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Best 7 Distance Calculators Review: Get Distance Instantly

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Calculating walking, running, driving, or driving distance is a typical necessity. This fact is useful, especially when we love to travel from one destination to another. These distance calculators will help us calculate the time travel we must take. Fortunately, the location services and map app on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or computer can assist you in measuring the distance between two spots.

So, which distance calculator is the best? This article reviews the 7 best distance between two points calculators, including free internet, desktop applications, and mobile phone map apps. You can pick your chosen distance calculator by reading the review below.

Best Distance Calculators
Part 1. Is There a Distance Calculator? Part 2. Top 7 Distance Calculator Apps Part 3. How do I Find the Distance Between Two Addresses? Part 4. FAQs Best Distance Calculators

Part 1. Is There a Distance Calculator?

Yes, based on the sort of distance you want to calculate and the context in which you need it, there are several types of distance calculators accessible. For that, allow us to explain the three most common types of apps measuring distance. Please see the three types below:

Driving Distance Calculator: These tools compute the distance between two addresses by road, considering the road network and the projected trip time. A popular example of the distance between two addresses is Google Maps and Mapquest.

Walking or Running Distance Calculator: If you wish to determine the distance of a walking, running, or hiking route, some applications and websites can help you plan and measure your routes.

Flight Distance Calculator: To determine the distance between two airports or cities for air travel, utilize resources such as the Great Circle Mapper, which offers the distance between two airports and other pertinent information.

Furthermore, this article will comprehensively review the seven best applications of distance-measuring tools. Please continue reading for the exploration.

Part 2. Top 7 Distance Calculator Apps

Google Maps

Google Maps is preloaded on Android handsets and provides real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and public transportation information. Hotels, restaurants, schools, and hospitals are all conveniently located nearby. It serves as a distance calculator, allowing you to find and share your present location, receive walking, running, or driving instructions, and calculate the distance between two points. Google Maps distance calculator is also compatible with iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Google Map Distance Calculator
It is updating and improving.
Clear visuals and instructions.
Comprehensive distance information.
It glitches sometimes.
The clarity of instructions depends on the internet.
The storage file size is huge.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer

One of the most incredible and trusted tools as a distance calculator is the incredible AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer. This tool is an advantageous distance calculator and location switcher. It is mostly used to transform your existing location into a virtual one for various purposes.

Free Download Free Download

For an additional feature, you can, for example, spoof your GPS position when playing games, utilizing apps, or keeping others from monitoring you. It may be used as a distance between two points calculator to assist you in precisely calculating distance.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer
Calculate the distance between two spots on the computers.
Change your existing location to a virtual one for various purposes.
One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, or Joystick Mode to move your course.
Preserve your privacy.
Change your iPhone's GPS position to another area.
If you want the full version, you need to pay for it.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is the official navigation and distance calculation program for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. It is limited to Apple's products and does not have a browser-based version. It is not compatible with Android phones or Windows computers. It can provide real-time transportation timetables and directions, similar to Google Maps. You may look for traffic conditions, incidents, road closures, and other relevant data.

Apple Maps
Intuitive map visuals.
Driving directions is incredible.
It offers alternative routes.
Users sometimes get confused using it.
The map is overwhelming to use.

Area & Distance Map Measure

The next on the list of map calculators is Area & Distance Map Measure. It is mainly for iPhone and iPad and is a simple distance calculator. You may get it free from the App Store to compute area and distance on a map. To drop a pin and measure distance, simply hit the plus button. You may store or save findings for future use using the edit tool in this distance calculator software. The distance between two places is determined using the curvature of the Earth.

Area & Distance Map Measure
Dropping pin measurement is available.
It can give us exact measurements.
Saving outputs is possible.
The app is only available with iOS.
It does not give legitimate information about traffic.

