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Best 7 Image Resizer: Change and Reset Photo Dimensions

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Images has many sizes, and you can use them on different platforms. The scenario is you have an image, but it does not meet the dimension of one platform. So, this article will discuss the seven tools you can use to resize your images, namely AnyMP4 Free Image Upscaler Online, Paint, Canva, FireAlpaca, GIMP, Photoshop, and Matlab. For that reason, you can use them anywhere. Read now!

Best Image Resizer
Part 1: Best 7 Image Resizer Part 2: Which is the Best One - Comparison Table Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 Image Resizer

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Part 1: Best 7 Image Resizer

AnyMP4 Free Image Upscaler Online

Best Image Resizer AnyMP4 Free Image Upscaler Online

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It can magnify your image up to eight times.
It is free and straightforward to use.
It has no watermark added, even if it is free.
It is easy to upload, drop, and drag images.
Artificial Intelligence or AI supports it.
It provides you with a high-quality output.
It has limited features.

Resize image online AnyMP4 Free Image Upscaler Online. It can resize images without losing quality because it is supported by Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI. What is the help of having a tool with AI? Well, even if you resize your image larger or more prominent, it will maintain the quality it has, or it can enhance the quality more.

When you start resizing using AnyMP4 Free Image Upscaler, it will provide a Magnification that lets you choose which you prefer. You can choose from 2x up to 8x. It will also show you the Original Size and the Output Size on the bottom. After resizing, you can click the Save button to save your output image.


Best Image Resizer Paint

Price: Free

Platform: Windows

Overall Rating:
It has a straightforward user interface that makes the interface manageable.
It is a pre-installed software from Windows.
It is free and safe to use.
It has limited features to offer.

Paint is an image resizer for Windows, which is a pre-installed software. You will see the software when you click the Start button of Windows and search the Paint. It is also a free photo size changer software that provides editing tools such as adding Text, Color, Shape, etc.

Paint lets you drag an image from your File Explorer and start the resizing. You will see the Resize button on the left side of the interface. While resizing images, you have two options; By Percentage or By Pixels. You can also choose if you want your picture Horizontal or Vertical. Overall, Paint is very manageable to use.


Best Image Resizer Canva

Price: Monthly Plan costs $14.82, and Yearly Plan costs $123.40.

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It offers a 30-day trial.
It has numerous features to offer.
It has an aesthetic interface.
It provides many categories for your needs.
It is expensive, especially for new users.
It is not also applicable to new users.
It requires you to sign in using your email account.

Canva can change photo size for Instagram layouts. It also has a batch resize image Canva Pro. Therefore, you can purchase their monthly or yearly plan. In addition, it is more advisable for the professional user, and the unique part about Canva is that it has a business and educational subscription.

You can upload your images or search any content on Canva, and one of their advantages is they offer a lot of content you can use for every occasion! Moreover, you can see the Resize button in the left corner. It allows you to customize the Width, Height, and you can also choose from their built-in sizes.


Best Image Resizer FireAlpaca

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating:
It provides many languages.
It is for professional use.
It has an excellent user interface.
It contains many Ads, especially when you start downloading it.
It was reported because of the bugs.

FireAlpaca is one of the best image resizing you can use to stretch photos, images, or pictures. There are numerous ways to resize photos using this software. You can use the Transform Tool or use various transform options. However, the only thing that will hassle you while using it is the Ads. Since it offers free software, you may experience the Ads, especially before downloading it.

But overall, it has many functions you can use while resizing an image. Before saving the cropped image, you can adjust its Opacity and choose its Blending. In addition, you can add text, colors, paint, etc.


Best Image Resizer GIMP

Price: Free

Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac, Sun OpenSolaris, Free BSD

Overall Rating:
It is a friendly and customizable interface.
It is free-to-use software.
It offers various kinds of file formats.
It has a tutorial, especially for new users.
It is not advisable for new users but advanced users.
It is not manageable to use.

