CamStudio Review: Just Find What the Free Screen Recorder can Do for You

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What does CamStudio do? When you need to download CamStudio to capture onscreen activities, you should learn more about the features of the programs beforehand. As the open-source screen recorder, you can always get some simple videos. But if there are some problems, or need to capture a professional video, you can also learn more about the best alternative to CamStudio from the article.

CamStudio Review
The Unbiased Review of CamStudio
Excellent Features of CamStudio
FAQs about CamStudio Screen Recorder
3 Best Alternatives to CamStudio

Part 1: The Unbiased Review of CamStudio

1. Pros and Cons of CamStudio

Add screen captions or video annotations to your screen recordings.
Record the videos with a lossless video codec and crystal clear video.
Provide auto-stop function supports up to 2 hours recording.
Take a large resource and CUP consuming when recording videos.
It contains an extra program when you install the free screen recorder.
Support limited output format in SWF and AVI files with large video sizes.
8.9 Overall

Easy to use9.5

Editing features8.2

Gameplay capture 8.2

Video quality9.5

CamStudio Recording

Part 2: Excellent Features of CamStudio

1. Record High-Quality Videos in AVI and SWF

It enables you to record the videos and audio files in AVI format. When you need to upload the recorded files to a website or social media sites, you can also choose the Streaming Flash Video. The lossless codec of CamStudio produces crystal clear videos with a much smaller file size compared to other screen recorders. Moreover, you can also record a long video within the limitation of the computer configuration.

2. Record the Desired Video and Audio Files

Record both regions and fixed regions of your computer screen. CamStudio lets you choose the codec for compression and frame rate you prefer. As for audio recording, it enables you to include audio from the microphone or speakers. It provides more details while recording, such as the start time, recording dimensions, the time elapsed, color depth in use, and codec. There are camera control options on CamStudio like zoom, focus, tilt, pan, etc.

3. Annotation to the Recorded Videos

CamStudio has some screen annotations, shapes, objects, text, and even transparency. It also creates/saves layouts and adds things to the Library. The Picture-in-Picture effect also enables you to add webcam footage. There is a dedicated dialog box to be used for annotations. Just turn on the annotation tool to add the desired file when recording. It should be a useful feature when you need to record a video tutorial.

4. Tweak Multiple Options for Recording

Enable you to configure cursor controls, select the desired output quality and frame rate, and apply multiple video effects. The Effects options enable you to custom time stamps and Stopwatch timestamp options. Moreover, you can simply activate the Auto-pan option and set pan speed and add captions and watermarks. Of course, you can also tweak the different parameters for most effects within CamStudio directly.

CamStudio Options

Part 3: FAQs about CamStudio Screen Recorder

1. Is CamStudio a Safe Free Screen Recorder?

Yes. When you download CamStudio from the official website. If you have the "W32/Smalldoor.DWHL" in file Recorder.exe, you can remove the program and install the official one. Of course, you can also check the details about the antivirus company to learn more details, or use another anti-virus program to have another check.

2. Why the Screen Blinking When You Start CamStudio?

Go to the Options menu of the CamStudio screen recorder on your computer and choose the Program Options button, you can check the Hide flashing rectangle during recording option to check whether it fixes the problem. Of course, the flashing corner feature is only helpful when you record a region of the screen.

3. How to Fix WaveoutGetSelectControl() Failed Error for CamStudio?

If you get the WaveoutGetSelectControl() failed error when using CamStudio in Windows 8, you can enable the Stereo Mix option, which is hidden by Microsoft. After that, you can restart CamStudio on your computer to find whether it works.

4. How to Fix CamStudio Error Could Not Record the AVI File?

When you come across this error while creating an AVI file using CamStudio, you should go to the Options menu and choose the Video Options. Once you head to the compressor options window when it asks you to select Microsoft Video 1 instead of Intel IYUV codec.

Part 4: 3 Best Alternatives to CamStudio

1. OBS Software – Free CamStudio Alternative for Free Screen Recording

When you need to record free onscreen videos, OBS software is one of the best CamStudio alternatives to capture high-resolution videos on your computer, especially for gameplay videos. But it is much more complicated in settings and configuration, especially for beginners.

2. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder – Best CamStudio Alternative for Screen Recording

Whether you need to edit the recorded videos, change to another video format, schedule the recording, or even tweak more settings for video and audio files, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is one of the best CamStudio alternatives at a competitive price.

Free Download Free Download

3. Snagit – Light-weighted Screen Recorder as CamStudio Alternative

If you just need to capture some simple screen videos as CamStudio screen recorder, you can choose TechSmith Snagit with some advanced annotation features. It only provides the basic screen recorder features with advanced snapshot tools.


It is the detailed review of CamStudio you should know before downloading the open-source screen recorder. If you just need to capture some simple videos with a webcam, such as a short conversation, it should be a nice choice. But there are some limitations and problems. The latest version was released years ago. Just learn more about the CamStudio alternatives and download them to have a try.

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