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MixPad Multitrack Recording Review – Features, Cons, Pros, and Best Alternatives

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Jun 08, 2022Audio Recorder

When you want to record and mix multiple tracks and perform complex manipulations, MixPad is one of the most popular multi-track recording software. Moreover, when you use the program for non-commercial, you can also get MixPad for free. If you need to merge music, audio files, and voice tracks for TikTok or other social media sites, or even add audio filters and effects, you can learn more about the features, Cons, and Pros of MixPad Multi-track recording software review. Moreover, the article also shares 3 excellent alternatives to record and edit the audio files.

MixPad Review
Part 1: Features of MixPad Multitrack Recorder Part 2: NCH MixPad Review: Cons and Pros Part 3: 3 Best Alternatives to MixPad Recorder Part 4. FAQs

Part 1: Features of MixPad Multitrack Recorder

1. Record Unlimited Audio Tracks.

It enables you to record single or multiple tracks simultaneously for audio, music, sounds, and voice tracks. It records or samples bits of music on individual tracks and gradually mixes them down into two or more tracks for playback.

2. Mix Multiple Audio Tracks.

Whether you need to combine audio files with effects, get some royalty-free sound effects, or craft your own beats or start with a sample pattern using beat designer, MixPad audio mixer enables you to create a mix-tape with clicks.

3. Edit the Recorded Audio Clips.

It enables you to edit audio clips, samples tracks, changes pitch, or adds effects like beats and reverb, and supports low-latency recordings for best audio quality. Moreover, you can also use the MIDI editor to touch up the MIDI files.

4. Audio Effects and Restoration Tools.

If you need to add stunning effects, such as echo, reverb, and more, or seamlessly integrated with WavePad sound editor to restore low-quality recordings, MixPad multi-track recording software is the desired audio recorder. Moreover, you can also remove microphone pops, hisses, hums, and other audio artifacts.

5. Tweak the Audio Parameters.

Export the recording to multiple audio formats from studio-quality WAV files to high compression formats such as MP3 for sharing online. You can also customize the sample rates from 6 kHz to 96 kHz and bit depths up to 32 bits floating point audio.

MixTracks MixPad

Part 2: NCH MixPad Review: Cons and Pros

Provide a suite of NCH audio recording tools.
Add royalty-free sound effects and music from the media library.
Tweak and adjust the volume levels and pan for audio files.
Apply audio effects and filters, such as distortion or chorus.
Rip and import the music files from a CD directly.
Upload the recording to SoundCloud, Dropbox, etc.
Craft your own beats or start with a sample pattern.
Save files in WAV or MP3 for different situations.
No option for setting EQ, such as improving treble, bass, and more.
Underpowered in terms of adding tags to tracks to organize audio files.
Lack of VST support and more other settings with an outdated interface.

Part 3: 3 Best Alternatives to MixPad Recorder

When you need to remix in multiple tracks, MixPad is one of the best choices you can take into consideration. But if you only need to record audio files from Windows and Mac, you can learn more about the 3 best alternatives as below.

1. Windows Voice Recorder

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

Windows Voice Recorder

Windows Voice Recorder is the free and default MixPad alternative to record audio and voice on Windows devices. It is a quick and convenient solution with all the necessary functionalities to record, trim, flag important moments, and share audio tracks.

The default MixPad alternative to recording sound files, lectures, and more.
Add some flags to add a marker to the audio recording without interruption.
Trim the recordings, rename the audio files, or share with social media sites.
The audio recorder is a universal app for PCs, tablets, and Windows phones.
Lack of some essential audio editing features to polish the recordings.
No update is available when you have some glitches in the program.

2. Cinch Audio Recorder

Platform: Windows

Price: US$25.00/Lifetime License

Cinch Audio Recorder

When you want to download online streaming music files, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. Cinch Audio Recorder is the MixPad alternative. It also provides some advanced features to record the sounds that come from the sound card of your computer.

Capture online streaming music files to MP3 files (320kbp/s) separately.
Provide CAC technology to record music from the RAW audio data.
The AD filter feature allows you to remove annoying Ads in one click.
Capture the ID3 information for record music, or edit it manually.
The noise reduction features are not available when recording files.
It doesn't support external sound using a microphone.

3. Audials One

Platform: Windows and Mac

Price: US$39.90/Year

Audials One

If you want an all-in-one MixPad audio recorder alternative, Audial One not only records audio files in excellent quality, but also discovers the music from the Internet. Moreover, it supports more than 10,000 radio stations and podcasts over the world and catalogs them into various genres.

Record, discover, search, remix and edit your music files easily.
Capture the movies and TV programs in audio and video formats.
Listen to all recorded files within the audio recorder directly.
Enable you to convert the recorded video to another format.
Too complicated to manage the program, especially for beginners.
It only provides 10 minutes of streaming for the free version.

Part 4. FAQs

Is MixPad free?

No. This multitrack recording software only gives the free trial for 14 days. Once it expires, you have to purchase and register it to use its features.

Is MixPad good?

As a multitrack audio recorder, it is good enough to meet all your basic demands to record unlimited tracks and add audio effects.

Is MixPad safe?

We have downloaded and installed this software to start a multitrack recording. It contains no ads or virus, and it is safe to use.

How to get autotune on MixPad?

You can download autotune plugins on MixPad. From MixPad official page’s recommendations, you can get autotune from MAutoPitch by MeldaProduction, GSnap by GVST and Graillon 2 by Auburn Sounds.


MixPad is capable of producing high-quality, professional-standard audio files. Just learn more details about NCH MixPad recording software from the article, such as excellent features, pros, and cons. Moreover, you can also find the 3 best alternatives from the article. Just learn more about the feature and choose the desired one accordingly.

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