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[Solutions Inside] Why does Movavi Screen Capture Not Recording Audio?

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Jun 19, 2024Audio Recorder

Movavi Screen capture can capture audio from your computer such as audio. It has an easy-to-use interface that beginners and other users can use. However, some users were disappointed after experiencing malfunctions while using the software, such as Movavi Screen Capture not recording audio. You may be one of the users who has shared this issue. This post will help you find the best solutions to why the Movavi Screen Recorder is not capturing sound.

Movavi Screen Capture Not Recording Audio
Part 1. Issues Movavi Screen Capture Not Recording Audio Part 2. Quick Solutions to Fix Movavi Not Recording Audio Issue Part 3. FAQs on Using Movavi Screen Recorder Part 4. Alternative to Use Better than Movavi Screen Recorder

Part 1. Issues Movavi Screen Capture Not Recording Audio

Movavi Screen capture can be great for some users but it can also be a pain to others. Users experience malfunctions while using the software. Below is the list of why Movavi Screen Capture does not record sound.

Unable to activate recording from an audio device on Windows.

Users reported that recording features are unavailable to any Windows devices; this usually happens because the sound card drivers are outdated.

Unable to capture audio from a microphone on Windows

Users encountered difficulties as they could not record sound from a microphone on Windows 10/11 while utilizing the Movavi Screen Capture application.

Incomplete Installation or Corrupted Files

Incomplete installation or corrupted program files while installing Movavi can lead to audio recording issues. Therefore, reinstalling the software may fix such problems.

Software Malfunctions

Movavi Screen Capture may have occasional bugs or glitches, so users encounter malfunctions like any other software.

These reasons cause frustrations and lessen users’ wholesome experience while using the tool. Instead of being productive, this consumes a lot of time. Therefore, we’ve looked for the best solutions to fix these issues quickly and easily. Below are the easy steps that you can follow.

Part 2. Quick Solutions to Fix Movavi Not Recording Audio Issue

Solution 1. Enabling sound device


You have to disable the sound device temporarily. Therefore, right-click the speaker icon in the system tray and choose Playback devices.

Disable Sound Device

Next, Right-click your playback device and choose Configure. Now select Stereo and click the Next button to finish. Then, right-click to choose Properties and go to Advanced, then set 24-bit and 48000 Hz for the speaker. Easy peasy, right?

Click Configure Stereo

Lastly, check all the options on Exclusive mode. Then click Apply and retry the recording to see if the issue has been solved.

That’s how simple it is to deactivate the sound device. The three steps provided above should help anyone encountering problems such as Movavi Screen Recorder having no sound at all; if these steps do not work, then you can proceed with the second solution.

Solution 2. Allow Privacy settings


Start clicking the Start on the menu section. Then, click on Privacy


Next, choose Microphone in the left panel and select Change. Then, enable Microphone for this device and Allow apps to access your Microphone.


Lastly, enable Choose which apps can access your microphone. Then, select Movavi to grant access.

Enable Movavi Access

The steps provided above are very simple and effective, especially for someone that is new to using the Movavi Screen Recorder.

Solution 3. Adjust the record system


Enable microphone Recording. Then, select Stereo Mix/ Speakers/Mix out/ Wave out from the drop-down menu.


Next, go to the Control Panel and choose Sounds and Audio Devices. Then, on the Audio tab, select Volume under Sound Recording.

Go to Control Panel

Lastly, in the Options Tab, click Properties. Then, choose your audio input device from the Mixer device drop-down and select Stereo Mix.

Select Stereo MIX on Windows XP

This is how simple it is in this part, which will help anyone whose Movavi Screen Recorder has no sound, which may be frustrating to some users.

Solution 4. Updating sound card driver


Start to click Computer and choose Properties. Then, once you click on System Tools, choose Device Manager.


Now, expand the Sound, video, and game controllers and locate your sound card. Then, right-click on Properties and update the driver in the Driver tab

Update Sound Card

There you go—elementary and straightforward steps to fix the issues to troubleshoot Movavi Screen Recorder without audio. These comprehensive steps should assist anyone who has any problems with Movavi Screen Recorder.

Part 3. FAQs on Using Movavi Screen Recorder

Does Movavi have available customer support if I encounter any issues?

Yes, Movavi offers customer support. You can reach them using emails and other channels.

What is the best thing to do if the Movavi Screen Recorder does not recognize my microphone?

Check your system settings and ensure that the microphone is connected correctly.

Why is there no audio in my Movavi Screen Recorder recordings?

This issue could arise due to incorrect audio source selection or permissions. Ensure the correct audio input is chosen.

What if the solutions did not work?

The solutions provided above are the quickest way to troubleshoot the software. However, if you still don’t get results after trying all the solutions, you can explore other alternatives to Movavi Screen Recorder.

What is the best alternative for Movavi Screen Recorder?

The best alternative to a Movavi Screen Recorder with a better and easier-to-use interface would be the AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. Below is the step-by-step procedure for using the alternative.

Part 4. Alternative to Use Better than Movavi Screen Recorder


Install the fantastic AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, then Register.


Now, launch the Screen Recorder application on your computer. Then, choose Audio Recorder from the main menu.

Anymp4 Microphonee Noise Cancellation

Next, click both the Microphone Options from the System Sound to capture your voice effectively. From there, click Microphone Noise Cancellation to enhance the recording quality.

Anymp4 Microphone Noise Cancellation

To start the recording process, press the REC button on the right. Upon completion, click the Red Square button on the left to stop recording.

Anymp4 Red Square

Lastly, once the recording is completed, you have the option to preview and edit the audio. Once satisfied with the result, click the Save button.

Anymp4 Edit Save

Very easy, right? These steps are what you need to utilize. The tool is simple and easy to follow, which enhances the overall experience, unlike the Movavi Screen Recorder, which has problems when recording audio.


This guide shares the common issues with the software, such as Movavi Screen Capture not recording audio or maybe the software has audio quality issues. So, whenever these appear, remember to do the basic technique that enables the sound device and settings. The terrific AnyMp4 Screen Recorder ensures a smooth and quick alternative to these issues.

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