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Record Like A Pro: Acethinker Free Online Screen

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Jun 13, 2024Video Recorder

Do you want to record your screen for use in presentations, gameplays, or tutorials? There's nowhere else to look! This review will examine AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder. It is a well-liked option for anyone looking for a free screen capture tool. We'll discuss its attributes and find its pros and cons. We'll decide if it truly records like a pro. But let's tackle the big issue first: is it really free? We'll address these and more as we expose AceThinker's advantages and disadvantages. Also, we will discuss and introduce a desktop alternative to it. It can better fit those who need more features than the free edition provides!

AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder Review
Part 1. What is AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder Part 2. AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder Review Part 3. FAQs of AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder Part 4. Best Alternative- Vidmore Screen Recorder

Our Verdict

Completely free to use
Easy to use and uncomplicated
Versatile recording options
basic editing features
Multiple output format
Limited editing capabilities
Lacks advanced features
Potential security concerns

Overall Rankings

Want to take a screenshot without paying any money or installing anything? The solution might be AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder! This evaluation is about important factors. These include performance, credibility, customer service, versatility, and free usage. Then, to help you decide if AceThinker is the best free screen recorder for you, we'll combine these rankings into one score.

Overall Scores: 3.9/5

Free to Use: 5/5

It is by far the greatest benefit! It is an affordable recorder since it has no watermarks, hidden costs, or recording time restrictions.

Versatility: 3.5/5

It captures full screen, selected regions, and webcam footage easily. It meets basic screen recording demands. It does not have sophisticated editing options or the ability to schedule recordings.

Customer Service:3/5

Performance: 4/5

Provides the majority of customers with a dependable and seamless recording experience.

Reliability: 4/5

Some consumers may have some security issues due to the web-based nature of the product. The recorder itself is typically dependable, though.

AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder is a good option for budget-conscious casual users. It provides simple editing options and does a great job of free screen recording. But once you need more advanced features, for example, powerful editing tools, scheduling options, or a large customer care team. In that case, consider investing in a more comprehensive screen recorder like Vidmore, which we'll talk about next.

Part 1. What is AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder

You can use the free web app AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder. It lets you record your computer screen. It's perfect for non-professional users. They want a cheap, quick solution to record gameplay, tutorials, or presentations.

AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder Recording Web

Price: Nothing! Watermarks, hidden fees, or recording time restrictions don't exist.

Platform: internet-based. Available on any browser on any computer ( Windows, macOS, Linux, Android OS)

Main Features

◆ Free screen recording.

◆ To improve your recordings, cut out any unnecessary material.

◆ Save your recordings in widely used formats like MP4.

◆ Simple design makes it straightforward to use.

Part 2. AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder Review

User Interface

◆ AceThinker's UI is simple enough, even for new users, to understand

◆ You can set the frame rate (up to 60 fps) and recording quality (low, medium, and high)

Recorder Features

◆ You can select whether to record the full screen or program

◆ You can record sound effects or narration

◆ Cut out any extraneous video at the start or finish of your recordings.

◆ Pens, highlighters, and color pickers are examples of tools you can use on Acethinker's free screen recorder online.

◆ Cursor Highlighting

Additional Tips

◆ Acethinker is a software service. Therefore, it is possible to make updates and enhancements in the future to fix bugs, add new features, and improve performance.

◆ Make sure you have a steady internet connection before you record. This is especially important if you're recording in high-definition.

◆ To avoid any hiccups, learn the interface and settings. Do this before starting your recording.

◆ For higher audio quality, use a second microphone. This is especially important for recording narration.

◆ You choose whether to store recordings on local devices. Or, Acethinker may offer ways to store videos on its platform.

◆ User communities and support forums are frequently available on online screen recording platforms.

Part 3. FAQs of AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder

What is the highest frame rate and recording resolution possible?

The best quality is high definition (1080p) with a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second. But we don't have precise details.

Do you have any further free screen recorders?

Yes, there are a number of free screen recorders available. While some may have special qualities, others may have comparable features. Investigate substitutes such as the Vidmore screen recorder.

I want to record, but can I change the system audio or microphone levels first?

Regrettably, pre-recording audio level adjustments are not possible with the free edition. To get the right levels, you should play with the audio settings on your machine.

Does it integrate cloud storage for recording purposes?

No, direct cloud storage integration is not available with the free version. Recordings are stored in local storage on your PC. If you wanted to store them in the cloud, you would have to upload them manually.

Can I post recordings straight to social media?

The recorder does not have an integrated feature that allows for immediate social media sharing. The recording must be manually uploaded to your chosen social media network after it has been saved.

Part 4. Best Alternative- Vidmore Screen Recorder

AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder is a handy free choice for basic screen recording. But, customers who need more will find its limits unacceptable. Vidmore Screen Recorder serves as a strong substitute in this situation. Vidmore Screen Recorder is a desktop recorder for Windows and Mac. It has a lot of features for taking screen captures. In contrast to AceThinker's web method, Vidmore offers a specialized app. It has an easy interface and slightly higher system requirements than the lightweight AceThinker.

Main features

◆ Screen and audio recording

◆ Vidmore boasts a powerful editing suite that lets you cut and crop unwanted footage for a concise final product.

◆ Add transitions between clips for a smooth flow.

◆ Include subtitles for improved accessibility or multilingual viewing.

◆ Schedule recordings in advance.

◆ Store your recordings in a number of widely used file types, including AVI, MKV, MP4, and more.

◆ It functions offline

The Vidmore Screen Recorder goes beyond being a simple screen recorder. It has powerful output formats, scheduling options, comprehensive editing tools, and improved security. These features make it a great tool. It is for making polished screen recordings, presentations, tutorials, and more. Additionally, apart from being a great desktop screen capturer, Vidmore’s recorder is also an excellent GIF recorder that can capture your screen activities and output an animated GIF effortlessly.


Acethinker's free screen recorder online is a good choice if you're looking for a totally free solution for your basic screen recording needs. However, the Vidmore Screen Recorder is the best because of its advanced features. It also has many customization options, strong security, and can work offline. To select the best decision for your screen recording attempts, take your needs and budget into account.

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