1. What is Windows Product Key
2. Where to Buy Windows License
3. How to Activate Windows without Key
4. How to Disable Windows Key
5. How to Transfer Windows Key
6. How to Find Windows Product Key
7. FAQs

Techniques on How-To Buy, Activate, Disable, Transfer and Find Windows Product Key

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Some users are unaware of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11 product or license keys. It would help if you celebrated because, in this How-To article, we will discuss what Windows Product Key is. Not just that, we will also show you where to buy and how to activate, disable, transfer and find Windows product keys. We also use one software to help you find your product key. Please read now!

Windows Product Key

Table of contents

1. What is Windows Product Key 2. Where to Buy Windows License 3. How to Activate Windows without Key 4. How to Disable Windows Key 5. How to Transfer Windows Key 6. How to Find Windows Product Key 7. FAQs of Windows Product Key

1. What is Windows Product Key

A Windows Product Key is a one-of-a-kind key you need to purchase from Microsoft software. The question is, how can Windows Product Key benefit the user after purchasing software? You can use your Windows Product Key to identify, install, and restore the software on your PC or Mac just in case you have purchased a Microsoft product.

In addition, Windows 10/11 is activated with a digital license connected to your Microsoft account. Therefore, it is not essential to enter your product key after installing Windows 10/11.

2. Where to Buy Windows Licens

If you are wondering where to buy a Windows 10/11 license, Windows 10/11 has two ways to do it. The first is by purchasing the latest device with Windows 10/11 or the second is by purchasing, downloading, and installing a full version of software on the internet that is also compatible with Windows 7 PCs.

In this part, we will show you some methods by which you can buy a Windows license. Take a look at every way and step because you might need them in the future.

Method 1: Buying Windows License on a Windows PC


Tap on the Windows Start Menu. It is located on the lower-left side of the taskbar. After that, you will also see the Settings icon on the left side and click it, opening the Settings menu.

Windows Product Key Start Menu and Settings

Next, a new window will appear, and you will see all the Settings options such as System, Devices, Phone, Personalization, Apps, Accounts, etc. However, find the Update and Security on the last part of the options.

Windows Product Key Updates and Security

Click the Update and Security, and you will go on to the next part. On the left sidebar, you will see the checkmark icon, which is the Activation, and double-click it.

Windows Product Key Activation

After that, you will proceed to the next part, and you will see the Go to Store button above the Change Product Key and click it.

Windows Product Key Go to Store

You will see the Windows 10 Pro and its price. What you need to do now is click the Buy button. Take note that the cost of the Windows 10 will varies depending on the version that you have.

Windows Product Key Windows 10 Pro Buy

In the next part, you must add your Microsoft account to the Microsoft Store. Type your email on the text box and enter your PIN or password. You must remember that you must do this step if you are not yet logged in. But if you are already logged in, you will proceed to the payment method.

Windows Product Key Add Your Microsoft Account

Lastly, confirm your payment method. Add your Card Number, Cardholder Name, etc. After that, click the Buy button. And that is it!

Windows Product Key Payment Method

3. How to Activate Windows without Key

Since many users ask how to activate Windows without a key or a license/product key, we dig into some ways to do it. But before that, we want to know that Microsoft allows users to download and install Windows 10 for free, even without using a key, product key, or license key.

Below, you will see the steps, and please read them carefully:

Activating Windows without Key using Command Prompt


In your Windows Start on the left side corner of your computer, type Command Prompt or CMD. Then, the Command Prompt will show, and click the Run as Administrator below the Open button.

Windows Product Key Command Prompt

Following that, the panel of Command Prompt will appear. Type the command slmgr.vbs /upk and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Windows Product Key Command Enter

To install the product key, you need to type the command slmgr /ipk NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-XXXXX.

Windows Product Key Type the Command

After that command, continue typing the following command slmgr /skms

Windows Product Key Continue Typing Command

Next, you can now activate your Windows by typing the command slmgr /ato.

Windows Product Key Activate Windows

4. How to Disable Windows Key

Most of the time, gamers desire to know how to disable the Windows keys. Why gamers? Because gamers accidentally press it upon playing a game on their PC and accidentally open the Start menu. It triggers a hotkey keyboard shotcut that stops the gamer on their play.

Luckily, this part has many ways to disable the Windows key. You will not be interrupted while gaming or doing other activities. In the lower part, we will show you the steps you can follow to disable the Windows key.

Method 1: Disabling Windows Key by Editing the Registry


Click the Windows Start on the lower side corner of your computer. Then, type the regedit or Registry Editor and select the Run as Administrator.

Windows Product Key Type Registry Editor

Once you open the Registry Editor, you need to navigate the following key or copy and paste this into the Registry Editor address bar, HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer. After that, press the Enter on your keyboard.