Travel Math

The name of this website pretty much says it all. Travel Math is devoted to travel-related computations. In addition to distance, you can compute journey time and road and air travel costs. The major emphasis of this website is calculations. Still, you can also read about a few fascinating issues linked to travel on this website, such as Dirtiest Public Transit, Germiest Hotel Rooms, and so forth.

Travel Math
Gives a variety of travel-related calculators,
A user-friendly UI with simple calculators.
It has various measuring units.
Supports several means of transportation
All locations may not have the most up-to-date info.
Coverage is limited in certain less-populated or isolated places.
There is no map display.

Map Developers

Map Developers is a platform that allows people to see online maps. Even though this website is primarily used to obtain locations and calculate routes, it features a very precise distance calculator. This website has around 15 map-related tools, such as an area calculator, a create-a-circle tool, a latitude and longitude finder, etc. Moreover, this may not be a popular navigation website, but it is capable.

Map Developers
Gives a set of mapping and geographic tools.
Developers can use the APIs and code snippets.
Customization and control over map style.
Geocoding, route planning, and distance computations.
It's more geared for developers.
Requires some coding skills to exploit effectively.
Certain features and sophisticated customization come with paid membership.
It is not user-friendly.

Smart Measures

We devised the last tool for a great app to measure distance. Smart Measure is a tool in the Smart Tools collection's second set. Using trigonometry, this rangefinder or telemeter determines the distance and height of a target. The procedure is straightforward: stand up and push the shutter. The crucial thing to remember is to focus your camera on the ground, not the item.

Smart Measures
It has a Virtual Horizon.
Offers Screen capture features.
The Sound effects can be on or off
The tools are not intuitive.
Its information is not exact sometimes.
The tool is limited.

Part 3. How do I Find the Distance Between Two Addresses?

The most suitable tool we can use in this scenario is the incredible AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer; see how easy it is.


Install and run it for free on your computer first. Then, please connect your iPhone to the computer as the Start button directs.

Free Download Free Download

Next, pick the Multi-stop Mode from the new interface to compute distance.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer Multi Stop Mode Result

Next, you may enter the Starting Point, mark the position on the map, and then enter the Destination address. The distance between two points may be calculated with this coordinate distance calculator.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer Multi Mode

There you have it; we can see that seeing the distance between two locations will be easy as long as we have AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer as our tool.

Part 4. FAQs Best Distance Calculators

Can the Find My app be used as a distance calculator on the iPhone?

No. Find My app is specifically built to locate the location of your Apple iPhone. You may obtain correct location information and share it with others. However, it cannot be used as a distance calculator app. It does not let you mark two locations on its map and then calculate the distance between them.

How do I use my phone to calculate the distance I've walked?

Counting your steps allows you to compute the distance you traveled. Determine the length of one step, then divide the total number of steps by 100 to calculate distance. You may also use Google Maps or Apple Maps to get an approximate calculation. Open the map app, enter your desired location, and follow the guidelines to calculate the distance you traveled. It may update data based on your current walking status.

Can we calculate the distance between two zip codes?

Yes. Several ZIP code distance calculator applications are available on the internet that may assist you in calculating the distance between two locations using zip codes. You may try several popular ones below, such as Free Map Tools, ZIP Code Distance Calculator, Melissa Lookups, and NBER.

Can we also see the travel time with a distance calculator?

Yes. You can also calculate it with ease. To see the speed, divide the journey's distance by the time it took; therefore, speed = distance divided by time. Divide the distance by the speed to get the time. Multiply the speed by the duration to find the distance. These equations may be reduced to s=d/t, where s represents speed, d is distance, and t is time.

Does Google Maps also show the traffic in the distance?

Yes. Launch Google Maps, enter the destination location, and then check the bottom of the screen for the total travel time and distance. Google Maps then gives traffic information, such as where you will likely encounter heavy traffic and how long the delay will be.


This post proposes seven excellent distance calculators for quickly calculating the distance between two addresses. You can choose your favorite program when measuring distance on your computer or portable iOS/Android device. If you still have questions about distance measurement, visit our website for more learning.

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