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Tips on How to Remove Watermark from Movavi Screen Recorder

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The free trial version of the Movavi Screen Recorder is indeed a privilege. It lets users take advantage of the features without spending any penny. But it would have been better if the watermark on the free version could be removed. It mainly affects the overall experience of Movavi users. Fortunately, we’ve explored the internet to find the best ways to remove the watermark from Movavi Screen Recorder, so you don’t have to.

Remove Watermark From Movavi Screen Recorder
Part 1. Ways to Remove Watermark from Movavi Screen Recorder Part 2. FAQs about Utilizing Movavi Screen Recorder Part 3. Alternative to Use for Movavi Screen Recorder

Part 1. Ways to Remove Watermark from Movavi Screen Recorder

Getting the huge watermark on your screen after using the Movavi Screen Recorder is indeed distracting and a bit frustrating. Of course, who would not love to have an output that has no watermark like the Pro version? Whether it is for professional needs or simply for instructional videos or audio. Therefore, below are the quick and easy-to-follow steps on how to remove the watermark from Movavi Screen Recorder.

Method 1. Crop your Video


Open Movavi and select the crop tool. Then, click Crop and Rotate.

Movavi Crop And Rotate

Now, go to the preview window. Then, move the corner of the frame to exclude the unwanted watermark.

Movavi Adjust Frames

Lastly, click apply to remove the watermark permanently. Piece of cake, right?

Movavi Click Apply

This first method is simple and easy to follow. It emphasizes the convenience of how straightforward the Movavi Screen Recorder is, enabling users to take control of their video content without relying on external solutions. So, whether you are a beginner or tech-savvy. The steps provided in this method ensure that the watermark removal process is not only accessible but also easy to use, which makes any video engaging and efficient.

Method 2. Blur or Conceal the Watermarks


Go to the sticker icon and select shapes. Then, choose the similar shapes that you plan to conceal.

Movavi Choosing Shapes

Now, adjust and move the shapes. Then, click Fill Color to change the color shapes.

Movavi Fill Color

Lastly, once you are delighted, click Export to permanently remove the watermark. Super easy, right?

Movavi Click Export

There you have it! Just three steps to follow. While it may be overwhelming for some users, these steps will serve as your guide in blurring and concealing the watermark on the Movavi Screen Recorder. With these straightforward instructions above, you can elevate the visual appeal of your video and make it less distracting effortlessly, ensuring well-polished and professional work. Plus, if you need more tips, read here to see how to use Movavi Screen Recorder and get the best recordings on your computer.

Method 3. Activate the Program


Visit the website of Movavi and choose the plan that you can afford. Once completed, you can now use Movavi without a watermark.

Movavi Purchase Packages

Alternatively, you can activate the program by going to the Apps menu and getting the activation key. Then, click Activate to access the full version.

Movavi Activate Program

Purchasing the premium version of Movavi Screen Recorder will give you various features. These include the removal of the watermarks on your output. That is why, once you have the premium version, you can expect that your output will be clear and original.

Part 2. FAQs about Utilizing Movavi Screen Recorder

How much does Movavi Screen Recorder Cost?

The rates vary depending on the plan that you need. The most affordable price is $ 39. 95. However, you can check the updated price by visiting their websites to enjoy more features using the pro versions.

Is Movavi Screen Recorder worth buying?

Yes, it is. The tool is a great companion for your needs, and access to its advanced features is worth having. These include removing the huge watermark on your screen.

How do I export a video from Movavi?

To export videos from Movavi, click Export from the interface. Then, you can choose your preferred formats and file names. Lastly, click the Start button to complete the process.

How do I remove a transparent watermark from a video?

You can always remove a huge watermark from any video by using astounding free and easy-to-use software. The terrific AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is one of the best software for removing and enhancing videos.

Does Movavi Screen Recorder support the recording of multiple screens?

Yes, Movavi Screen Recorder allows users to capture activity from multiple monitors connected to their computers. You can choose which monitor to record or even capture all the screens simultaneously.

Part 3. Alternative to Use for Movavi Screen Recorder

The impressive AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a no-brainer for capturing high-quality video or audio on your devices. Are you considering not spending any penny on software? Well, this software allows users to take advantage of its advanced features for free without any watermark in your video, which is indeed a privilege to have. The straightforward steps that you can effortlessly follow to make the most of this software's capabilities at no expense are indicated below. By choosing the AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, anyone can gain access to its advanced features that are useful in removing the watermark of Movavi Screen Recorder, adding an extra layer of convenience and professional appeal to the video itself.


Start by Installing and Registering the superb AnyMp4 Screen recorder. Then, open the Screen Recorder from your device. Then, click the Video Recorder on the interface.

Anymp4 Aaudio Recorder

Now, select an area for recording by clicking Custom to choose a selected area.

Anymp4 Click Custom

Next, move and adjust the Red Point to exclude the part of your video that has a watermark. Then, click Rec to start the recording.


Lastly, click the Red Square in the left corner to stop recording. Then, you can verify that the watermark area was excluded from the video. Now, click Save once you are delighted.

Anymp4 Red Square

There you go! You have just discovered an incredibly simple and straightforward alternative to eliminate watermarks from your videos, complemented by high-quality and impressive features that improve the user experience. These steps above not only guarantee watermark removal but also introduce another cool way to elevate and make your video interesting that is suitable for personal and professional needs.


This article provides effective methods for removing watermarks from the Movavi Screen Recorder. The amazing AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, however, is a hassle-free method because of its straightforward interface.

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