Part 1. Best 7 Online Voice Recorder Review
Part 2. Comparison of Online Voice Recorder
Part 3. How to choose Online Voice Recorder
Part 4. FAQs of Online Voice Recorder

Brilliant 7 Online Audio Recorders Review: Less Complication Audio Recorder Experience

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Dec 22, 2022Audio Recorder

Are you planning to do some covers of the favorite music you love? Or do you need to record audio for your presentation or podcast? You might be needing a great audio recorder! In line with that, an online sound recorder can help you with your work hassle-free. Through the use of this software, you may now record your audio without even installing and downloading software that has a big file. Some of these audio recorders possess a very versatile and flexible function. A few of them offer free service. In short, each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. That is why in this review, we will unveil all of the details we need to know so that we will see what recorders are the most suitable for us.

Furthermore, the seven best online audio recorders we will review are the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Online, AnyMP4 Free Audio Recorder Online, Loom, Riverside.FM, Apowersoft, Free Online Screen Recorder, AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder, and Vocaroo.

Best Online Voice Recorder
Part 1. Best 7 Online Voice Recorder Review Part 2. Comparison of Online Voice Recorder Part 3. How to choose Online Voice Recorder Part 4. FAQs of Online Voice Recorder

Our Top Picks

Part 1. Best 7 Online Voice Recorder Review

AnyMP4 Free Audio Recorder Online

Platforms: Online

Price: Free

AnyMP4 Free Audio Recorder Online

AnyMP4 Free Audio Recorder Online is an excellent free online voice recorder. Even though it is free, it does not limit its ability to offer the best features for everyone. You can now save all the important information from an audio call or conference through this software. On the other hand, you can also use a recording tool for other aspects like recording your speech or doing a cover of your favorite music. In line with that, it also offers beneficial features that can help you with your work. As an overview, AnyMP4 Free Audio Recorder offers fantastic functions, such as its ability to provide high-quality recording outputs. That means we can all expect clear and understandable audio with this audio recorder. You can record the sound from your system or the audio coming from an external device.

Furthermore, this software also offers a straightforward process of audio recording. It is possible in just a second of setting it up. The interface is excellent and detailed, and all of the buttons are in the right place. All of these are the reasons why AnyMP4 Free Online Audio Recorder is rising and taking it to the top. You may try it now, and it will not be regretful after all.

The recording process is very smooth.
Suitable for novice users
The recording output comes with high-quality audio.
It offers free yet effective service.
The interface is intuitive.
It provides extra features like the real-time preview.
There are no advanced features.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Online

Platforms: Online

Price: Free

Aiseesoft Screen recorder Online

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Online belongs to the great free online audio recorder. It is an all-in-one online recording tool that can enable you to record both screen and audio, however, in terms of its ability to record audio. This software is excellent with that. In fact, according to the user's experience, you may capture super-clear audio through this tool. That is possible because the developer uses a fantastic technology that runs this recorder.

On the other hand, it also offers extra features that will surely help us with our itinerary. It is kind of similar to AnyMP4 Free Online Voice Recorder. No wonder these two are great recording tools. It is a win-win situation, whatever you will choose between the two. Not to mention the ability to share your audio recording in just one click.

Furthermore, one of the unique features is its ability to support a wide range of output audio file formats. It also has preview features where you can manage the settings of your files without complications. Overall, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder online is another online tool that is flexible and adaptable in any project. It is cost-efficient and yet super effective. These are why you need to choose this recording software rather than any other.

The smoothest recording tool for everyone.
It is a cost-efficient tool.
The recorder is user-friendly.
It provides high-quality audio.
It does not demand a lot of system requirements.
It has no editing features.


Platforms: Online and Extension

Price: Free

Loom Online Voice Recorder

Loom is one of the best and unique recording software in the market. This software offers professional features such as the team portion. Under this feature is an excellent help in collaborating with your team. That is why this recording software aims to assist the employees who might need some help in recording audio or your screen. In addition, it also has an archive where you can place files that may be useful for next time.

It offers professional tools.
It has an extended version.
The recording process comes with high-quality performance.
The recorder is overwhelming at first.
It is not suitable for new users.
Signing up is a must before utilizing it.

