality image. It is suitable for seeing even the smallest details and letters on the screen. More than that, we can add spices to the image we took, like text, animation, and shapes.

Furthermore, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder offers a different mode of screenshot process, whenever we want to take our gameplay full-screen or only a specific portion. Those processes are possible and easy to make. Well, these are just the surface and we can discover more of its features once we use it. Besides, let us now see how we can use the tool with ease.


Install the software into your device. That can be possible once we install it from their official website. Get the tool now for free!

Free Download Free Download

Then open it instantly. From there, explore its main interface and important functions. This means that you can click the Screen Capture button in the user interface. This function allows us to snap screenshots of our Minecraft gameplay.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Screen Capture

At this stage, the tool will provide you with options for capturing certain sections of the screen. We only need to use the tool to set a certain part of the game or you are free to take the full-screen, whatever your preference.


After that, completing all of these steps will take you to a little tab containing all of the options and features that may be used to improve or save the screenshots you create. Besides, you can alter your image using the editing options, or simply click Save after you're finished.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Save

That’s how Aiseesoft Screen Recorder works with incredible performance. We can see here that the tool can offer the highest possible quality in taking a Minecraft screenshot. More than that, enhancing the output with the use of its editing features makes it more recommendable for every user. Without a doubt, this tool is everything you need and you must try it now!

Part 2. Take a Screenshot In Minecraft

Method 1: Using Hotkeys of our Computer

We all know that our computer whether it is macOS or Windows has a built-in screenshot feature to capture anything we want with our computer. For that, let us now see how we can use it to capture our Minecraft gameplay. In this method, we will show you both processes for Windows and macOS users.

For Windows:

If you are a Windows user, this process is for you. You only need to use these keys for you to make a screenshot. See the steps below.


Open Minecraft and play it until you go to a great moment that you want to capture.


We shall now proceed with this process by clicking the Windows + PrtScn/PrintScreen key at the same time, then it will screenshot the whole screen.

Windows Key Print Screen

After you click the keys, we shall now copy the image on your clipboard or Paint software.


On the other hand, you can find the images on your computer file. You only need to access the Picture or Document folders.

That is pretty easy, yet not that super easy. If you are using macOS you can proceed with the next one and see a much easier way.

For macOS:

For Mac users, screenshotting in Minecraft is significantly easier than on Windows. See these so that you will see how to make it.


First of all, you set up your Minecraft on your computer.


Then, simply press CMD + SHIFT + 4. These keys will help you to capture your gameplay on Minecraft.

MacOS Command Shift 4

Once completed, the images can be found under Library then see the Application. From there go to Minecraft and open the folder for Screenshots.

Indeed, macOS is much easier than capturing Minecraft gameplay compared to Windows. Overall, these two methods are effective and can help the process.

Method 2: Built-in Screenshot of Minecraft

Aside from utilizing a snapshot tool or the hotkeys on your computer, you can also screenshot Minecraft using Windows 10's built-in features. This is what we call Windows Game Bar. For us to understand its usage and characteristics, let us see these steps below.


The first thing we need to do is take photos and press the Windows button and the G key on your keyboard at the same time.

Minecraft Windows G

After doing that, we shall now pick the Camera icon to do the screenshot.

Game Shot Camera Icon

Lastly, for us to access the output, we need to know that Minecraft photos are saved at C:Users\VideosCaptures in your computer files.

There you go the built-in feature for screen capturing your gameplay using the built-in features of Windows. It is kinda similar to method one and similar to it has limited features in terms of editing your image.

Part 3. FAQ about How to Take Screenshots in Minecraft

Can I alter the key to take screenshots in Minecraft?

Yes, you can alter the key to take screenshots in Minecraft. To achieve this, open the Minecraft settings menu and navigate to the controls section. From there, you may adjust the key bindings and assign a different key for screenshots based on your preferences.

How do I share Minecraft screenshots with others?

You may quickly share your Minecraft screenshots with others by finding the stored photographs on your computer and then sharing them via social media, messaging apps, or image-sharing websites. You can also upload them to cloud storage providers and send the links to friends or community members.

Can I take high-quality screenshots of Minecraft?

Yes, you can take high-quality screenshots in Minecraft by changing your in-game settings and utilizing third-party programs. To capture detailed screenshots, make sure your game's graphical settings are at their best potential quality. Furthermore, you can use extra tools such as OptiFine, which improves graphical capabilities and enables for better snapshot shots by including complex shaders and rendering choices.

How do I modify Minecraft screenshots?

You may edit Minecraft screenshots with image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or even internet applications like Pixlr or Canva. These software choices allow you to improve, edit, resize, add text, and apply other effects to your screenshots before sharing them. Experiment with various editing techniques to make your Minecraft screenshots stand out and reflect your creativity. However, these editing tools might be overwhelming and may take some time with new users. That is why, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder comes here to rescue you since it offers the features you need. That means you can now directly edit your image right after taking it.

If I play Minecraft on my console, how do I take screenshots on it?

If you're playing Minecraft on a console like the PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, you can use the device's built-in screenshot functionality. Typically, you can take a screenshot by hitting a specific button combination on your controller. To find out how to take screenshots on your console, consult the user manual or internet resources. Once taken, you can normally find your screenshots in the console's gallery or media library and share them with others.


Gamers on Minecraft can now share their amazing gameplay experience by taking screenshots on it. That will be possible as long as we are following these guides above and we are following them the right way. More than that, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder shines for its all-in-one features in terms of screen-capturing our game and making it better with the use of editing tools.

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