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Screenium VS ScreenFlow – Screen Recording, Editing Ability, Pricing, and More Comparison

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Feb 26, 2024Video Recorder

Screenium and ScreenFlow are two leading Mac software for screen recording and video editing. They can conveniently record high-quality content and support perfecting and editing the recorded video on the software. Although they are similar in many functions, there are always slight differences when comparing them. So, which one is superior when it comes to Screenium vs ScreenFlow? If you are struggling between the two software and want to pick one as your go-to tool, you might as well continue reading the following article. We will compare Screenium and ScreenFlow in video editing, price, user interface, and more.

Screenium VS ScreenFlow

Table of contents

Part 1. Summary Part 2. Screenium VS ScreenFlow – Video Editing Part 3. Screenium VS ScreenFlow – Screen Recording Part 4. Screenium VS ScreenFlow – Pricing Part 5. Screenium VS ScreenFlow – Integration Support Part 6. Screenium VS ScreenFlow – Customer Support Part 7. Best Alternative to Screenium or ScreenFlow Part 8. FAQs about Screenium VS ScreenFlow

Part 1. Summary

Overall Ratings

Screenium ScreenFlow
9.2 9.5
Mac only Mac only
$59.99 $129
9.0 9.5
9.3 9.7
9.3 9.5
9.0 8.8

Unique Features

Screenium allows you to record high-quality videos at up to 60 frames per second and offers many recording options. It provides convenient features such as smart zooming into highlighted areas and visualizing the mouse cursor.

ScreenFlow is capable of recording on Mac from multiple screens and audio sources simultaneously. It is renowned for its powerful editing capabilities. You can access over 500,000 items in its built-in media library and beautify video and audio using multiple animations, transitions, and other editor tools.

Final Verdict

Following an impartial comparison, it's clear that ScreenFlow stands out as a winner. For beginners, its interface is less overwhelming and easier to grasp than other sophisticated video recorders; for professional users, ScreenFlow is their invaluable assistant because of its robust editing tools. Now, let's delve deeper into its main features.

ScreenFlow Features:

◆ Multiple-devices recording.

◆ Built-in media library.

◆ Highest quality recording.

◆ Robust video editing tools.

◆ Various publishing platforms.

◆ iOS Recording.

◆ Closed Caption Support.

Part 2. Screenium VS ScreenFlow – Video Editing

Screenium Video Editing

Screenium Review Interface

Screenium offers an advanced editor that allows you to easily adjust all video elements. You can add text and shapes to annotate the content and even add animation to the text. The software provides various video and audio effects, as well as multiple pre-set templates for quick and professional creation. Moreover, you can translate your text into multiple languages using a unique option called Generate Speech.

ScreenFlow Video Editing

Screenflow Video Editing

ScreenFlow boasts a robust video editor, offering comprehensive and versatile tools to process every factor of your videos, like video, audio, text, mouse movements, captions, etc. It provides more than 500,000 video clips, sound effects, and music in its media library. Besides, the software provides a variety of effects, transitions, and animations for editing video, audio, and text. It also offers multiple convenient features, such as eliminating background noise, displaying keystrokes, customizing the mouse pointer, zooming the video in sync with the mouse cursor’s movement, and much more.

Part 3. Screenium VS ScreenFlow – Screen Recording

Screenium Screen Recording

Screenium Screen Recording

Screenium is a powerful screen recorder that allows you to record any content with a high resolution of up to 5K at 60 fps. Its main interface offers four recording modes: Area, Fullscreen, Single Window, and iOS/ tvOS device. There are also options to adjust the settings for video, audio, desktop, mouse, camera, keyboard, and timer. The flexibility of Screenium helps users create the videos they desire and caters to various needs.

ScreenFlow Screen Recording

ScreenFlow Screen Recording

ScreenFlow supports up to 5K video recording while keeping your file size low. With ScreenFlow, you can record multiple sources at the same time, such as your screen, webcam, system audio, iPhone, iPad, Retina display, attached camera, and external audio devices. You can add up to 16 channels of extra audio to your recording. You can also zoom in on important parts of your screen while recording to show more details to your viewers.

Part 4. Screenium VS ScreenFlow – Pricing

Screenium Pricing

Screenium costs $59.99 as a one-time purchase. While it doesn’t offer a free trial version, you can download the Screenium demo from its official site. The demo lets you to use all of Screenium’s features, but it does not allow you to export your recordings.

ScreenFlow Pricing

ScreenFlow is available for $169. It offers a free trial version without a time limit. You can access all the features in the free trial version, but all exported videos will include a watermark from ScreenFlow.

Part 5. Screenium VS ScreenFlow – Integration Support

Screenium Integration Support

Within Screenium, you can directly export videos to popular platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr. It also supports sending your creations via Mac's Messages and Mail apps. Moreover, you can transfer documents between Screenium and DocHub.

ScreenFlow Integration Support

ScreeFlow allows you to publish your final work directly on various social media such as Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, Wistia, Box, Imgur, and more.

Part 6. Screenium VS ScreenFlow – Customer Support

Screenium Customer Support

Screenium Customer Support

Screenium offers a dedicated support page on its website, where users can find instructions for their apps. There is also a Questions & Answers section on its website.

ScreenFlow Customer Support

ScreenFlow Customer Support

ScreenFlow offers a comprehensive support system, including a knowledge base, documentation, and training resources. Direct contact with ScreenFlow experts is also available via email, but this requires a Premium Support subscription, which costs $39 per year after a 25% discount.

Part 7. Best Alternative to Screenium or ScreenFlow

Since Screenium and ScreenFlow are only compatible with MAC devices, you might be looking for a similar software that works on Windows. If so, you can try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, which is an excellent alternative to Screenium and ScreenFlow. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a versatile video recording tool that supports both Windows and the latest macOS Sonoma. Here are some of its features:

◆ Multiple recording modes.

◆ Auto recording.

◆ Versatile built-in tools for editing.

◆ Customization of mouse, keystroke, and hotkeys.

◆ Various output forms.

◆ Many publishing destinations.

Free Download Free Download

Part 8. FAQs about Screenium VS ScreenFlow

Does Screenium and ScreenFlow support capture screenshots?

No, there are no specific options for taking snapshots in either Screenium or ScreenFlow. However, if needed, you can take a frame from the screencast as a screenshot.

Can I record my iPhone using Screenium?

Yes, you can. There is a mode for recording the screen of an iOS or tvOS device. To record your iPhone, you simply need to use a compatible cable to connect your iPhone to the Mac, and the Screenium will automatically detect your iPhone and offer to record it.

Does ScreenFlow have a watermark?

No, there are no watermarks on the paid version of ScreenFlow. However, if you’re using its free trial version, the exported videos will indeed contain a ScreenFlow watermark.


In this article, we’ve made a fair comparison between the editing tools, pricing, and other aspects of Screenium and ScreenFlow. Obviously, ScreenFlow is the winner in the Screenium VS ScreenFlow comparison. Additionally, we’ve recommended Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on Windows as an alternative for both of them. We hope you find this article helpful and would appreciate it if you could share this post with those who might need it.

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