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2. Comparison of Screen Recording
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Comprehensive Review of Screenflick VS ScreenFlow: Features You Should Know Before Purchase

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Jan 09, 2024Video Recorder

In the latest versions, Screenflick 3 and ScreenFlow 10 have added many powerful features, making them more popular as screen recording and video editing tools for Mac users. However, considering factors such as price and computer storage space, most people will only choose to download one of them. So Screenflick vs ScreenFlow: which one should you choose? In this post, we fairly compare them in screen recording capability, editing tools, and more features. Read on, and you’ll see which is better.

Screenflick vs ScreenFlow

Table of contents

Part 1. Summary Part 2. Screenflick VS ScreenFlow – Screen Recording Part 3. Screenflick VS ScreenFlow – Audio Recording Part 4. Screenflick VS ScreenFlow – Editing Tools Part 5. Screenflick VS ScreenFlow – Pricing Part 6. Screenflick VS ScreenFlow – Platform Integration Part 7. Best Alternative to Screenflick and ScreenFlow Part 8. FAQs about Screenflick VS ScreenFlow

Part 1. Summary

Overall Ratings

Screenflick ScreenFlow
Overall Rating 9.2 9.5
Platform macOS 10.14 or later macOS Ventura and Sonoma
Pricing $35 Starting at $169
For Beginners 9.5 9.0
Video Quality 9.4 9.5
Features 8.8 9.5
Editing Tools 7.0 9.5
Interface 9.0 8.5
Customer Support 9.5 9.5

Unique Features

Screenflick supports timelapse recordings and has a feature for scheduled recording that lets you set a start and an end time. While recording, you can annotate your screen to illustrate your key points better. In addition, Screenflick provides an option to remove the webcam background, which is handy when you are recording with a cluttered background. Moreover, it also allows you to control the recording from your iPhone or iPad remotely.

ScreenFlow also boasts robust video editing capability, allowing you to refine every detail of your masterpiece using numerous effects, animations, templates, and more. For example, you can add a callout to zoom in on the content details, turn off subtitles, and so on. Furthermore, one of ScreenFlow’s unique and standout features is the ability to capture multiple screens and audio sources simultaneously. It has a powerful processing system that ensures each audio source is captured separately and clearly, which is convenient for post-editing.

Final Verdict

Obviously, ScreenFlow is the winner of this competition, as it offers superior video editing tools and more comprehensive features. Furthermore, being one of the best screen recorders for Mac, ScreenFlow also provides excellent customer service, such as detailed software tutorials, a dedicated support page, and the Telestream Support Portal. With ScreenFlow, you can easily create more outstanding and professional videos.

ScreenFlow Features:

◆ Simultaneous screen, camera, and mic recording.

◆ Title library and media library.

◆ Various transitions, filters, effects, and animations.

◆ Highest Quality Recording.

◆ Streamlined Media Management.

◆ Numerous preset export settings.

◆ Multiple Publishing Options.

Part 2. Screenflick VS ScreenFlow – Screen Recording

Screenflick Screen Recording

Screenflick Screen Recording

Screenflick, a versatile video recorder, allows you to record your screen in up to 5K resolution and up to 60 frames per second. You can hide all desktop applications or only selected ones and illustrate or highlight the critical content with arrows or paintbrushes in multiple colors. Moreover, it offers options to keep, darken, or remove the webcam background.

ScreenFlow Screen Recording

ScreenFlow Screen Recording

ScreenFlow can easily capture high-resolution and 60 fps timeline framerate videos. But what makes it stand out is its ability to record multiple videos and audio simultaneously. You can capture multiple desktops and iOS devices and record video from a webcam or external cameras and various audio sources. You can also tweak the settings to customize recording details such as framerate, timer, timeline, canvas, and more.

Part 3. Screenflick VS ScreenFlow – Audio Recording

Screenflick Audio Recording

With Screenflick, you can record audio from various sources, such as system audio, a Mac’s internal microphone, an external USB microphone, or any audio device. However, to record system audio, you need to install the Screenflick Loopback plugin first. This plugin allows you to capture the sound that is played by your Mac, such as music, videos, games, etc.

ScreenFlow Audio Recording

One of the coolest things about ScreenFlow is that it can record multiple audio sources at the same time. ScreenFlow gives you specific options for audio sources, such as audio from different apps, audio from your connected devices, system audio, and microphone. Each audio will be captured in high quality, and you can choose to export them as separate audio files or combine them with your video recording.

