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Best 7 Photo Collage Maker that Can Stitch Images into One Image Aesthetically

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Nowadays many high-tech cameras exist. For that reason, you have a lot of photos, and you want to combine them into one image to save space on your device or computer. This review article will introduce the best photo collage makers, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, PicStitch, Pic Collage, Photo Grid, Canva, PicMonkey, and Adobe Photoshop Express. You can try and use them individually. But before using them, read this article first now.

Best Photo Collage Maker
Part 1: Best 7 Photo Collage Maker Part 2: Which is the Best One - Comparison Table Part 3: FAQs of Best Photo Collage Maker

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Part 1: Best 7 Photo Collage Maker

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Best Photo Collage Maker AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Price: 1 Month License costs $29.96, a Lifetime License costs $64.96, and Business License costs $119.96.

Platform: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating:
It offers free updates and upgrades for consumers.
It also provides 24/7 tech support for free.
It is 100% safe and secure to purchase.
It provides Toolbox, including additional features.
Its free version has limitations.

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a video converter software, but it offers an additional feature: a picture collage maker. For that reason, it can collage photo effortlessly. Once you download the software, you will see the Collage on the upper part of the interface. This software provides you with a manageable user interface.

Free Download Free Download

In addition, you can easily add your pictures AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate provides you with numerous Templates you can use for your pictures. The good thing about this collage maker is it also provides an Aspect Ratio like 16:9 Widescreen, 1:1 for Instagram, 9:16 Portrait, 4:3 Standard, etc., and you can make your own. Moreover, you can use the available Filters and add Audio to your collage. Once you are finished, click the Export button.


Best Photo Collage Maker Pic Stitch

Price: Monthly Subscription costs $11.14, and the Annual Subscription costs $69.33.

Platform: Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Overall Rating:
It is easy to use.
It provides an Image Editor.
Its free version contains Ads.
It offers limited layouts and features.
It is free for three days only.
It is expensive.

Stitch pictures using PicStitch App on your Android or iOS devices. This application is an image stitcher, and it is easy to use. Nonetheless, the disadvantage of using its free version for three days is you need to deal with the Ads and Watermarks.

Moreover, while using this application, you can use its limited layouts; once you are done adding photos, you will see the Pencil icon on the side of the image; once you tap that, you will proceed to the Image Editor. PicStitch provides an Image Editor that lets you Enhance, Crop, Blur, Whiten, add Text, Filter, Stickers, Meme, and more. Also, you can choose the Aspect Ratio to 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 6x4, 3x4, and even 4x6 picture frame collage.

Pic Collage

Best Photo Collage Maker Pic Collage

Price: The VIP costs $11.88 per month and $86.66 per year.

Platform: Android and iOS devices.

Overall Rating:
It is convenient and manageable to use.
It has an excellent user interface.
It lets you use it for free.
It requires you to pay to add a sticker on collaged photos.
It is not affordable.
It has a watermark.

Pic Collage is an app to combine pictures, and you can download it on PlayStore and App Store. It can make a photo collage in just a few clicks. It provides various Layouts and Sizes such as 1:1, 2:3, Portrait, Wallpaper, and Story. Furthermore, it has Backgrounds you can apply to your collaged photos, and the good thing about this is you can select a background from your Gallery on your device.

What’s more? Pic Collage allows you to add Text and select the fonts you like from the available Fonts. You can also add Web Image, Doodle, and Animations. Overall, it is not just a collaging images app; you can create Templates, Cards, and more using Pic Collage.

Photo Grid

Best Photo Collage Maker Photo Grid

Price: The PhotoGrid Premium costs $6.40 a month.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Online, Android, and iOS devices.

Overall Rating:
It is accessible online.
It can be downloaded on your Android and iOS devices.
It offers free online editing.
It is affordable, unlike other picture collage maker tools.
Signing in is needed to use this tool.
Its free version offers only limited and basic editing.

PhotoGrid is one of the popular apps on the internet. It offers a free online photo collage maker, and it can combine two photos and images. The significant part about PhotoGrid is it is accessible online for free. As you can see from the screenshot provided, it provides different kinds of Layouts. It also allows you to choose Ratios such as 4:3, 3:4, 2:1, and even ratios for your social media platforms.

