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How to Change Location on an Android Phone to Spoof Yourself

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Mar 20, 2024Location Changer

You can modify your Android device's location to protect your privacy, test an app, or for other reasons. Whatever your motivation, the good news is that changing your location on Android is a straightforward process that we can do in just a minute. That is right!

For that, this post will offer different methods for changing your Android location and the related security risks, alternative tools, and more. We will also discuss how to keep Android devices safe from location-based apps in the workplace. All of these details are in this article. You better start reading now to discover.

How to Change Location on Android
Part 1. Ways to Change the Location On Android Part 2. FAQs about How to Change Location on Android

Part 1. Ways to Change the Location On Android

Method 1: Change Location Using a VPN

It is a popular way to use a VPN whenever we want to change something on our devices. That means we shall now use a VPN to change your GPS location on your Android phone. Yet before we start, we must ask what VPN service we use. Well. Surfshark is a secure and easy way to modify your phone's GPS position. We like how Surfshark not only hides our IP addresses but also changes our GPS locations. As far as we know, this is the only VPN that provides both services. Here's how to change your location on your Android with Surfshark.


First, we need to buy a Surfshark VPN membership and then download the Surfshark app from Google Play.


From there, open the Surfshark app on your Android device and see its Settings menu. For that, we can now turn on the Override GPS Location option.


The next thing we need to do is find and open About Phone in the Settings menu on your Android device to see Android's build number. Tap the build number seven times. You will then get a notification that says you are in Developer Mode.

Android Build Number

Reopen the Surfshark application. From there, please click the button that says Select Mock Location App. Now, please get back to the Surfshark app. Ensure that the setup is complete by changing your location within the app. Surfshark connects with the location you want for your Android phone.

Android Surfhark Change Location

That is the power of a purchased VPN to change the location of our Android location. We can see that it can be effective and can do our task. Yet, this may not be possible if we do not have money to get it. That is right, the process is not free, but you can take risks and use this method if you can afford it.

Method 2: Use Android’s Settings

The location of our Android can be changed using the settings of your phone. Yet, in this process, we can expect that the location must be accurate whenever you move from another city or country. That means we cannot use these methods to fake the location of our phones. With that, if you are only looking for a process that can update and make your location accurate on Android, then this process is for you. Please see these steps and follow them properly.


As we start the process, we need to swipe downwards from the top of the screen. This will show your Quick Settings/Control Center on Android.


From there, please touch and hold the Location icon. If you can't find Location. You can tap Edit or Setting. Those extra steps will allow you to Drag Location to your Quick Settings/Control Center.


Now, we can tap Location Services, then Google Location Accuracy. These features will now turn to Improve Location Accuracy ON. You can now check your location if it is accurate.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer Start Button

There you have it, the proper ways to update our Android’s location accurately. We can see that the process is easy to do. Yet it is only for updating your location and not for faking. Because Google does not offer that kind of feature you will need a great tool to make it possible. Similar to the next method. You can see it now.

Method 3: AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer

We must now present you with the most effective, efficient, and user-friendly method whenever you want to change the location of your Android phone. This tool that we will use is free to get and can do anything you need to change the location of your phone. The tool that we are talking about is none other than AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer which can be effective in spoofing your GPS location with simple steps. If you are interested to know it, please see the procedure and see what it can offer.

Yet, before we start, ensure to get the incredible AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer now for free. Please visit their website or you can use this instant download button to make it.

Free Download Free Download

Let us say that you already downloaded the tool on your computer. That means we can now launch the tool and see its interface. From there, please click the Start button to proceed.


At this moment, the tool can now show you features that you can use. But, among the options, you can click the Modify Location icon now so that it can help you modify the location of your phone.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer Modify Location Button

The next step we need to do is to choose the location we want to set for our phone. We can use the Map on the screen to do it. Once we are done we can now click the Confirm Modify. Then the location of your phone must be now updated.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer Confirm Modify Button

See, AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer offers the best features and procedures for us. With its affordability and flexibility, you will not look for another tool to use in doing the process, because this tool itself can offer everything you need.

Part 2. FAQs about How to Change Location on Android

Why should I change my location on Android?

Changing your location on Android is important for a variety of reasons. For example, some apps and services include location-specific content or features that may not be accessible from your present location. Also, privacy concerns. Changing your location can prevent apps from recording your exact location, increasing your privacy. It can also be, for testing purposes. Developers may need to replicate different locations to test their apps' location-based features.

Is it legal to modify my location on an Android?

Changing or spoofing your location on Android is not unlawful. However, using location-spoofing techniques to deceive others or engage in fraudulent activity may be unlawful and unethical. Always use location-changing features properly and within legal limitations.

Can I change my location on Android without hacking the device?

Yes, you can change your location on Android without rooting the device. Many apps in the Google Play Store offer this functionality without having root access. However, some advanced functions may only be available with root access.


In conclusion, the details above show effective and incredible information in changing the location on Android phones using different methods. We can see that these three methods above present different pros and cons. Yet, among the three, AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer is the great tool you can use now. SInce it has all you need! Try it now.

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