Part 4. Screenflick VS ScreenFlow – Editing Tools

1. Video Editing


Screenflick Editing Tools

After recording on Screenflick, you can customize your video with basic editing tools. You can trim away unwanted parts, crop and resize videos, as well as add text or a logo as a watermark. You can also enhance your video by visualizing your mouse and keyboard actions or adding a picture-in-picture video on top of your recording.


ScreenFlow Editing Tools

ScreenFlow is renowned for its powerful editing features. All recorded sources have their own timelines which are convenient for editing, cropping, zooming, or combining. It has multiple title templates in its title library and over 500,000 pictures, music, and video clips in its built-in media library. You can also use ScreenFlow’s caption editor to add, edit, and embed subtitles to your videos. Though rich in professional editing features, ScreenFlow is easy to learn. Even a beginner can easily create fabulous work with ScreenFlow.

2. Audio Editing


As one of the best screen recorders, Screenflick also comes with basic audio editing tools, such as volume control, audio fade, and audio mute. You can use these tools to adjust the sound quality and level of your recordings or adjust the volume balance between the system audio and the microphone audio.


After recording, you can edit audio with ScreenFlow’s advanced tools. You can apply various audio filters, such as noise reduction, reverb, pitch shift, and more. Besides, it offers an Extract Audio option that allows you to extract the audio from a video clip and edit it separately. Furthermore, you can adjust various aspects of your audio files, such as the sample rate, bit rate, audio balance, and channels.

Part 5. Screenflick VS ScreenFlow – Pricing

Screenflick Pricing

The latest version, Screenflick 3, is available for $35 for a lifetime license, which includes all the features and any free updates. For its old users, it offers a discounted price of $20 to upgrade from Screenflick 2 to Screenflick 3. For those who bought Screenflick 2 after January 1, 2021, they can upgrade for free.

ScreenFlow Pricing

The latest version of ScreenFlow, ScreenFlow 10, is available for a single purchase at USD 169. If you have a previous version, you can upgrade to ScreenFlow 10 according to the pricing plan. For example, upgrading from ScreenFlow 9 to ScreenFlow 10 costs $49. Before purchasing the program, you can try out its free trial version, which allows you to experience its full features, but exported videos will contain a ScreenFlow watermark.

Part 6. Screeflick VS ScreenFlow – Platform Integration

Both Screenflick and ScreenFlow are integrated with various platforms, such as video-sharing platforms, cloud storage services, and more. You can see the details below:

Recorders Platform
Screenflick 1. Automator
2. Shortcuts
3. Screenflick Remote
4. YouTube
5. Facebook
6. Flickr
7. Vimeo
8. Dropbox
ScreenFlow 1. Wistia
2. Intercom
3. Qwilr
4. Theta Lake
5. YouTube
6. Vimeo
7. Google Drive
8. Dropbox

Part 7. Best Alternative to Screenflick and ScreenFlow

If you are a Windows user, don’t worry, you can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, the best alternative to Screenflick and ScreenFlow on Windows OS. It is an excellent software for screen capture and video recording, as well as many built-in editing tools, enabling you to easily achieve one-stop screen capture, video recording, and further creation.

Aiseesoft Screen Recording Interface

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder features:

◆ Offers various options for screen capturing, such as capturing pop-up menus, regional recording, recording active windows, etc.

◆ Set the time, length, and other requirements for automatic recording.

◆ Supports various output formats for images, audio, and videos.

◆ Records your mobile devices, both Android and iPhone.

◆ Supports customizing mouse, keystroke, hotkeys, and more.

◆ Provides multiple built-in editing tools, such as Advanced Trimmer, File Converter, Media Metadata Editor, and others.

Free Download Free Download

Part 8. FAQs about Screenflick VS ScreenFlow

Does ScreenFlow support real-time annotation?

No, it doesn’t. However, ScreenFlow 8 and later versions allow you to add freehand annotations in the post-editing process.

Can I schedule a recording task on Screenflick?

No, Screenflick does not have a built-in feature to schedule a recording task. However, Screenflick integrates with Automator, which can help you create a workflow to launch Screenflick and start a recording at a specific time.

Can ScreenFlow and Screenflick support recording Retina display?

Yes, both ScreenFlow and Screenflick can support recording Retina display.


In summary, ScreenFlow is the better choice after a thorough comparison. However, different people have different preferences, and you may care more about the price or other factors. Through the review of Screenflick VS ScreenFlow, we provide you with a holistic understanding of Screenflick and Screen Flow and hope you can for your go-to tool.

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