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NirSoft ProduKey Review: It Helps Windows User to Find Their Product Keys

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Jun 06, 2022Windows Tips

When it comes to uniqueness, NirSoft ProduKey is one of those tools! Ops, are you aware of it? If not, this review is excellent timing for you. NirSoft ProducKey can help you find your product key in just a minute. In addition, it is compatible with Windows, so if you are a Windows user, you need to celebrate! So much so, join us as we review NirSoft ProduKey. Let us read now!

NirSoft ProduKey Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is NirSoft ProduKey 3. NirSoft ProduKey Review 4. FAQs of NirSoft ProduKey 5. Nirsoft ProduKey Review VS Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

1. Our Verdict

It is fast, small, and effective because of C++.
Its utilities are portable and do not require installations.
The single utility of this software is less than 100KB only, unlike other software companies.
All the utilities do not need to write anything to the Registry and your profile folder.
It allows you to use USB Flash Drive, leaving the computer with no traces.
It has a command line. Therefore, you do not need to display the user interface.
It does not collect personal information from your computer and will not snd information to anyone.
It is freeware without any catch.
It has many Ads.
It is confusing to use.
It is not secure to download and install.

Overall Rating

8.1 Overall


Easy to use:8.0


2. What is NirSoft ProduKey

Best for:users searching for unique and freeware utilities for Windows password recovery.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows

Main Features

Some users are not familiar with NirSoft Produkey since others think it is not famous. However, Nirsoft Produkey covers comprehensive utilities. In addition, it is a small utility that displays your Product ID or your CD Key of your Windows password, Microsoft Office, and many more that is installed on your PC. Moreover, it lets you view the information of your latest running operating system and another operating computer. So much with that, let us see NirSoft Produkey features below:

◆ It can extract the password and account information of your Windows.

◆ It has the latest password recovery tool for your Microsoft Outlook account.

◆ It can recover DPAPI-encrypted passwords created under the Microsoft account from your external drive.

◆ It allows you to search an empty folder on your Windows.

◆ It provides a command-line version.

3. NirSoft ProduKey Review


NirSoft ProduKey Interface

NirSoft ProduKey has a friendly interface. I like the way it looks since it has a classic yet simple interface. You will see the File, Edit, View, and Help on the upper part. Each of the options has its functions. And then, on the middle part, you will see the Product Name, Product ID, Product Key, and Computer Name. As we conclude on the interface of Nirsoft ProduKey, we can say that it has an easy to manage interface. Nonetheless, we recommend the beginner user to use it, and you can recover your product key effortlessly!

Finding the Product ID and Product Key

NirSoft ProduKey Finding the Product ID and Product Key

To find your Product ID and Product Key, you need to launch the NirSoft ProduKey. As you notice on the screenshot, we have three Product Names: Office XP, Office 2003, and Microsoft Windows 2000. Next to that are the Product ID and the Product Key. Again, they are not allowed to disclose them to you. Then, the Computer's name is; Comp01. Comp01, and Comp01.

Product Key Scanner

NirSoft ProduKey Product Key Scanner

Product Key Scanner is one of the tools of NirSoft ProduKey. It is a tool that scans the Registry of Windows Operating Systems, and it will find the Product Key of your Windows and Microsoft products. It allows you to scan the Registry of your newest running system. Also, you can scan the Registry from your external hard drive, which is plugged in on your PC. Moreover, upon scanning your product keys, NirSoft ProduKey lets you search your product key is stored in BIOS and you can search product keys by using WMI.

Furthermore, as you can see on the panel that Product Key Scanner, you will notice the File, Edit, View, Options, and Help on the upper part. Also, in the middle part, you can see the Product ID, Product Key, Product Name, Scan Type, and Registry Key. We know that you will notice the blurred effect of our photo. Yes, the Product ID and the Product Key need to blur, especially if you want to share the screenshot on the public site. Why? They are personal, and it needs to be kept. In short, they do not need to disclose to anyone. What only can I share with you is the Product Name, Scan Type, and Registry Key.

4. FAQs of NirSoft ProduKey

Is NirSoft ProduKey safe and secure to use?

Unfortunately, we cannot say that NirSoft ProduKey is safe and secure to use. Why? From our research and upon using it, when we try to download every version of NirSoft ProduKey, it always appears that it is not safe to download because of the viruses it may cause.

How can I activate my Product Key on NirSoft ProduKey?

You will see it on the start menu. All you have to search for is the Activation. After that, click to open it. Then, tap the Change Product Key in order to open the window in which you ask to enter your Product Key. Next, you can now type the purchased key on the given text box. After that, could you wait for the Windows to activate itself?

Who is the founder of NirSoft ProduKey?

The founder of NirSoft ProduKey is Nir Sofer. It is undeniable that the name of the software comes from his name. Nir Sofer aims to make a website that provides a unique collection of convenient and efficient utilities, especially for finding your Windows product keys.

Why is there an error in downloading every version of NirSoft ProduKey?

There is indeed an error upon downloading NirSoft ProduKey, and it is because the error message says that it is not safe to download and run NirSoft ProduKey software. Why? Antivirus or a Firewall blocks you from downloading or running the software. Nonetheless, if you need to use NirSoft ProduKey yet you do not know how to bypass the blocking from your computer's Antivirus, contact the support of your Antivirus of your software.

5. Nirsoft ProduKey Review VS Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

NirSoft ProduKey is a good tool. However, let us know if Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder is better. In this part, we will compare some of its features and more. Please take a closer look below:

NirSoft ProduKey VS Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder
Free Price Price
Windows Operating Systems Windows
8.0 Safety 9.0
9.0 Interface 8.5
8.5 Convenient 9.0
8.5 Reliable 8.5
It allows you to save it to TXT and CSV file format.
It provides a Load Hive Option.
It allows you to search an empty folder for Windows.

While observing the comparison table, it is clear that Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder is much safer to use. Of course, users will always choose to use security software. Therefore, we are confident in recommending Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder to you. Moreover, we compare these two software with honesty and how we use the software. We hope that you appreciate that!


The sad part about this review is telling the users that NirSoft ProduKey is not safe to download, run, and safe to use. We always make sure that our thoughts are genuine, and we despise unbiased reviews. Overall, NirSoft is such a great tool, and it helps you recover your product key. Moreover, you can freely check our article about Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder. Thank you for reading this review until the end. We are expecting to see you again with our next article!

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