Windows Product Key Navigate the Following Key

Next, you need to see the value on the right side of the panel, the NoWinkeys. If you did not see it, right-click on a space on the panel, select the New, and tap the DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Windows Product Key No Winkeys

Double-click the NoWinkeys value; you need to change the value data from 0 to 1. After typing the 1 on the text box, click the OK button to confirm it.

Windows Product Key Change the Value Data

Once done, you need to restart your PC and tap the Windows key. Take note that this will still open the Windows Start menu. However, it will not trigger any hotkeys that might interrupt your gameplay or other activities on your PC.

Method 2: Disabling Windows Key using Group Policy Editor


Press the Windows key plus R on your keyboard and enter the gpedit.msc. After that, on the lower corner of the small panel, click the OK button.

Windows Product Key Windows Key Plus R

Start navigating into User Configuration and click Administrative Templates and Windows Components. After that, you will immediately see the File Explorer.

Windows Product Key File Explorer

After tapping the File Explorer, on the right side corner, find the Turn off Windows Key hotkeys and double-click it.

Windows Product Key Turn Off Windows Key Hotkeys

Next to that, you will go to another panel. You will see the Enable button and tick it. After that, you will see the OK button on the panel's lower right and click it.

Windows Product Key Enable Button

Lastly, restart your computer, and you need to check if it solves the problem. Please take note and it is only a simple solution. You can also try a different answer.

5. How to Transfer Windows Key

Before transferring, you must ensure that your Windows 10/11 license key can be transferred to another PC. Once you confirm that your Windows key can be transferred, you can start transferring.

To transfer your Windows license key, you can uninstall first the product key on your computer. This led to informing Microsoft Activation Services that the Windows license is no longer activated on your computer. Another way is to reformat your computer to ensure that your Windows license is not existing on your computer anymore.

Below, we will show you how to uninstall Windows Key on your computer and transfer your Windows license to another PC.

Solution 1: Uninstall Windows Key


On your keyboard, tap the Windows Start plus X, click the Command Prompt, and Run as Administrator. Once it opens, enter this command: slmgr.vbs /upk. Then, click the Enter on your keyboard.

Windows Product Key Enter This Command

After that, a small box will pop up and updates you that your product key is already uninstalled. Then, click the OK button to confirm.

That is it! You can now transfer your license to another computer you like. In the next part, we will show you how to transfer the Windows key.

Solution 2: Transfer Windows Key to Another PC


Click the Windows Start on the lower-left corner of your PC. After that, type This PC, and you will see the options on the right side.

Windows Product Key This PC

On the right, the last part of the options are Open, Pin to Start, Manage, etc.; however, you need to click the Properties.

Windows Product Key Properties

Following that, you will see the Windows Specifications, then see the Edition and look at the version on your computer.

Windows Product Key Edition

After identifying your Windows version, launch the Command Prompt and Run as Administrator. After that, type the command slmgr.vbs /ipk and slmgr /dlv. Then, it will activate the Windows key on your computer.

Windows Product Key Edition

6. How to Find Windows Product Key

It is easy to find Windows 10/11 product keys when you use effective software. In this part, we will use one of the Windows product key finders, PassFab Product Key Recovery to find Windows product keys with just a few steps. Please see the available steps below:


Visit the official website of PassFab Product Key Recovery and click the Free Trial. After that, install it on your computer.

Windows Product Key Official Website of PassFab Product Key Recovery.

After installing it, launch the software, and you will immediately see its interface. The middle part includes a table that consists of the Product Name, License Key, and Product ID.

Windows Product Key Main Interface

On the lower part of the interface, click the Get Key. Then, PassFab Product Key Recovery will then detect all the product key information and show you on the interface.

Windows Product Key Get Key

That is it! Super simple and easy. In addition, if you want to save the product key on your PC. Click the Generate Text on the lower right corner of the interface and save it to your desired folder on your computer, and you are done.

Windows Product Key Generate Text

7. FAQs of Windows Product Key

Is PassFab Product Key Recovery safe on finding my Windows product key?

PassFab Product Key Recovery is an advisable software that is safe to use over the web. That is why we recommend it to the user. You can try it now for free!

Is it possible to transfer my Windows product key to another computer?

Yes, it is possible if the Windows product key is already uninstalled on the PC. If not, you cannot transfer your Windows 10 license key to another PC.

How do I check my Windows product key?

You can see it in your Settings on your PC. Or, you can download and use software to find your Windows product key.


Finally, we are done with this HowTo article. We dig so many ideas about Windows product keys for us to satisfy you with this article. We hope that you appreciate it, and with that, we are expecting your thumbs up and good feedback. We will see you again in the following article!

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