Riverside. FM

Platforms: Online

Price: $9

Riverside.FM Online Voice Recorder

Riverside.FM is one of the infamous web audio recorders. There are a lot of big-name industries that are trusting this tool, such as Marvel, TED Talks, Spotify, and more. That is because of the professional features it offers for everyone. As an overview, this online recording tool has a great recording studio where you can do your grind without complications. It is similar to Loom but possesses more functions.

Furthermore, Riverside.FM can provide uncompressed clear audio. As an exact quality, it can give us 48kHz WAV audio. In addition, it also comes with a built-in editing feature for modifying your recording outputs. That is why it is also infamous as the best online audio editor and recorder.

It offers editing features.
It provides crystal-clear audio outputs.
A lot of professional media personnel trust this software.
It is not free
You need to create an account before you use this.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Platforms: Online

Price: Free

Apowersoft Free Online Sscreen Record

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder offers the smoothest audio recording process. Using this software will not cause you a problem. Most of its users use a screen recorder that comes with high-quality audio. Aside from that, it also offers extra features such as annotation, editing tools, and more.

The easy saving process with your local drive.
It offers to share features to the cloud.
It possesses a simple interface.
There is a delay in launching the tool.
It does not possess advanced features.

AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder

Platforms: Online

Price: Free

AceThinker Free Online Screen Record

Another best online voice recorder is AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder. This software is straightforward to use. All of the essential functions it offers can help you with your work. In just three easy steps, you now get your things done. That is why many users suggest this recorder, especially for new users who might have a hard time using advanced software.

Easy-to-use software.
Safe recording process.
It has no extra features.


Platforms: Online

Price: Free


Vocaroo is a free voice recorder. It does not require any accounts or a launcher. You only need to go with their website and click the REC button to start your recording process. It does not offer a lot of features, just the recording features. At least it effectively gives you the ability to record any audio.

No complications with the process.
Simple to use.
No extra features.
The text is not in the form of Universal language.

Part 2. Comparison of Online Voice Recorder

Platforms Price Money Guarantee Customer Support Easy-to-Use Features Safety Export Media Formats Extra Features
Online Free 9.6 Super-easy 9.6 Super-safe MP3 Real- time Preview
Online Free 9.6 Super-easy 9.6 Super-safe WMV and MP4 Real- time Preview and Manage Settings
Online Free 9.4 Moderate 9.4 Super-safe MP3, MP4, AVI, and more. Archived, sharing, and more
Online $9 9.3 Moderate 9.3 Super-safe MP3, MP4, AVI, and more. Editing Tool.
Online Free 9.4 Easy 9.3 Super-safe WMV and MP4 Screen Recording too
Online Free 9.5 Super-easy 9.5 Safe MP3, MP3, and WMV. Screen Recording tool.
Online Free 9.3 Easy 9.2 Safe MP3 No Extra features.

Part 3. How to Choose Online Voice Recorder


First thing foremost, you need to know if the online audio recorder is safe. You can look at the reviews coming from the users of specific software. Going to the review section of the software is an essential thing to do before we use any software. That act can prevent you from encountering malware that can harm your device.


If you choose an audio recorder, you must consider its efficiency. Choose the software that offers high-quality outputs and excellent performance in any aspect. As we know, performance matters, especially in helping you accomplish your job. It is a powerful element that can prevent you from experiencing a complicated process.


In terms of the price of an online tool, you need to be competent in deciding. There are online tools that offer free service yet are effective in work. However, if you are going to purchase one, you must choose the cost-efficient tool. In that move, it will help you to avoid wasting money.

Part 4. FAQs of Online Voice Recorder

Is it safe to use an online sound recorder?

Yes. Online audio recording tools are safe to use. Many developers provide a fantastic service for their users. It would be best to remember that reading a review before using a particular software is a must to avoid any complications in the recording process.

Is there an online voice recorder that offers editing features?

Yes. Few online audio recorders provide editing functions for your audio outputs. A few of these recording tools are the Loom and Riverside. FM.

Is there an online voice recorder that can transcribe my recording?

Transcriptions of the contents from an audio recording output are possible. Riverside.FM offers a feature where you can do that process. Converting your podcast or a file with audio into text is now possible through these functions.


Those are the tremendous online voice recorders with their features and descriptions. We hope by now you already know what to use. Do not forget to share this post with a friend who might need an audio recording tool.

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