GIMP is a free image resizer you can use whether you are a Windows, Mac, Linux, etc., user. It is also an image stretcher and provides you with a high-quality output. It focuses on the image and is perfect for your graphic design because it offers high-quality photo manipulation, original artwork creation, graphic design elements, and more.

The question is, it offers many features, but why is it free to use? That is a good question. Yes, it is free software, but the aim is for every user to produce excellent output. Even if it is free, GIMP is open for donations from everyone, which is one of their great advantages!


Best Image Resizer Photoshop

Price: Monthly Plan costs $29.00.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Web-based, iOS, Android

Overall Rating:
It offers advanced photo editing options.
It is advisable for professional users.
It provides many features.
It is necessary to add a payment method before using the trial version.
It is expensive.
It is not accessible for the online version.

There are many inquiries on how to stretch an image in Photoshop. But, first of all, we want to review it for you. It is a professional tool, an image, photo, and picture resizer for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. One of the disadvantages that we do not like is it is expensive, even if you only need to crop an image. However, when you purchase it, you will love its features.

Moreover, when you add your image to change the dimension for it, you can transform it by customizing the Width, Height, and more. Also, like other tools mentioned in this article, Photoshop lets you add text, shapes, paint, etc.


Best Image Resizer Matlab

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It has an aesthetic interface.
It is confusing to use.
It is not perfect for new users and is most useful for IT or professional users.

Matlab resize image, and Alpha Channel is also the best image resizer. Matlab provides an aesthetic user interface. However, it is not a simple image size changer because it is more advisable for IT and professional users. Moreover, even if it is not focused on resizing image and they are using it for Math Works, it provides a panel that can crop images free. It has functions like adding text and more.

Part 2: Which is the Best One - Comparison Table

Platform Price Money Back Guarantee Customer Support Easy-to-use Interface Sign up or not Conversion Speed Safety Best For
Online Free Free 9.8 9.7 9.8 9.8 Beginner users
Windows Free Free 9.5 8.9 8.8 8.9 Beginner users
Online Starts at $14.82. 8.5 8.8 Sign in 8.8 8.7 Professional users
Windows, Mac Free Free 8.5 8.5 8.6 8.8 Professional users
Linux, Windows, Mac, Sun OpenSolaris, Free BSD Free Free 8.5 8.8 8.5 8.8 Professional users
Windows, Mac, Web-based, iOS, Android Starts at $29.00. 8.5 8.5 8.8 8.8 Professional Users
Online Free Free 8.5 8.7 8.5 8.6 Professional users

Part 3: FAQs of Best 7 Image Resizer

What is the picture dimension?

Picture dimension is all about the length and width of one picture. Here are some examples of different kinds of images with their dimensions; Discord Profile Picture Dimension is 128 x 128 pixels; Waller Size Photo Dimension is 600 x 900; Facebook Photo Dimension is 820 x 360 pixels; Instagram Photo Dimension is 1080 x 566 pixels; Twitter Image Dimension is 400x by 400x; Gmail Profile Photo Dimension is 250 x 250 pixels, and Tumbler Image Dimension is 500 x 750 pixels.

Why can Microsoft Word not resize images?

Based on the other users, they mostly experience it. However, the only way you get to fix it is to use the Size and Position options, and you can manually set the dimension. In addition, you can also use the height and width controls to resize it.

How to resize an Image in HTML?

Resizing an image using HTML, you need to use code. First, you must launch the HTML file using the text editor. After that, place the cursor in the image tag. Next, you need to use the image tag's width and height to crop the image. Next, save the HTML file and run it. You will now have your resized image.


With the help of this article, we discover the seven best image resizers, and these are AnyMP4 Free Image Upscaler Online, Paint, Canva, FireAlpaca, GIMP, Photoshop, and Matlab. We are now aware of their pros, cons, and primary features. In this article, we also provide a comparison table which will help you a lot, and some questions and answers about an image's dimensions. So much with that, we are expecting you to reread our next upload. See you soon!

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