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Unbiased Review of the 7 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android (2024)

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Whether you are an academic student who needs everything to be recorded for lecture purposes or professional work, it is always imperative to choose the best voice recorder on Android that can record high-quality audio and has no background noises. This article will uncover the things that you should consider and review the seven best free options that you can try in choosing which voice recorder for Android works best for you.

Best Voice Recorder Android
Part 1. Best 7 Voice Recorders for Android Part 2. Comparison of the Best 7 Free Voice Recorders Part 3. FAQs of Best 7 Free Audio Recorders

Part 1. Best 7 Voice Recorders for Android


Overall Rating:

Platform: Android

Price: $29.99

The first one that you can try is a product made by NCH, so it is guaranteed that it is safe and clean to use a voice recorder program for Android. The app has a free version that allows users to take advantage of its features for basic voice recording, and one fact is that it only requires very little space when downloading the app to your device. So, there is no need to worry about crashes. The only thing that might be disappointing is the limited file format that it has. Nonetheless, the RecordPad can suffice basic needs and is one of the best voice recorders for Android users.

RecordPad Voice Recorder


Overall Rating:

Platform: Android and iPhone

Price: $34.99 (Free for non-commercial use)

MixPad is almost the same as the first option; it is just more expensive, but of course, great rates come with great experience. NCH also made this app, so it is guaranteed its performance as a voice recorder app for Android users. Most users are usually fascinated by how easy it is to use this app, maybe for voice recording and mixing, because everything can be just one click away. MixPad is very useful for voice recording as it can do multiple tracks simultaneously without crashing. Although some basic features in the free versions may not work sometimes, this app is still on the list and by far has the most excellent features as one of the sound recorder apps for Androids or iPhone devices.

Mix Pad Voice Recorder Android

Smart Recorder

Overall Rating:

Platform: Android

Price: Free ( $1.99 for upgrades)

Smart Recorder is one of the most popular voice recorder apps for Android. It has a simple and easy-to-follow interface, which is essential for the beginner in voice recording. One of the great features of this app, in comparison to others, is its ability to remove dead air during voice recording, which will surely enhance productivity. However, some things may disappoint users, such as the 2GB size limit requirement per recording. In line with this, the app is only available on the Google Play Store.

Smart Recorder Voice Recorder

DU Recorder

Overall Rating:

Platform: Android and iPhone

Price: Free and $14.99 premium version

The DU Recorder app can also bring something to your table in terms of looking for the best voice recorder app for Androids. The app has a simple interface that every beginner will be able to explore the magic of the app easily. New users should not also be skeptical in terms of downloading the app because it is safe and installs smoothly without crashes. On the other hand, the performance of this app for voice recording has been great, especially with its smart gesture features that allow users to stop the recording by only shaking the phone.

DU Recorder Voice Recorder


Overall Rating:

Platform: Android and iPhone

Price: $9.99 yearly

The iRec is also included on the list as the best voice recorder app for Android. Besides its clean interface, most users were also amazed at the ability to record calls on your device in high-quality resolution, which is very helpful for work-related tasks. However, just like any other app, it also needs room for improvement because exporting your voice recording takes too much time.

iRec Voice Recorder Android

Samsung Screen Recorder

Overall Rating:

Platform: Android

Price: Free

The Samsung Screen Recorder is a built-in voice recorder in your Android smart device. The app is, by far, one of the best voice recorder apps for Android. Considering the fact that it is a product of Samsung, expect a great performance upon downloading and exploring the app. It is crafted to make voice recording simple and easy while producing a high-quality voice recording. Additionally, the app allows 10 minutes to convert speech into text, which is a time saver for your tasks.

Samsung Voice Recorder App

AZ Screen Recorder

Overall Rating:

Platform: Android 10

Price: Free and $2.99 pro version

Last on the list that you can use as a voice recorder app on Android is the popular AZ Screen Recorder. It is one of the few Android apps that can record internal audio, which is very suitable for business-related tasks during client meetings. The app's battery consumption is also commendable, as we tested the app. Therefore, whether it is for personal or professional needs, AZ Screen Recorder can almost do it all in terms of voice recording.

AZ Screen Recorder

Part 2. Comparison of the Best 7 Free Voice Recorders

Best For Ease Safety Formats
Recording book and voice message 4.5 4.2 MP3, MOV and more
Multitrack voice recording 4.0 4.7 CDA and WMA
Recording and transcribing 4.7 4.8 WAV and PCM
Recording high-quality audio 4.2 4.5 MP4, MOV, MP3
Basic voice recorder with a straightforward interface 4.9 4.4 MP4, MOV, MP3
Longer voice recording duration 4.9 4.9 AAC and MP3
Good battery consumption 4.3 4.7 AAC and MP3

Part 3. FAQs of Best 7 Free Audio Recorders

Among these 7 voice recorder apps, which is the best to use in terms of internal voice recording?

It still depends on the compatibility and performance that you are looking for. But for Androids, we highly recommend trying the AZ Screen Recorder because it works perfectly and has good battery consumption.

Are there any limitations in the free versions of these apps?

The free version has limitations, such as limited editing features, duration, and size limits. In terms of the longest free duration, we recommend the Samsung Screen Recorder.

Which among these 7 has the best performance in terms of clear voice recording?

In terms of clear voice recording, the Smart recorder stands out the most during the test. Therefore, it is the best option if you are in a place with a lot of background noise.

Am I allowed to use the voice recorder app on older Android devices?

Normally, these apps were crafted to work on a range of Android that is new and updated versions. So, if you have an older operating system earlier than Android 5.0, it may not work properly due to a compatibility issue.

How big is the space storage that these apps consume?

The storage size of audio recordings depends on factors like the recording quality and duration. If you are looking to save storage space, then you can go to settings and adjust the storage.


There you have it! We were able to share the best voice recorder app for Android that we have tested, so you don’t have to. The article will help you to make an informed decision that is safe and clean to use on your smart device.

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