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Download The Best 7 Image Cropper to Change Photo Size

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Having a picture with inappropriate background is frustrating. Also, you cannot delete the entire picture, which is why you are looking for the best image croppers on the internet. Maybe this is your lucky day because this article review will provide the seven best image croppers: Pixlr, Photoshop, VSCO, Snapseed, Picsart, Lunapic, and GIMP. Read now, and you will become each one of them.

Best Image Cropper
Part 1: Best 7 Image Cropper Review Part 2: Which One is the Best - Comparison Table Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 Image Cropper

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Part 1: Best 7 Image Cropper


Best Image Cropper PIXLR

Price: Premium Subscription costs $7.99 a month and $4.90 a year; Team Subscription costs $12.99 a month and $9.91 a year.

Platform: Windows

Overall Rating:
It has a free trial you can use for 30 days.
It offers two online tools; Pixlr X and Pixlr E.
It supports various formats.
The updated version offers fewer editing options.
Sometimes, it stops users from launching an image to edit.
It requires you to sign in.
Its free version contains Ads, which you can eliminate when you purchase the product.

If you want an image cropper online, you can try Pixlr. It offers an online tool you can use for a free version, and you can also purchase it, and the price starts at $7.99. In addition, it is a photo cropper with many professional tools, yet it is manageable to use.

To start cropping, you can upload images from your computer. Or, you can use their available images. You can also Start Design, Creare New, or Load URL. When cropping the image you selected, you can freely decide the size of the Width and Height based on what you prefer. Moreover, you can also Straighten from -25.0° up to 25.0°. Pixlr allows you to Rotate and Flip the image and select an Aspect Ratio and Size.


Best Image Cropper Photoshop

Price: Starts at $29.00 a month.

Platform: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Web-based.

Overall Rating:
It has advanced photo editing tools.
It is more convenient for professional users.
It has numerous features.
It is a must to a payment method first before using the free trial.
It is costly, especially for beginner users.
It does not have an online version.

Photoshop is a professional software for advanced users, and it offers a free image cropper for 30 days after adding a payment method. Sadly, it does not accessible as an online photo cropper, but it can be downloaded easily.

Like another tool, you must select a picture you want to crop using Photoshop. It provides Crop Tools Options such as Aspect Ratio, Swab Width, and Overlay Options. Furthermore, you can also straighten your photo while cropping it; it is simple to do that. Photoshop is included as one of the best software you can use to crop images.


Best Image Cropper VSCO

Price: Monthly Membership costs $19.47 a month, and Annual Membership costs $57.55.

Platform: iOS devices.

Overall Rating:
Its annual membership is affordable.
It is easy to use.
It does not apply to Android devices.
It has a free trial that offers limited features.
They recently took away a lot of filters.

VSCO is a picture cropper app for iOS devices. It lets you create and edit a picture with the help of its tools. However, if you use the trial version, you will not enjoy using it because of its limitations. Again, VSCO is a photo editor that can crop your selected photos. It also has advanced photo editing tools when you acquire its membership.

Furthermore, it offers more than 200 Presents and lets you add Filters, Text, Colors, and more. It can also adjust and customize Exposure. Overall, it has an excellent app user interface; it is manageable to use and safe for your iOS devices.


Best Image Cropper Snapseed

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS.

Overall Rating:
It is straightforward.
It has a beautiful app user interface.
It is free to use with many editing tools.
It is not easy to download on Windows.

Snapseed is a software and app which is a picture cropper. Again, it can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, and your Android and iOS devices. When you click the Tool button, you will see all the free tools you can use, like Tune Image, Details, Curves, White Balance, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, Expand, Selective, Brush, and many more.

Snapseed is a go-to app on your device, and you can edit your pictures easily and quickly. Moreover, when your device crops your image using Snapseed, you can choose different sizes like Original, DPN, Square, 3:2, 4:3, and furthermore. What's more? You can Share your cropped picture on any social media platform. You can also Save the output image to your device or Save it as a Copy.


Best Image Cropper Picsart

Price: Monthly Plan costs $11.99, and Yearly Plan costs $55.99.

