Part 1. Verdict of VideoSolo Screen Recorder
Part 2. How We Test and Overall Ratings
Part 3. VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review
Part 4. Best Alternative to VideoSolo Screen Recorder
Part 5. FAQs

VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Jul 11, 2024Video Recorder

Screen recorder tools have slowly increased in popularity over the recent years. Today, they may be considered a staple convenience software for most PC and Mac users. This is all thanks to the rise of online meetings and video streaming sites that this software can record and save for free. With that in mind, this article will serve as a guide for interested screen recorder users by providing a complete VideoSolo Screen Recorder review. We will feature the software’s main features, pros, cons, and important factors to be reviewed in terms of its capabilities as a screen recorder. We will also provide an alternative software that users looking for more screen recording options can use. Please continue reading this article to learn more about this topic below.

Videosolo Screen Recorder Review

Table of contents

Part 1. Verdict of VideoSolo Screen Recorder Part 2. How We Test and Overall Ratings Part 3. VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review Part 4. Best Alternative to VideoSolo Screen Recorder Part 5. FAQs About VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review

Part 1. Verdict of VideoSolo Screen Recorder

VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Pricing: $29.95 - $89.95

Supported Platform: Windows, MacOS

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recording software available for both Windows and MacOS, making it accessible to most users. In addition to this platform accessibility, the tool is also popular for being versatile in terms of offered recording modes. Specifically, the tool offers a total of five recording modes headlined by the main screen recorder, audio recorder, game recorder, webcam recorder, and phone mirror recorder for connected smart devices. Moreover, these versatile recording modes are supported by high-quality additional features for added practicality and convenience. To learn more about the tool’s main features, pros, and cons, please continue reading below and check out our overall ratings.

Main Features:

• Features five recording modes.

• The game recorder mode supports 4K and 60FPS.

• The audio recorder mode can capture system audio, microphone, or both simultaneously.

• Scheduled and automatic recording buttons.

• Annotations can be applied while recording live.

Simple to understand interface.
Equipped with advanced features for more customizability.
User guides are available on their website.
The steep price tag for their paid plans.
Their free trial version is severely limited.

Overall Ratings:

• Main features:
• Recording quality:
• Ease of use:
• Interface design:
• Paid version pricing:

Part 2. How We Test and Overall Ratings

Steps Description
1. Testing Platforms We tested VideoSolo Screen Recorder on two separate computers running on Windows and Mac operating systems. The software’s free-to-download trial version was used to test it.
2. Screen Recording The VideoSolo Screen Recorder was used to capture a short webinar during the testing process, which was held in Zoom. We also used its game recorder mode to record a quick game of Valorant.
3. Video Recording Quality After using the tool to screen-record different applications, we watched the recorded footage to assess its video clarity and audio quality.
4. Tested All Recording Modes Since the VideoSolo Screen Recorder has multiple screen recording modes, we tested all five of them in addition to the previously mentioned Screen and Game recorder modes. With that in mind, Audio, Webcam, and Phone Mirror recorders are also tested.

Part 3. VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review

Main Interface


VideoSolo Screen Recorder’s main interface is designed to match other screen recording tools in the market. This design choice makes the tool a great option for users who are used to other software. This is a smart choice for VideoSolo Screen Recorder since it will help other users who are testing their tool or those used to other options. It is also designed intuitively for beginners.

Recorder Features


In terms of recorder features, the tool offers every essential mode optimized for modern usage. This includes the screen recorder, audio recorder, game recorder, webcam recorder, and the bonus addition of a phone mirror recorder. With all these modes combined, the software is now capable of supporting every recording purpose that its users may choose.

Adjustable Recording Quality and Format

Quality Format

For users concerned about the video quality and file format of their screen recordings, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a good option. The tool can be used to adjust these settings before importing recorded files. After a recording session has finished, both the file format and

Practical Additional Features

Additional Features

If the main features of VideoSolo Screen Recorder are not enough for your needs, the software can provide more practicality to its users by featuring additional features. Among these highlighted features, a recording compressor and video converter might be the most practical since they can help users save digital storage and play videos in more basic media player tools.

Part 4. Best Alternative to VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Vidmore Screen Recorder

VideoSolo Screen Recorder’s features are among the most versatile on the market. Unfortunately, this option has a quite expensive price tag. Fortunately, our featured alternative in this section of the article can provide all the features available in our topic today while being more affordable. This alternative is none other than Vidmore Screen Recorder.

With a starting price tag of $14.95 all the way to $69.95 for a lifetime license for three computers, this option offers immense value for users who want to use the software. Despite its affordable pricing, Vidmore Screen Recorder can offer most of the features available in the topic of our review. This includes the practical screen recorder mode, gameplay, webcam, audio, and more.

In addition to its main features, the software is developed with students, professionals, content creators, gamers, and business marketers in mind. If you belong to this target market, consider downloading Vidmore Screen Recorder.

Free Download Free Download

Part 5. FAQs About VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review

Is VideoSolo Screen Recorder a good recording tool?

Yes, it is. The tool is versatile and easy to use. It can also be tested via a free trial version.

Is VideoSolo Screen Recorder safe to use?

Yes, it is. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is free from harmful viruses or malware, so that you can install the program safely. You can freely test their trial version.

Is VideoSolo Screen Recorder free?

No, it is not. It only has a free trial version. This free-to-download trial only lasts for 30 days.

What is a good alternative for VideoSolo Screen Recorder?

Vidmore Screen Recorder is a good alternative to VideoSolo Screen Recorder. The tool offers similar features but is more affordable. Its lifetime license plan can also be activated for three computer devices.

Is VideoSolo Screen Recorder easy to use?

Yes, it is. It is designed to be useful for beginners. Despite that, it is still functional for more advanced usage.


With this review and introduction now finished, we hope that this article has helped you decide if VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a good option for your needs. For a more affordable option that you can use, make sure to check Vidmore Screen Recorder software.
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