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The 7 Best Phone Call Recorder Apps for Android (2024)

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May it be for personal or professional purposes, recording a phone call is imperative to ensure that everything is noted and acknowledged. However, looking for the best applications to use is a challenging thing to do due to compatibility and other factors. Fortunately, we have tested a variety of applications to find the best picks for call recorders on Android that have amazing performance in terms of making everything easy.

Best Call Recorder Android
Part 1. Best 7 Free Call Recorder Apps on Android Part 2. Comparison of the Best 7 Free Call Recorders Part 3. FAQs of Best 7 Free Call Recorders

Part 1. Best 7 Free Call Recorder Apps on Android

Samsung Screen Recorder

Overall Rating:

Platform: Android

Price: Free

In terms of smart devices, Samsung has always performed exceptionally well in terms of battery life, quality sounds, and other features, which we can all agree with, right? Most Samsung users have always been fascinated by how this brand has a free call-recording app on their Android phones. That is why, during our test, we noticed a very straightforward interface that allows users to click one thing to record the phone call entirely with no hassle. This is the very same reason why it is included in our list as the best pick for a call recorder available for Android users.

Samsung Phone Calls Recording


Overall Rating:

Platform: Android and iPhone

Price: $ 10.00

The second option is not limited to Android users; the TapeACall app is helpful for both Android and iPhone users for the very same reason why it is very popular in terms of phone call recorder apps. The app supports multiple languages, so it is really something for all. Of course, another thing that can make this app outstanding in comparison to others is its ability to record phone calls for a long duration, which is very effective for client meetings and more.

Tapecall Recording Phone Call

Automatic Call Recorder ( ACR Call Recorder)

Overall Rating:

Platform: Android and iPhone

Price: Free and $ 3.99 ( pro version)

If you are looking for an affordable call recorder app for Android, then Automatic Call Recorder (ACR Call Recorder) is for you. First, it captures phone calls in a very clear quality easily. The app enables the blocking of chosen contacts and records both incoming and outgoing calls automatically, which lessens customer efforts. This is a big thumbs up upon trying the app.

Automatic Call Recorder Acr

Google Voice

Overall Rating:

Platform: Android and iPhone

Price: Free and $ 10.99 ( pro version)

For someone who needs complex tasks related to business, then Google Voice is worth considering because it is a proud product of the exceptional Google. Therefore, it is not a surprise that it has become one of the most popular apps for text messaging and recording calls for Android and iPhones, which makes everything easier. During our tests, we found that the app's ability to do voicemail transcriptions stands out among other recorders, as it is essential during busy meetings and for other reasons. Moreover, for someone who needs a basic phone call recorder for Android, the app offers a free version that you can use safely and easily.

Google Voice Call Recorder

Cube Call Recorder

Overall Rating:

Platform: Android and iPhone

Price: Free, $ 20.00 ( Android pro version), $ 50.00 ( iPhone pro version)

The Cube Call Recorder is something worth taking a closer look at in terms of voice recorder apps for Androids. Aside from having a clean interface, you can also record any conversations with other messaging apps, such as Skype, WhatsApp, and more. However, the limitations of the free versions may be disappointing to some users as the app only offers a few features to access.

Cube Call Recorder App

Blackbox Call Recorder

Overall Rating:

Platform: Android and iPhone

Price: Free and $ 1.99 ( pro version)

Blackbox call recorder is another useful voice call recorder for Androids that can record calls automatically. For privacy purposes, you can select a chosen contact to record calls automatically or not. We were amazed at the automatic backups upon using the app because the recordings were uploaded directly to the drive for backups or restoration purposes, which is a plus factor as an exceptional call recorder for Android.

Black box Call Recorder App


Overall Rating:

Platform: Android and iOS

Price: $ 11.99 monthly

The last on the list with a comprehensive performance as a call recorder for Android is the mSpy. It effortlessly records phone calls to ensure that everything is noted and never missed. Users can also see the location of the callers to avoid scammers. It is the perfect app to use for monitoring every incoming and outgoing call to your kids and even partners, as it records every piece of information during conversation to the phone automatically.

MSPY Call Recorder App

Part 2. Comparison of the Best 7 Free Call Recorder

Best For Ease Safety Formats
Built-in applications 4.1 4.9 AAC and MP3
Longer duration of phone calls 4.3 4.1 WAV and MP3
Low cost-prices 3.9 4.5 MP3, WAV and AMR
Business related-task 4.1 4.9 WAV and MP3
Recording third-party conversation 3.2 4.1 MP3
Backups and restoration 3.8 4.6 MP3 and WAV
Remote Tracking Solution 4.8 3.7 MP3 and WAV

Part 3. FAQs of these Best 7 Free Call Recorder

Among these options, which one is the best to use for Android devices?

In terms of Android versions specifically, the Samsung Screen recorder stands out the most since it does not require any third-party installment and subscription in comparison to other options.

Which of these call-recording apps is best for high-quality audio recording?

Apps like Cube Call Recorder and ACR Call Recorder are known for providing high-quality audio recordings. However, the capabilities of your device may also affect the actual quality.

Can I use these apps on my desktop?

Some applications are only built into your Android phone. However, Google Voice is best for business-related tasks. Therefore, you can use the app on your desktop to access it.

Do these apps notify the other party about call recording?

The notification requirements for call recording vary by jurisdiction. Some call recording apps provide an audible beep to notify all parties on the call, while others may operate silently. So, it is necessary to inform other parties about recording for transparency and privacy purposes.

What if I switch to a new phone? Can I transfer my recorded calls?

It varies depending on the app that you use and the device. The Blackbox Call recorder is best for backups and restoration for restoring apps directly to a drive.


There you have it! The best call recording apps for Androids. This article shares each of the best features of these applications and other factors that you should know to ensure that you can make a safe and informed decision.

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