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Movavi Video Editor Review – A Must-have Video Editing Program

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Jan 02, 2024Video Editor

There are a lot of video editing software programs on the market these days, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. In this article, we will review Movavi Video Editor and briefly describe its alternatives, so you can choose which one suits you best.

Movavi Video Editor Review
1. What Is Movavi Video Editor 2. Movavi Video Editor Review 3. Movavi Video Editor Alternatives 4. FAQs

1. What Is Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a handy and versatile video editing program suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The program is available on macOS and Windows, and currently supports 14 languages and all popular video and audio formats like AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, QuickTime, DVD, and many others.

Here is the list of pros and cons of the program:

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface;
Convenient and fast video rendering and processing;
Built-in effects, backgrounds, music, sounds, etc;
Built-in stock libraries;
Cool transitions, animations, intros, titles, and stickers;
Additional video and audio editing tools;
Built-in training that speeds up the learning process;
Built-in training that speeds up the learning process;
Low price and system requirements.
No multiple audio tracks recognition;
No possibility to export the project to other video editing software;

2. Movavi Video Editor Plus Review

Convenient and Pleasing Interface

Movavi Video Editor Plus Interface

Movavi Video Editor is clear and easy to use. A pretty standard timeline, which doesn't limit the number of clips in it, consists of separate tracks for text, video, and audio, which you can add, hide, mute, or link. Above the timeline, there are tools to trim, crop, rotate and delete video fragments, undo or redo last changes, as well as make some color adjustments and watch clip properties.

Here you can also use the transition wizard to quickly add transitions to all clips, add markers to better navigate the timeline, and record your camera and microphone. A preview window on the top right side makes it easy to track any changes that are being applied to your video in real-time. On the left side, there is a panel with various modes: ◆ file import, which also includes a media bin, built-in sounds, music, effects, backgrounds, and links to stock libraries;
◆ filters; ◆ transitions; ◆ titles; ◆ stickers; ◆ additional video and audio enhancements.

High-Quality Editing

Movavi Video Editor Plus Editing

The program gives a wide range of options to work with. In addition to the functions I've already mentioned, the main capabilities include adding filters, making transitions, and attaching titles and stickers. Filters let you apply overlay effects, blur, color filters, vignettes, and more to enhance your video; smooth transitions make your video more dynamic; titles and stickers are fun and grab the viewer’s attention.

The most engaging part is in More Tools, where there are some extra editing tools to improve video and audio quality: various overlays and animations, slow motion, chroma-key, different audio effects, equalizer, noise removal, etc. It's worth noting scene detection automatically forms separate fragments and beat detection to adjust the clip to match the rhythm of the music.

To make the video even more interesting, the program provides a separate store of cool effect packages at an affordable price and with a preview option, so you can check out and purchase the most suitable preset.

Fast Rendering, Processing, and Sharing

Movavi Video Editor Plus Preferences

Movavi Video Editor Plus provides hardware acceleration supported by Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD technologies. This, like in any other video editing program, doesn't help much when working with a huge number or size of fragments, but when creating short videos, this feature makes the whole process much more convenient and faster. The ability to connect your YouTube, Google Drive, or Vimeo accounts is great as you can quickly upload videos to wherever you like and share them with your friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Great Support

Good customer service and support are a guarantee that the product will continue to engage both users, and Movavi Video Editor has clearly succeeded in this matter. In addition to the standard email support and FAQ section, you can join a live chat to get assistance here and now. The program also has built-in video tutorials of some tools, a complete user manual, and links to Movavi social networks, which allows you to visually see how the program works, learn a lot of useful tips and much more.

Movavi Video Editor Plus Support

Price and System Requirements

Movavi offers a free version of the video-making software which includes the following limitations: a 7-day trial period, a watermark on the output videos, and an ability to save only half the length of the audio if the project is an audio file. To access the full functionality of the service, you need to purchase a professional version of the program: a personal 1-year license of the software costs $54.95 and a lifetime version is $74.95, which is relatively lower than other high-quality video editing programs. The system requirements are also pretty low, so the program is both affordable and available on practically any PC.

Movavi Video Editor Plus Price

3. Movavi Video Editor Plus Alternatives

1. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is an all-on-one video editor, converter and enhancer tool. It offers all the basic editing features, like rotate, crop, clip, merge, watermark, subtitle editing, and more. Besides, its enhancer feature can upscale video quality by AI technology.

Easy to use for beginners.
Adopt AI to enhance video quality.
Not free.
Lack of timeline editing canvas.

2. OpenShot is a free and easy-to-use video editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is a good video editor for beginners to learn and teach video editing skills. Learn more about OpenShot Review here.

Provides free built-in effects and animations;
3D header support.
Sometimes laggy;
Freezes and crashes frequently.

3. Shotcut is a free basic video editing software on Mac, Windows, and Linux with a wide range of features like a blur, masks, color grading, and other creative effects. Learn more about Shotcut review here.

Completely free;
Intuitive interface;
Full HD support.
Can be difficult for beginners;
No previews for effects and transitions;
Can be laggy when applying some effect changes.

4. VSDC is a free non-linear video editor that has a variety of options to work with videos of different complexity. Learn more about VSDC review here.

4K and HD support;
Straightforward and simple to use;
Not available on other OS except Windows;
Pro Editing Features are missing.

4. FAQs

Is Movavi video editor free?

No. But this software offers a free trial to download the software. A 1-year license /1 PC price is $54.95, and $74.95 for a lifetime/1 PC.

Where to download Movavi Video Editor?

You can download Movavi Video Editor from various sites. The safest place to download this software is from its official page. It is highly compatible with Windows and Mac computers, and you can download it here:

Is Movavi Vdeo Editor safe?

Yes. This video editing software is safe to download and use. It is the desktop software without ads or viruses. You can feel secure using it to edit your video files.

Movavi Vdeo Editor keeps crashing. How do I fix it?

1. Reboot your PC and restart Movavi Video Editor to fix it.
2. Reinstall Movavi Video Editor.
3. If the problem remains, please contact the Support Team.
4. Try updating your graphic card drivers to fix Movavi Video Editor running slow and crashing.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that the video editor by Movavi is a great choice for comfortable work with videos of any size and format. For an affordable price, you get sufficient functionality to easily and quickly create high-quality and bright videos, but there are also good free alternatives with fewer features.

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