What else? PhotoGrid lets you upload, drag and drop images from your desktop. Also, it provides numerous images you can use to combine and Background you can add to your collaged photos. To make your photo collage more attractive, you can add Text and Heading and choose the Style you want, which PhotoGrid provides.


Best Photo Collage Maker Canva

Sign in, professional

Price: A monthly Subscription costs $14.82, and Yearly Subscription costs $123.40.

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It has many various features.
It has a beautiful interface.
It offers numerous categories depending on your needs.
It also offers a trial version for new users.
It is not budget-friendly.
It is not suggestable for beginner users.
It is a must to sign up to enjoy the 30-day free trial.

Canva offers you the best picture combiner you can use online. To be able to use it, you need to sign in using your email account and enjoy the trial version. If you want to purchase it, you can do so and use all the features on the paid version without limitations. Furthermore, Canva is also a collage picture maker and can collage picture frames and photos.

It has many available Templates you can use, and you can add Elements such as Lines, Shapes, Graphics, Stickers, Photos, and even Videos and Audio. It also lets you upload files and add Text using the free version. Overall, Canva is a photo joiner and stitcher you can use using your device.


Best Photo Collage Maker Pic Monkey

Price: Basic Plan costs $6.00, Pro Plan costs $10.00, and Business Plan costs $19.00.

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It is affordable.
It provides numerous features.
It offers a free trial.
It requires you to sign in to use the free trial.
It is not easy to use, especially for new users.

PicMonkey offers a free collage photo maker for 30 days. Again, it provides numerous features, including the photo collage template, picture frame collage, and image combiner. Before exporting the collaged pictures, PicMonkey lets you add Text, Graphics and Draw anything you want. In addition, you can select the Layout you desire and create your own! PicMonkey also provides Background Color, Textures, Touch-ups, Frames, and Edits.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Best Photo Collage Maker Adobe Express

Price: Starts at $29.00.

Platform: Windows, Web-based, Mac, Android, and iOS devices

Overall Rating:
It has many editing features.
It is perfect for advanced users.
It offers many features.
It is costly.
Some features are not necessary.
It requires you to add a payment method before using the free version.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a popular picture stitcher. It can collage photos effectively, and if you are one of the advanced users, you will appreciate using Adobe Photoshop Express, and it is not suggestable for beginner users.

Furthermore, like other apps or tools, Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to choose Layouts and add Backgroud color on collages of photos. In addition, it can also add Text, Photos, Shapes, Design Assets, and Logos.

Part 2: Which is the Best One - Comparison Table

Platform Price Money Back Guarantee Customer Support Easy-to-use Interface Sign up or not Quality Safety Best For
Widnows, Mac Starts at $29.96 9.8 9.5 9.8 9.8 Beginner users
Windows, Android, iOS Starts at $11.14 8.9 8.7 8.8 8.7 Beginner users
Android, iOS Starts at $11.88 8.8 8.7 Sign in 8.7 8.8 Beginner users
Online, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Starts at $6.40 8.9 9.0 Sign in 8.9 8.7 Beginner users
Online Starts at $14.82 8.5 8.9 Sign in 8.9 8.7 Professional users
Online Start at $6.00. 8.5 8.6 Sign in 8.7 8.8 Professional users
Windows, Web-based, Mac, Android, iOS Starts at $29.00 8.5 8.6 9.0 8.9 Professional users

Part 3: FAQs of Best Photo Collage Maker

How to make a photo collage on iPhone without app?

It is easy to make a photo collage on iPhone without using an app, to do that, launch Google Photos on your iOS and select the Library on the right corner. After that, choose the Utilities in the Library, which is placed on the top. Following that, click the Collage and Make New. Then, choose photos you like in your collage, which is how simple it is.

How to combine photos on iPhone using Layout?

To do that, you need to launch the App Store and search for Layout. Click the Layout from Instagram and install on your device and launch it. Select the photos you want to combine on the screen into a single image, and the Layout will display different compositions above the screen. Choose the Layout and launch in full-screen mode. Finally, Save it, and you will have your combined image.

Where can I find free photo collage templates?

You can use all the tools mentioned above. They have different kinds of subscriptions. However, they offer photo collage templates while using their trial version.


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