Platform: Online, Android, iOS

Overall Rating:
It has an aesthetic interface.
It is accessible online.
Its free online version offers various tools.
You need to sign in using your email accounts.
It lags sometimes.
It requires you to add a payment method to start the free trial.

PicsArt is an online image cropper that is accessible online and to your devices. It offers a free version online, and you can start uploading, dragging, and dropping your images. After that, you can start using the various tools that PicsArt provides.

For example, you can use all the free Templates of different sizes. You can also use available templates and edit them according to your desire. What else? PicsArt will let you choose and add Photos from them, and you can also add Text with and use various fonts. Overall, using PicsArt, you can do much more such as adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights, and even further.


Best Image Cropper Lunapic

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It is easy to use.
It is free to use online.
It provides annoying Ads.

You can do a circle image cropper using Lunapic. It allows you to crop your photos using image cropper square and by pixel. Even if it is free to use, you can see all the numerous features on the left side of the panel. It lets you add Text, Gradient, Paint Bucket, and more.

Before saving or sharing the photo on your computer or social media platform, you can edit the image by Drawing, Add Filters, Effects, Art, and Animation. Moreover, beginner users will love using this online tool. However, the only disadvantage that Lunapic is its Ads. It isn't very pleasant. Nevertheless, Ads are still manageable. You can still love and enjoy using Lunapic and crop many images.


Best Image Cropper GIMP

Price: Free

Platform: Free BSD, Sun OpenSolaris, Mac, Windows, Linux

Overall Rating:
It offers a user-friendly and customizable interface.
It is free to use, and you can also donate if you want to,
It provides many kinds of file formats.
It also provides a guide that is perfect for beginner users.
It is not easy to use and is not advisable for beginner users.

GIMP is free software for everyone, and to give back to them, you can donate to them. Again, it is free software with a photo cropper tool that professional users will love. Moreover, while cropping your photo using GIMP, you can select the Aspect Ratio you like and edit the picture by adding Text, Colors, Filters, and more. After that, you can save it to your computer or share it with your friends or loved ones.

Part 2: Which One is the Best - Comparison Table

Platform Price Money Back Guarantee Customer Support Easy-to-use Interface Sign up or not Quality Safety Best For
Widnows Starts at $7.99 8.5 8.8 Sign in 8.8 9.7 Advance users
Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Web-based Starts at $29.00 8.6 8.8 8.8 8.8 Advance users
iOS devices Start at $19.47 8.8 8.9 Sign in 8.9 8.8 New users
Windows, Android, Mac, iOS Free Free 9.0 8.9 8.7 8.8 New users
Online, Android, iOS Starts at $11.99 8.6 8.8 Sign in 8.8 8.7 Advance users
Online Free Free 8.8 8.5 8.7 8.8 New users
Free BSD, Sun OpenSolaris, Mac, Windows, Linux Free Free 8.6 8.9 8.8 8.9 Advance users

Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 Image Cropper

How to crop an image in Photoshop?

Launch Photoshop, and you will notice the Toolbar and choose the Crop Tool. Next, select the part you want to keep. You can also use these options; Aspect Ratio, Swap Width, Height Values, and Overlay Options. After that, tap Enter or Return to crop the photo's edges.

How to make pictures fit on Instagram without cropping?

To answer this question, you can use Snapseed, mentioned above. After downloading and installing it, you can start launching it. After that, you will see the Tools button on the below-middle part and click it. Next, select the Crop and choose the Aspect Ratio of 16:9, which fits on Instagram. Tap the Check icon and Save it. You can now upload it on your Instagram feed.

How to zoom in on an image using Final Cut Pro?

First, you need to upload an image. After that, you can zoom in on an image using the Zoom Tool of Final Cut Pro. You need to click the Tools on the pop-up Menu placed in the upper corner of the timeline and select Zoom or press the Letter Z on your keyboard. A simple tip, you need to press and hold the letter Z.


We know that there are many software and tools on the internet; these seven tools, namely Pixlr, Photoshop, VSCO, Snapseed, Picsart, Lunapic, and GIMP, are included as the best image cropper. Hopefully, this article review will help you with your concerns. Moreover, you can refer to the comparison table for extra details. We will expect you again at our next one!

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