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3 Ways to Change Home Location on Hulu to Watch Any Videos

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Feb 04, 2024Location Changer

As we all know, Hulu is no longer only a streaming service. It also has a live TV option that allows users to watch local news, sports, and weather forecasts. Many individuals who travel, however, want to watch live TV from their local affiliates, and we are here to inform you that it is feasible if you're prepared to go through all of the steps below.

Furthermore, we know that Hulu is inaccessible outside of the United States, and even if you relocate within the United States, Hulu will detect it and adjust the channels you may access. For that, many users want to change the location on Hulu to access the channel or TV stream they want to watch. Luckily, this article will provide ways on how to make it.

How to Change Location on Hulu
Part 1. Ways to Change Location on Hulu Part 2. FAQs about How to Change Location on Hulu

Part 1. Ways to Change Location on Hulu

Method 1: Using VPN

For the first method, you can use a VPN to modify your Hulu location even if you do not have access to your home network. The catch in this method is that not all VPNs can modify your Hulu location. As we all know, most VPNs can conceal your IP address, but the problem is Hulu also tracks your location using GPS. That is why we suggest only utilizing the best VPNs to prevent some problems, as these VPNs are considerably better at concealing your true location. Our recommendation for the best VPNs for Hulu is to use the incredible SurfShark VPN tool. Please see how it works below:


Go to Settings in the app. Then, scroll down to Advanced Settings from there. Now, please enable Override GPS Location. When prompted, select Let's Go.


Next, we need to click Open Settings on your device and not the Surfshark app. From there, please click About Phone.

SurfShar Connect Location for Hulu

Furthermore, click Build Number seven times to confirm that you're in Developer Mode. Then, going back to the Surfshark app.


Return to your Android Settings and tap the arrow to proceed to the next step. Hit Open Settings, then Select Mock Location App as we choose Surfshark. Finally, return to the Surfshark app, and the setup should be finished after clicking Close.

SurfShar Effectivity

Those are the steps we need to take in order to use a VPN to change the location of our Hulu account. The VPN is complicated to use and might take you a long time to use it. However, it can be the best way to utilize it, but not for everyone.

Method 2: Modify Home Network

However, using a VPN is not the only way to change your location on Hulu. Another alternative is to change your home network so that Hulu will follow it. For that, on this method we will show you how to make it possible and talk about it very simply so that you will not have a hassle doing it. We shall now know how to modify your Home Network for changing Hulu locations.


First, we need to log in using a device in your living room. Also, if you are away, someone at home may need to do this for you.


Now, please use a computer or mobile browser to access your Account Page.


Then, we shall now navigate to the Privacy and Settings tab. From there, please select Set or Change Home and input your new address so that Hulu will follow it.

Change Home Network

After those steps, you may now check the settings of your Hulu and see if the setting for Location has been modified. For that, that is the simple way you can change location on Hulu using your home network. Follow the similar method, you can easily change the location on Snapchat, Netflix, and more apps.

Method 3: AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer

For the third method, we can see a combination of effectivity and efficiency. In this method, we will have the help of AnyNMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer, which can give us a great spoofing experience to change the location of our Hulu account.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer is known as a multi-feature tool that can give us tremendous options in making our location proper depending on the settings we want. For that, let us now discover and be amazed at how it can help us simplify the process.


Get AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer and install it straight now on your computer.

Free Download Free Download

The tool will then be launched on our computer device. Then, select the Start button after you connect your iOS device to the PC next.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer Start

Following that, the tool will display its key features. As we go, please select Modify Location from the list. This feature is what we need to change the location on Hulu.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer Modify Location

At this point, a map will show on the screen, which you can use to select the location for your Hulu. Then, in order to complete the process, click Confirm Modify.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer Modify Map

Finally, that is the quick and easy approach to alter the location of our Hulu account. Clearly, the AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer makes it quite simple to modify the location of ou Hulu location. You can now enjoy watching your favorite streaming sites wherever you are.

Part 2. FAQs about How to Change Location on Hulu

How can I watch Hulu without revealing my location?

Open Settings from your device's home screen. Apps should be selected from there. Then, Hulu can be found by scrolling down the list of apps. Now, tap the app, then choose Permissions. Next, look for and select the Location option. Finally, allow only while using the app and click Ask every time.

How can I let Hulu know where I am?

Launch the Settings app to choose Security and Location. Now, set Location to On. Examine the apps that have recently checked your device's location under Recent location queries. Check that Hulu is enabled by now.

Why is it that Hulu won't let me alter my home location?

If you can't update your home location, you cannot be connected to an appropriate Wi-Fi network. You cannot set your home location while connecting to a mobile or shared network. If you're linked to the right network, you may have moved your residence more than four times in the last year.

Does Hulu can ban you from using a VPN?

If Hulu detects suspicious activity using the VPN IP address, it has the option to prohibit it. Otherwise, the platform will not suspend your account but rather restrict your access to its services. As a result, you can still use services like NordVPN to access Hulu content.

Hulu is available in which countries?

Hulu will be available in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Japan by 2022, with each location offering unique content. If Hulu isn't available where you live, you might be interested in learning how to stream Hulu outside of the United States. There is, however, a way, and it is essentially free, like the methods given above.


As we conclude this article, we can now enjoy streaming Hulu even outside the US by only changing the location of it. Above this are the best ways we can follow in order to make it. This includes using a home network and a VPN. Yet, above all of these is the incredible AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer. We can see that it is the easiest way we can use and much more effective than the other methods. For that, it is recommended by many users.

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