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Review of AirShou Screen Recorder

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on May 06, 2024Audio RecorderVideo Recorder

If you are considering installing AirShou but are still unsure, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn how this screen recorder works and what special characteristics it has that may be useful for your future task. Furthermore, it will highlight the benefits and drawbacks, providing answers to all of your inquiries. Perhaps you're desperate enough to buy a screen recorder, since who isn't? Due to the pandemic, practically all meetings and events are now taking place online. As a result, the only way for you to remember remarkable talks is to record them on screen rather than taking notes. As a result, let us start meeting the AirShou Screen Recorder and achieving our goals right away.

AirShou Review
Part 1. What is AirShou Part 2. AirShou Review Part 3. FAQ about AirShou Review Part 4. Best Alternative- AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Our Verdict

This screen recording tool possesses simple yet effective and helpful features for mobile use in recording a meeting. The tool gives features that are suitable for what we need, plus its simple interface that helps users get a non-complicated experience of recording.

It's free of watermarks.
It is free of advertisements.
It's free to use.
It is difficult to install.
It does not always achieve HD quality.
Poor security.
Poor compatibility.
Playback issues.
Errors occur during installation.
8.5 Overall




Part 1. What is AirShou

Platform: iOS and Android

Overall Rating:

This iPhone and Android screen recorder has become to its simplicity and power. Furthermore, it can record a screen in full HD or up to 1080P. It is also a versatile application that works with any mobile or desktop device, with the exception of the most recent iOS update and Android versions older than 5.0. Despite this, it provides consumers with useful features for free. AirShou Screen Recorder allows you to record online streams, meetings, and films without interruptions from advertisements. However, despite its simplicity, the acquisition process was difficult.

Features Overview

◆ It features an adjustable display.

◆ Features for customizable frame rate.

◆ It captures facial emotions effortlessly.

Part 2. AirShou Review


AirShou app’s interface possesses a very simple looking design that we normally see with other applications for Android. All of its features and functions buttons are obviously shown to help users have a simple and quick process of recording the meeting. That means this interface contributes a huge factor in having a simple process of recording the meeting. Overall, the interface is common and simple yet has a purpose in its functions.

AirShou Interface

Recorder Features

The application of AirShou serves us a great recording feature. That is the main feature it offers for everyone. For that, the tool’s ability to capture the meeting is possible with clear audio and good-quality visuals. However, one downside it possesses is the maximum resolution you can get because the application only offers 720 pixels resolution. More than that, the application is good, and it can help you record a meeting with clear audio.

AirShou Recorder Feature

Record Customizations

There is another feature that the application possesses. This is the customization for the recording before we can save it on our gallery or photos. With this feature, you can actually set the video format into some of the famous formats like MP4, MKV, and MOV. Also, you can customize the resolution up to 720p. Even if you are not satisfied with the video resolution, you can use the video resolution converters to upscale a 720p file.

AirShou Customization Feature

Broadcast Feature

More than the recording feature it offers for its users, the application is also proud to present a unique feature called Broadcaster. These features will allow us not only to record the meeting but also to broadcast it to your friends. It is a great way to extend the scope of the dissemination of information.

AirShou Broadcast Feature

Part 3. FAQ about AirShou Review

Why is AirShou not available on my iPhone?

Unfortunately, AirShou is only available on iOS 9. That is why if your iPhone is one of the latest models and it is already upgraded above iOS 9, then you can expect that it will not work. For that, having an alternative is a must for you.

Does AirShous still work nowadays?

Yes. The screen recorder AirShou is still working nowadays. However, it is commonly used for Android users. Since the screen recording app is not now available for the updated iOS system version, that is why Android users have the advantage of using the app’s functions for recording their meetings when they are in mobile online meetings. Moreover, the app does not work with iOS anymore, but Android users can still enjoy it up until this time.

Is AirShou applicable for desktop use?

As we all know, AirShou is a commonly known screen recorder for Android, which is why there might be an extra process whenever we want to use it on our desktop or PC. The process needs an emulator to set it up and install it properly. This emulator is a third-party tool that will enable the app to be installed on your Windows. Also, you can try more desktop recorders here.

Part 4. Best Alternative- AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

If you choose to use your desktop for screen recording and are unable to obtain the AirShou due to some of its faults or because you are an iOS user, then you should rely on the finest alternative, the AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. This ultimate screen recorder provides more features than other screen recorders. Furthermore, it offers the most exciting yet simple interface, allowing users to capture a whole video with a few mouse clicks. More than that, unlike AirShou Screen Recorder, there are no restrictions on iOS, desktop, or Mac versions while maintaining the power of its features and tools.

Every user who used this tool became a fan subsequently. We can't argue with it because they have the world's best screen recorder. A tool for recording meetings, games, calls, movies, and other activities in full HD resolution. Despite this, it can capture audio, music, and voice overs in a lossless format! Get it now for free and experience the one-of-a-kind recording process.

Free Download Free Download


◆ Support high-quality resolution up to 8K.

◆ It includes unique features and tools.

◆ It supports a variety of output formats.

◆ Users are free to resize the screen.

◆ It allows users to personalize results as their own.


You can now pick whether to purchase the AirShou Screen Recorder or not. Obtaining it is difficult, but this does not detract from its excellent features, particularly in its mobile edition. However, if all you need is a screen recorder for your PC or iPhone, we offer an Aiseesoft Screen Recorder because this tool can do everything you need and want to record your meeting online.

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